Rooney Deserved To Get Sent Off…The Video…

This is the video for anyone who didn’t get to see what happened or wanted to see it again, Rooney stamped on the players groin…OH GOSH…and pushed Ronaldo…I know its all a couple days old but what did you think of it…did he deserve to get sent off?

Remember what happened to Beckham in 98 when he was sent off and the media slaughtered him…saw one paper having pictures of hanging him…quite disgraceful…if anything though…Rooney deserves it more than Beckham did then…but anyway…I leave the discussion up to you all. Good day all…

  • Anonymous

    At the time i thought he was jsut tryin to regain his balance and saty on his feet, which is ahrd considering he’s being fouled, tripped, shirt-pulled, & spun all at the same time. How Rooney didnt get a FK at any point durin that sequence only the ref, his bias and the match fixers will know. Ne other player int he world would have fallen down and curled into a ball in his situation, but he keeps posesion of the ball despite all of it. Id rather that than our players goin down like that disgustin Robben, who i hope goes to Real so i dont have to watch him audition for Platoon again. If Rooney deserved to be sent off, for basically standing by his Englishness thehn god help us.

  • aua

    yh i think it was much worse than beckham’s, where simeone jus took a little tumble but carvalho got some studs stamped in the one place you don’t want to. if rooney did do it by accident then unlucky him but it looked intentional in my opinion and so i believe it deserved a red. he did do well in stayin up so long but has to control in temper in future for the sake of the rest of the team. agression is one thing but stupid acts of violence like that are another. also i felt sorry for beckham tho with his injury in his last game as skipper. hope ashley cole get the nod for the skippers role – no bias ;). if not him then i would prefer gerrard to terry

  • Anonymous

    yeah – it is kind of old

  • Anonymous

    Standing up for his Englishness? What kind of xenophobia rubbish is that? Was it part of his ‘Englishness’ that persuaded him to stamp on Cravalho’s nutz as well?

    The sooner people give up this ‘English players don’t dive’ nonsense the better off we will all be. The fact is Rooney has dived before, as has Gerrard, Owen, both Coles, etc, and those who think otherwise are living in cloud cuckoo land. Rooney deserved to go – period!

  • loveday

    if you look proply rooney had his back turned to carvelhio when he stood on them and then that stupid man u twat ronaldo had to get involved and pushin some to say hey wat you doing is not a sending off