Baptista Coming To Arsenal For Reyes?

By Bilal Zaidi

Reports are that Baptista…”The Beast”…who we tried signing a year ago but failed when he joined Real Madrid instead…is on his way to the Emirates with Reyes going the opposite direction. If this is true it HAS to be Baptista + Cash otherwise it isn’t acceptable at all. Baptista seemed a fantastic player before joining Madrid but hasn’t impressed at all to be perfectly honest in the season he has been there.

Put this down to being played out of position, or not getting regular chances to play etc etc…it is fair to say he hasn’t been anywhere near to his best or full potential. Other reports are that we are holding out for just a cash deal but the valuation that has been thrown around baffles me to the greatest extent…We signed him as our most expensive signing and he was 20 I believe…a few seasons down the line he is a better player than before he came (that isn’t to say he plays better, just in terms of ability plus experience). I say that because his ability hasn’t deteriorated…but his experience in the premiership, champions league and international level has made him a better player. I just think the Spanish league is different to the Premiership and some players look absolutely fantastic in that league…AHEM…Forlan…

Reyes hasn’t looked a bad player here but to be perfectly honest he hasn’t really met those expectations of a potential £17.5 million deal that he arrived on if he is judged to this present day. But to sell him for a loss would be ludacris…we don’t need to sell him or want to sell him particularly…why sell him for less than we got him for to a club like Madrid who always pay over the top prices for players. Reyes isn’t Ashley Cole…if he stays he WILL play for us without making a big fuss and writing a book to tell the whole world how terrible Arsenal are…He just hasn’t settled and isn’t happy…but a month down the road he may be fine…its totally unpredictable…

From his wonder goals in his first full games against Chelsea…we all witnessed a golden child in the making…BUT my own opinion is that he hasn’t been 100% happy all season and this could and would effect his game. He still had a very good season in my opinion after getting the most assists in the premiership (after Drogba apparently!) and he ripped apart Real Madrid at the Bernabeu…if he stayed at Arsenal he would become even better if he made an effort to adapt to life in London.

If he felt at home…learned the language like his mate Cesc has in rapid time…then playing in the champions league in a 60, 000 seater stadium is something that I believe he will inevitably crave for and can make him the best left winger in Europe….ONE DAY…he has the potential to do so…its not that hard to see, he has the most amazing direct dribbling style in the premiership…pace, an eye for a pass and if he had more chances up front then I’m sure we would see a lot more goals than we did last season. I still think he can reach those levels he set himself in the beginning of a couple of seasons ago when he was the top goal scorer in the premiership after the first 5 or 6 games. I watched every match out of those and he did everything right…made the right runs…bursts of pace…dropped back when there was no need to run past the last defender and he finished like an old pro….but after that he never really got back into that rhythm. I wish for Reyes to stay and I hope he can be that player for us once again…if not then good luck to you sir. Let us know what you think of Reyes potentially leaving by pressing the “comments” button…Good day all

  • Anonymous

    GunnerPete says…..Whilst I agree with your comments about the Reyes potential, I am sad to say that the tapping up by Real & the calls from home have destabilised this lad completely. I fear that he will be sold because of the AFC policy of not keeping players who are unhappy. Yes I know he loves the cluc & supporters, but had he played to half his potential last year, we probably would have won a cup or two, especially the big one.

    I dont particularly want Ribery as he seems to be very weak minded also. My feeling are that we have Rosicky who can play a dual role of left & centre goal maker ala Pires. The only thing I see we need is cover for Gilberto. I would like Diarra or Nolan to bolster our squad. I do not think we need another forward unless we can afford a Teves etc.

  • aua

    i hope he stays and commits his future to the club as i still believe he has the potential to do VERY well, he jus needs a little more consistency and hopefully stay injury free (if he stays that is). and in the centre of the park, i would like to see the argentine javier mascherano of corinthians. he is one of the players i have wanted us to sign for a couple of years now alongside rosicky and torres. and rosicky has finally come and if my one of my wishes can come true then maybe the other two can join him here. and btw, ludacris is a rapper LOL, its ludicrous.

  • jobby

    Do we really want Baptista is the question?

  • ::A-Man::

    Reyes isn’t Premiership quality. He needs to move on and we need to demand a reasonable fee and bolster our squad. Pascal Cygan needs to be shot and replaced, we need another central midfielder and a winger if Reyes does inevitabley depart. Mr Wenger please have a word with Mr Dein and Mr Hill-Wood, and get that cheque book ready, we have roughly 14 days…

  • rsenal

    I agree with the article and i truly believe that Reyes have the potential to be the best…However, sometimes he cant expressed himself freely as most of the time, plays go through Henry..

    I also remember the start of his full season at Highbury..He was superb but he struggled immediately after the Old trafford loss…I even bought the kit with his name printed on cos of those few games…He hasnt been the same since..A lil bit inconsistent…

    But im sure he will shine if he is given the oppotunity to express himself freely…And Im glad he liked the way Arsenal works and if he genuinely wants to leave, good luck to you Jose…

    As for Baptista, I dont see how we could accomodate him in the squad…Where will we play him unless he doesnt mind being a squad player as a striker?…

  • Ralph

    Reyes will never get on at Arsenal because TH14 doesn`t want him to get on. Simple as that.

  • Anonymous

    Cygan doesn’t need to be shot- just put out to pasture.

    Can’t see the harm in getting Baptista + cash, but would also like to see another DM coming in- Hargreaves perhaps?

  • Merson Boys

    When everyone talks about Reyes they talk about the odd good game 1 or 2 years ago. He’s way too much of a luxury, and his main problem is that he’s nowhere near as good a player as he thinks he is. He runs into blind alleys and usually loses the ball, he can’t execute a simple finish and therefore will only ever score the occassional wonder-goal. His other problems include that he can’t read the game nor is he a team player. Unfortunately Wenger also over-estimated his ability and its time to take what we can get for him.

  • Anonymous

    Dude – no offence but you ramble a lot of randomness. There’s no way he could be the best winger in Europe. And no shit he hasn’t been 100% happy!

    He’s clamouring for Madrid. He doesn’t and hasn’t wanted to play for us for a while. Let him go I says.

    PS – “But to sell him for a loss would be ludacris”. Don’t compare him to a famous rapper – even if the latter has sold out and appears in cheesy movies!

  • East at the Grove

    Baptista isn’t good enough, end of. If he can’t get into a team of ageing galaticos why should he get in our young and vibrant side? Let Reyes go by all means but for cash and replace him with a player we actually want and need, not somebody who is convenient.

    Also, could you please right the wrongs of our wonderful tabloids and tell people we are not all paying £94 a week to go to the New Home of football. Fuck me, I’ll be getting begging letters next.


    These are the facts.

  • Anonymous

    i will be sad if ryes leaves as he has always tried his best and he has talent in abundence. the aragones affair changed Henrys stance towards reyes. he has never been the same since.

    if he is to leave it would be fantastic for us to Baptista. lets not forget that Wenger was ready to break the club record to sign Baptista last year. Wenger will knwo what to do with him as he is a very talented footballer. he will be able to deputise for gilberto as well as add a scorer to out midfield.

  • Anonymous

    Reyes never cost £17.5m. It was £10m plus appearances and success bonuses. Seeing as we lost the CL final, I doubt we’ve paid more than £13m for him. Still we should be looking at selling him for what he’s worth, i.e. £15m plus.

    As for Baptista, he won’t be coming. I can guarantee it. We tried to sign him last year, but he wants a Spanish passport. Firstly, he is not likely to get that passport until January, meaning a move in this window will not be an option. Secondly, Wenger signed Diaby and Adebayor who play in his positions as the strong attacking midfielder or the strong striker, so he is unneeded. Diaby isn’t even going to miss the whole season, as initially feared, so he won’t be replaced.

  • Raj

    regardless of jobs (footballer or else), if he is homesick, so be it. to best the best in any job, you need to happy…Pity though as he has the potential to be the best, but its evident that he doesnt have that telepathic link with Henry, unlike pires and henry……i see that often last season.

    However i know the lad gives 110% every time he plays, i never seen someone chase so many endless runs between opposition defence and goalkeeper.

    Who will he bring in? Ribery wants in…..but will AFC buy him? i dont think so…walcott posibly running that wing…baptista to provide cover for gilberto….we all takes 3-6 months to adapt to the premierhip….

  • California Steve

    I’ve seen quite a few references from time to time that imply Henry and Reyes do not get on — or more specifically, that Titi is frustrated by the guy and shows it on the pitch.

    There’s a recent post here from Ralph to the effect that Reyes won’t ever settle at Arsenal because TH doesn’t want him to.


    Yes, like everyone else I remember some of TH’s dramatic Gallic eye-rolling when a pass is too long. And Thierry KNOWS the cameras are on him, and puts on that French pout, just for a second — which is kinda funny, because by now the guy is almost more English than French.

    Anyway, TH has done that with Reyes but he’s also done it to RvP quite often, too, and several others. That’s just Thierry.

    Do we have any evidence to support the argument that Thierry does’t like or doesn’t trust Reyes specifically?

    I know this: Reyes was No. 2 in the Prem in assists last year, and most of those passes went to TH14. Some were picture-perfect long balls, as well, judging TH’s speed and angles perfectly.

    So I guess I’m wondering why Ralph — and lots and lots of other Gooners — are so certain that TH would like to see the back of Reyes. It’s more than just a rumour now…but where did it come from?

    Titi has no problem with Spain in general, not even after the thing with that idiot Aragones. Heck, TH falls all over himself to compliment Cesc. And he was THIS close from a move to Barca, as we all remember so vividly.

    So WHAT is the deal with Reyes? Can somebody help me out here?

    I mean, this isn’t recent. It didn’t come after the Madrid rumours.

    If I had to take a wild guess it would have something to do with Reyes’ lack of interest learning English, which almost ALL the Arsenal players do and which several — including Henry — have pointed out helps them in lots of ways.

    Maybe TH sees a guy who just isn’t willing to make the full commitment to Arsenal — which to someone like Henry would make you a traitor.

    (Despite whatever he says now, I’ll bet TH won’t be night-clubbing with Cheryl and Mr. Cheryl once THAT ugly deal is done.)

    Anyway, who’s got some inside scoop on the Reyes-Henry relationship?

    It won’t break my heart if Reyes leaves, but I DO want to know what the heck has gone on with the captain.


  • MrSerge

    we have so far paid 10 million for reyes we would have paid 2 million if we won the champs league with him in the team, and we pay extra when he plays 30 times for spain, wins the league or FA cup, its the same deal we have with walcott in fact southampton have only had 5 million because we pay southampton 100 gran an apearance until we get to 10 million for him, or 100 k for 5 sub appearances,and 2 million if he plays 30 times for england

  • Anonymous

    “If this is true it HAS to be Baptista + Cash otherwise it isn’t acceptable at all. Baptista seemed a fantastic player before joining Madrid but hasn’t impressed at all to be perfectly honest in the season he has been there.”

    Replace Baptista with Reyes and Madrid with Arsenal and you’ll have a perfectly logical statement. Oh how you lot love to over-rate yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    he’s a fucking gypsy scumbag and we should sell his ass.

    cares about the club and fans? are you out of your fucking mind?

    if he cared, the cunt wouldn’t be making such sounds.

  • gazzap

    reyes was never worth what we paid for him. He wasn’t english after all! Real Madrid want to pay somewhere close to the actual market value. we are only pushing up the price cos we overpaid. we may have to take a hit on him but I still would not take Baptista, now we have adebayor.
    Isn’t Saviola still available for about £4m?

  • Anonymous

    Two things I would wish for, as someone who still has belief in the lad…
    1. Lookit A L L that space to operate in our brand new crib. And those defenders are terribly concerned with TH14 to be bothered with you. ENJOY!
    2. Don’t lookit the ref during the game. Each game you don’t lookit the ref, you get another Madrid replica kit. Each time you DO lookit the ref druing the game, that is one more invitation by RM head honchos to London for nothing more than tea!

  • Nick the Gooner

    Lets wise up,Reyes is a massive under achiever. Looses his footing when the wind changes direction.

    Baptista has the right attitude for the Premiership

    Do the deal NOW !!!

  • DrDel

    Reyes is one of those players you look at and keep hoping game after game he will come good. For various reasons he hasn’t and I can’t see him doing it this season if he stays. Selling him represents good sense and good business, the only downside is that it leaves our squad a even lighter that it already is. What I don’t want to happen is we sell him and bring no one in to replace him.

    If the sales we expect go through we are looking at siging a centre back, left back and midfielder just to make up for the players out, let alone strengthening!

  • Anonymous

    Someone said Reyes isn’t a team player?! So how do you explain he having the most assists last season AND being in the top 3 assist makers for Henry’s record breaking goals?!!!!

    Henry doesn’t like him and Reyes plays better, more freely, when Henry isn’t there. Henry isn’t going anywhere so Reyes has little choice.
    His confidence is shot to peices because the treatment he gets from Henry. Moans, glares, stares if he ever takes anyone on, ever has a shot, or doesn’t pass within an inch of Henry’s feet.

    If you saw him at Sevilla he was full of confidence, scoring goals, taking people on, scaring the life out of people. He isn’t allowed to to do that ar Arsenal because all the play goes through Henry. Reyes doesn’t get the chance to express himself.

    We dont need Baptista

  • Anonymous

    pure speculation.

    Baptista wont get a work permit. Also, why keep slaging the kid off. none of us are privy to what is going on behind the scenes.

    If the move doesnt happen and reyes is with us for the new season, i wonder if those slaging him off now will be doing so should he score a winning goal against chavski?

    please, lets wait till the deals done before slating the guy. he is still a gooner (for now at least).

  • arsenal4life

    He was looking very good at the beginning of his first full season, scoring 6 goals in 6 i think, but that all changed after the match at old trafford, after gary neville and co kicked him off the park hes never looked very comfortale playing in the premiership, and to be honest if he is not happy playing with us then he has to go, and i think baptista will be a good swap if it goes through

  • charliee

    If Reyes wants to go… fine, he can go. It’ll be good if we can get Baptista and loan out Lupoli. Then we’ll have henry, rvp, adebayor, baptista, aliadere as our strikers and walcott, rosisky, hleb and freddy as our wingers. We don’t really need to spend much. I like Wenger’s method of dealing in the transer market. We need to give bendtner, lupoli, walcott and the other new youngstars a chance to play and develope or else what would be the point of getting promising players and leaving them out out of the team. What we need is a cover for Gilberto and an experienced central defender. After Ashley cole leaves, we then get davis to replace him. I hope Davis has a descent left foot to cope at that position. so we just need to get 2 or 3 players and we would be alright. Things are looking up for us. This is our year. Can I hear a treble !!!

  • Anonymous

    baptista is about to sign for spurs

  • Anonymous

    I think Thierry doesn’t get on too well with Jose, I can’t notice any warmth in their relationship on the pitch. Not like existed between TH & Robert P.
    Jose hasn’t lived up to the early promise.