Henry Faked Elbow attack to make up for this…

YES HENRY CHEATED…however it WAS a foul, but it wasnt an elbow in his face…it is really out of his character to do something like that because in all honesty he is usually quite fair…however…it seems as if we have found the reason he was trying to get Puyol back for the Champions League final where Puyol did this…hmmm…what goes around comes around I guess…but still…doesnt mean that two wrongs make a right…anway what you think of the elbow incident?

  • Anonymous

    we shouldn’t read too much into it

  • anti

    Nice video, but it shows his head colliding with Henry’s shoulder.

    Back to Germany:
    Don’t think it was much of a foul regardless. It’s what defenders do.

  • aua

    yh lets not go on too much about it but he shouldnt have held his face when it was his chest. he along with the rest of the french team were under pressure so maybe thats why he did it but still theres no excuse even tho in my opinion it was at least a yellow card offense. but aragones (spain coach) sayin it wasnt a foul is just stupidness.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t think he should have held his face when he went down becoz he is a GREAT player and shouldn’t make a fool of himself. ANYWAYS HENRY IS AMAZING AND I HOPE HE DUSN’T DO IT AGAIN !!


  • Anonymous

    yo yo yo, Henry is the fcuking MAN!! So what if he held his face? The Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Argentinians – all divers and actors. It was a clear foul either way. Puyol is a pretender surrounded by superb players at barca, that’s why he looks ok there. With spain, there’s no-one in defence to carry him on thier backs. He is a clumsy perm wearing nobber. All hail Henry – he is the greatest. If only those french prikcs like Malouda could pass to Henry without holding onto the ball like it’s the last one ever made. One up front? Waste of Henry’s talent. Does it work for Rooney? No. Why should it work for Henry when you’re surrounded by average players? Fcuk Spain and fcuk aragones.

  • Anonymous

    thats right young fuck that racist bastard and fuck all yall who trying to get on henry back.if it was like a average player it wouldn’t make headlinr like this but we already know from the starting that all yall who supporty different club and country yall would like to see thierry go down

  • Anonymous

    But Henry is not an ordinary player, maybe it was induced by frustration in his performance but he should rise above it. But like the Champions League goal it was a free kick, the goal came from poor Spanish defending.

    There are double standards in the press though no one has questioned Shevchenko for his dive in the penalty area that ensured Tunisia went home and Ukraine progressed. Indeed the Spanish haven’t made a big thing about it so why the English Media.

  • erer

    this is getting read into far too much. if anyone watched the champ league final, you’ll recall puyol booting henry up in the air several times. this is the reason henry faked it. well done the boy!