Arsenal Have To Be More Ruthless…PLUS GOOD NEWS…

By M. B. Zaidi

Ok well yesterday I had a bit of a moan about how I was so disappointed with Arsenal and their inability to shoot when they have opportunities, instead choosing to pass unnecessarily for 52 more chances to pass by…but after having a second look at the game I will still admit that on another day we would have won that game 6-1.

Van Persie played tremendously well and was unlucky once again by hitting the woodwork with a sizzling shot after he let the ball run past him. Toure also hit the woodwork and Henry, Rosicky and Van Persie had a good few chances between them to seal the win. Add to that a penalty that should have been given and we would have easily drawn/won the game.

I think the second half was still in my mind when I wrote that yesterday and the second half was quite poor. We didn’t look like scoring apart from one or two chances…it was more in the first half where we were our usual selves in creating golden opportunities but putting them wide.

HOWEVER…the good news is that we created a ton of chances and that is encouraging as Wenger put it: “We will take positives out of this game.” Even though he tends to say this after most games that end in a draw or loss, it is quite fair to say this game wasn’t a terrible display, just a lack of ruthlessness in front of goal…THAT WILL COME in time…Fabregas put through attackers in on several occasions and had a decent game too. Nothing to worry about TOO MUCH after only two games…BUT if it continues then obviously it will cast a shadow over the current crop of players ability to challenge for the title, where we are already 8 points adrift of rivals Man Utd.

Next 5 games: Middlesbrough at home, Hamburg away, Man Utd away, Sheffield Utd home, Porto home.

Tough few weeks ahead…lets hope our boys have their shooting boots on.

  • whitezulu

    The second half poor? We dominated even more than the first, and the only reason we lost was that City played like animals, no football, just fighting. Reckless fighting, Rennie os the mongoose of all refs.


    Poor as in not taking chances…first half we had a good few with Henry one on one…

  • BKA

    Once again we dropped points because the opponent was able to put both their lines almost into the penalty area. Why ? Because we won’t f….. shoot !!!! I stopped watching the game when he put on Ade and did not take of a defender (Hoyte). Henry and all his bloody passing is getting on my nerves. Shoot for the love of god… Shoot !!!

    Another thing that worries me is how much “long ball” we played yesterday. Lehmann used to throw the ball to either Lauren or Cole. Are we nervous because of the youngsters ? Henry won’t go into the challenges so why the h… use that tactic ?

    We have a brilliant team, but I get the feeling that we do not learn from past mistakes. Get into the d.. box and take a shot once in a while. Look at Lampard and look at Agger. You don’t score of you don’t shoot.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Lucky Arsenal? I don’t think so. I look forward to us having a normal game in the Premiership. First game this season, new manager effect as all the Villa players were out to prove themselves to Martin O’Neill. Second game, up against a City side with a seige mentality after the Thatcher incident.

    It’s true Arsenal are not firing on all cylinders at the moment. Hoyte looks too nervous and is getting caught out of position too often. Eboue was dreadful yesterday, first really bad game I can remember him having.

    But the thing about not shooting enough is too simplistic. It’s not easy to find a gap to shoot through when there are 5, 6, 7 or more defenders between you and the goal. Arsenal’s problem seems to me to be more to do with the speed of the build-up play. Too many sideways passes when all that happens is the ball then get passed back to the middle (not crossed into the box). All this passing gives the opposition too much time to get all their players behind the ball.

    Our best chances yesterday came from moves where the ball was passed forward at speed following a City attack. Cesc and Walcott are both good at this being very direct and moving the ball forward in a direct fashion. We need more of that from Hleb and Rosicky and VB. It’s what Vieira gave us, and Pires also. Get the ball and drive forwards not sideways. Don’t give the opposition time to get men behind the ball.

    Think back to Arsenal at their best, winning posession in defence, and four passes later the ball would be in the opposition’s net.

  • Shooooooooot

    The fans are being fleeced upto £96 pound to watch reserves – Henry might be worth the entry fee alone. The reason why young players want to leave is because AW get shot of experienced players thinking he can save money and bring in potential but then they get to big for their boots and want to play in a team with big players….there’s the catch Arsene

  • RockinRobin

    No good shooting cos there are defenders in the way???

    How the b-y f-k do Chelsea score their goals, at least, at least a third of them touches a defender and the keeper is without a chance!


  • Matthew

    It’s tempting to blame Rennie for everything, but in the end we had chances and didn’t take them. Yes, we had a stick on penalty turned down when RvP was shoved in the back, but that’s football. Whatever the problems were, the ref was the least of them.

  • Anonymous

    Thought Henry was off and should have been subbed. Play was always to him but he hardly looks fit. Shot a few shoots that went way off. Fabregas was always looking to pass to him at the expense of Van Persie who was in a better position. That said, there was 1 or 2 occassions where Henry himself should have passed to RVP (more open) but opted to shoot.
    Hoyte seems to be missing from his LB position at times… his judgement esp for projectile of the ball (positional sense) is bad. The penalty was a result of that I feel.

  • Anonymous

    what part of thatr blog was “good news”?

  • Anonymous

    Given that the after effects of the World Cup are gradually working their way out and given that, once again, injuries are playing a large part in team selection, but…. why this insistance on Hoyte at left back? Surely Flamini should be playing there! Also, when there are too few options available in attack except for Option 1 – 24 passes around the box, lose the ball; Option 2 – 38 passes around the box, lose the ball or Option 3 – 63 passes around the box, lose the ball – why the hell have Bendtner and Lupoli both been loaned out? At least Bendtner was a bit of muscle up front! It’s either Wenger or the team when playing who has this arty-farty attitude. The game may be pretty, but one goal in two games… And that from Gilberto!! I rest my case.