Today is a MUST WIN GAME, a draw WONT DO….

Today is a must win game, no two ways about it…if we draw, it will mean Tottenham have it in there own hands. They will have only two games left to play, so they should be able to get the full amount of points to qualify over us…that simply CANT HAPPEN….we end it today. It is a rough game today, which will be physical and a typical derby, apart from the fact that there hasnt been a derby this important for a long time. I expect Adebayor to play since he wont be able to play on Tuesday, so he can go all out today without having to worry about “being tired” or getting a knock for the midweek game. If he doesnt play, Van Persie will, but I hope that HENRY DOES PLAY because he was left out of the Manure game…and we all know what happened there. This is a must win game…and I know I am repeating that but it has to be said…over and over again….
I cant really predict the outcome without knowing who will play, but I think Reyes will come in, perhaps Diaby and Djourou…Van Persie aswell…lets wait and see! All I can say, it should be a cracking match, but expect a scrappy affair, even with both teams looking to play good attacking football, it is still a North London Derby! Come on you gooners!
  • Anonymous

    UP THE GOONERS!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We really should have lost this one. Why rest Henry? He wants to play, is very fit and scores goals. Thanks to his genius, we got something out of the game. Spurs have got Bolton at home and West Ham away, they could drop points. We got Sunderland and Man City away and then Wigan at home. Man City will be tough. Just hope we win all of them.

  • aua

    if we win all our games and spurs draw and win the other, than we will qualify. they still got the unpredicatable bolton at home which should be a tough game and a tough london derby away to in-form west ham. if either of those teams manage to draw against them, and we win our remaining games then we should qualify. the 4th spot hasn’t been decided yet…


    To be truthful, it is our own fault for not getting through to the 4th place if we dont get it…Wenger loves this “rotation” system that hasnt worked at all…against Man U, he rested a few of the Big Guns, including Henry, we lost 2-0…against Portsmouth he made 7 changes! 7…is way too many and including Alex Song who played in midfield with Diaby. He rested players who then played against West Brom…one match BEFORE the Villarreal game, we could have only drawn that game too if it wasnt for Bergkamp. Against Villarreal, we got the result, but it was far from convincing that the “rest” had done any good for any of the players to be honest. Again today…rested players and thank God Henry came on 60mins, rather than 75 like normally…because normally he is innefective that late in the game.

    Today he came on and scored a great goal, he made it look so easy, but was actually very difficult…anyway…we can still qualify if they drop points…in only 2 games…and then we have to get all 9 points to make sure we qualify. BUT it is no longer in our hands…if they win both games, they are 4th…O well…just going to have to win the final!

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    C’mon man you havent written for a week!!! Im missing your top notch analysis!