Letter of Farewell To Ashley Cole

Dear Mr. A. Cole,

How are you doing mate? All good with Cheryl I hope. Just thought I’d send you a farewell letter as an Arsenal fan since you seem to be going to our old chums down the road at Chelsea shortly.

Seen the world of Chelsea recently? The William Gallas saga? Still think Arsenal treats their players so badly? Yes our club wont pay you stupid amounts of money – but we treat our players with the respect they deserve. However, not when you go behind our back and commit adultery with one of our biggest rivals. Our club has history and honour – not just a couple years of success from buying the most expensive players in the world.

I’m especially upset because you’re one of our own and have grown up as an Arsenal boy. Your football is truly as fluid and brilliant as our team plays and that is why you fit into this team…a team that plays attacking football with verve and incisive passes. That is why you are now going to be hated by Arsenal fans when you could have easily been the next captain and a true Arsenal legend.

Ashley, good luck for the future and beyond. Thanks for the memories of the “invincibles” season and everything else. But there are some actions that carry consequences and this time the consequences are not so pretty.

Yours Sincerely

Bilal Zaidi

  • Anonymous

    Well said. I couldnt agree more with you and all the other ArseBloggers about CMr A.Cole

    There over There
    Its Ashley Cole
    Without a soul

  • Pip

    Sounds good. Lose the boy. Traore is the way forward. The next Fab4

  • Anonymous

    Funny you should post this. I too have penned a letter to Ashley Cole. Give me a sec, I’ll cut and paste it here.


    Dear Ashley Cole,

    Cock off, you f*****g c**t. Go get your Russian blood money. I hope you trip over your wallet and break your legs, you greedy little turd of a man.

    Best wishes,


  • arsenal4life

    Great letter, so true!

  • arsenal4life

    Great letter, so true!

  • Anonymous

    we all know why he’s goin 2 chavski, they’r sponsored by samsung, all the mobile phones he could want/ fit up there.

  • gooner 4 life

    well said i nearly piss myself fell out of my chair thats top class wit well said my fellow gooner very funny

  • damien

    I can’t believe anyone would treat arsenal like this anymore, name one player that has kicked up a stink and left that has gone on to great things? If you screw arsenal you are cursed for all eternity. i hope Ashley enjoys his year at Chelsea, where he is injured, loses all his form, is dropped by ingerland, that tweedy chick is sleeping with Lampard and ends up this time next year, being transferred to Leyton Orient, so long Cole.

  • Anonymous

    ashley cole is going nowhere. ashley is a great player who has made bad mistakes and has now become a punchbag for all u frustrated gooners who dont get no sex. he wants to stay for all the reasons u have said. if he goes its cos david dein cant stand him. dein is a prat, so is ashley. vieira never liked dein neither. the club comes 1st, not cole, not dein. i hope ash stays for the good of the club.

  • Anonymous

    He is not realising what he is leaving behind. This must be the most painful move-out in Arsenal’s history.

    There were times when I felt, how could he stab us in the back.Right now , most gooners dont care whether he stays or not. He is no longer part of our plan.

    Get the cash ,and go and buy Anton.

  • Anonymous

    a lot of the things that have been said from fans about Ashley Cole has nothing to do with class, just frustration and anger.

    I couldn’t care less if the whole team was a bunch of homosexuals. I rate the players and the team by their footballing skills, not their sexuality, but unfortunately homophobia is one of the last skeletons in the football closet.

    If Arsenal-fans wants to have the same class as the club we love, these are the kind of comments that we should stop to post.

    Norwegian Arsenal-fan.

  • Anonymous

    For the posters who condemn the blatant homophobia in couple of posts, I’m totally with you.

    I don’t like what Cole has done, and I hope he truly regrets leaving the Arsenal, but unlike some, I don’t have to show my ignorance by posting homophobic comments.

    Unfortunately, all this proves is that we have ignorant fans, just like most teams. No doubt if you pulled them up on it, they would resort to the ‘I’m only joking’ tired excuse. For a club that leads the way in the amount of fans from ethnic minorities (of which I am one), ‘fans’ like these are pretty piss poor excuse, and I hold them in as much contempt as I do Spuds fans.

    So Ashley, please go to CSKA Chelskov, and take these idiotic posters with you.

  • Anonymous

    Why the hell is Dein a prat, Cole instigated the meeting with Chelski, Dein and the board had every right to do what they did and I applaud them for doing it. Secondly a deal of 55k per week was agreed however Cole decided Arsenal should pick up his agents 5k per week tab, where Dein and the board basically said no chance, he is your agent we agreed the wage, you pay him..

    Hence all these rumours etc coming from the Cole camp.

    There is only 1 person to blame here and that is Cole…Do not blame anyone else.

  • Anonymous

    Dein isn’t blameless. Yes, recruiting Arsene was the best piece of business the club has ever done – but even that doesn’t give DD carte blanche to be the arrogant, smug tool he is.
    But hey, thanks for everything, Ash. Now just fuck off already.

  • East at the Grove

    This is an Arsenal blog about an Arsenal player. If all you friends of the earth, gay pride people feel that a tongue in cheek, homophobic comment is the biggest atrocity in the world today pick up a newspaper and grow the fuck up.

    Regarding the point in hand, if Cashley comes out at the Emerites next season for us or anyone else I’ll boo the little cunt relentlessly.

    I have never booed a player in an Arsenal shirt, but this spoilt little shit deserves all the abuse that comes his way.

  • Anonymous

    Keep your pants on.The guy haven`t been sold and might not be.There will be several new twists in this saga.

  • East at the Grove

    That isn’t the point. He doesn’t deserve to play for our club, so whatever happens he has lost my support for good. I hope we sell him to the highest bidder and bring in somebody who is proud to play for the Arsenal.

  • Anonymous

    i wish we didnt need the money.. then we can keep cashley cunt in d reserves for d next two years and let him rot there like he deserves to..

    come on Arsenal.. teach him a lesson.. keep the wanker..

  • East at the Grove

    Cutting our nose off to spite our face is not going to help the club.

  • Matthew

    Oh God – Pass me a bucket. This is getting ridiculous. Just for a moment, step back from all this and look at what you’re doing. You’re writing a child like letter to a premiership footballer on your web site, like somehow he’s going to read it, or like there’s even some point. If he did read it, do you think he’d care? He’s not THAT stupid – He knows exactly what’s coming to him if he leaves for Chelski and it obviously doesn’t worry him.

    Hasn’t this thing been done to death? It’s all going to be over soon (one way or another) so why not concentrate on something else? Perhaps some articles on new players coming through or something similar would be better?

    Just leave it to Arséne.

  • East at the Grove

    If you dont like it dont fucking read it.

    It is only the biggest betrayal ever to hit the club. Much better writing about a Ghanain centre back that no fucker has ever heard of.

  • Anonymous

    actually Mr Matthew… we really think Cashley Cunt IS that stupid.. heh heh.. seriously.. this is the same guy who lent his car to gooner reject Jermaine Pennant despite…. u know how d rest goes…

  • Anonymous

    is this cole thing gettin boring or what! ffs hes a twat dein is a cock but with the clubs best interests at heart, which no one can ever fault. arsene doesnt know all the time, hes human. and chelsea will win the league again at a cantor. our kids will strugle for 4th, theres about as much chance of us putting together a title challange as cole getting a standing ovation at emirates when he turns up wearin blue. any1 disagree is living in a different universe.

  • Anonymous

    Chelsea rent boy
    Chelsea rent boy
    oh oh

    Ashley might have to give Jose and Kenyon some head to get his move now…

    The stakes have been upped biatch.

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo – here come all the apologists.

    some points

    1) Ashley’s behaviour is dire and I have no more time for him – I just want him to go.

    2) To the people that posted their homophobic comments – you lot are a bunch of tools. What’s next – coating off blacks? asians? the disabled?

    You’re all a joke and trying to justify your words a free speech put you on the same level as the bigots aforementioned. It’s not often I’m ashamed of fellow gooners but I am now. Please do me a favour and go and support Chelsea, where you’ll find intolerant fools just like yourself.

  • East at the Grove

    For fucks sake grow up. Have a look at the grammar on the homophobic comments and you’ll soon realise that they are written by silly little children that generally have these conversations every day in the playground and because of the school holdays are venting their spline on us. For anyone to get agitated by it is a little churlish. Consign them to the bin where they deserve to be and get on with your life. This is a football blog after all, and if that offends you never go to away games, or you’ll be reduced to tears.

  • ArsenalReview.com

    Thank you all for your comments…just a quick word to some of the posters…I am someone who loves to hear from anyone who wants to leave a comment so please don’t hesitate to do so…however please keep to the topic and lets not talk about homosexual-ness etc…because I know that all sorts of people read from this website so I wouldn’t want people to be unnecessarily offended because of comments regarding sexuality or anything else offensive.

    Also a word to the poster “Mathew” who said I wrote a “child like letter” etc etc…thank you for your opinion and as I said I don’t mind people not liking what I write because you cant please everyone but at the same time I will say that majority of the people that read it actually did like it and for your information this article is nothing to do with Ashley Cole actually reading it…that is far from it…you obviously didn’t understand the concept of it if you thought I was actually trying to contact Ashley Cole…if I wanted to do that I would send it in the post to his contact address or online…obviously I wasn’t trying to contact him…this is my website where I can express my creative abilities and I don’t see anyone else on an Arsenal website trying to write in different styles and having a bit of fun…a bit of wit with a bit of honesty and my opinion on the way things have gone….Sorry if I seemed like a child.

    As for writing other articles I indeed do write about most topics to do with Arsenal including transfer news and similar subjects, but right now this IS the most talked about topic to do with Arsenal and that is why thousands of people come to this website to read about what is happening NOW…not made up transfer rumours…if you want to read about those just pick up a copy of the Sun and you will see pages full of made up storys…But just to reiterate…thank you for your constructive criticism…I will think about it next time I write anything on this website or any other letter I write to Ashley Cole…Good day mate.

  • Anonymous

    i hope mr cheryl tweedy leaves asap. getting real tired of the stories now. honestly cant be arsed with what happens to him anymore. although a mental image of the juventus saga happening to chelski is a thought even i cant pass up. think about it viera went to juve and they went down. if Cashley pisses off to chelsea, they could be playing championship footie next season. ex arsenal players are cursed. hmmmmmmm wot a thought.

  • the game

    nicely sed bilz….erm i couldnt agree more! im not an arsenal fan but i agree wiv what u said. ashley could have been a great legend but like wayne bridge, like scott parker, like shaun wright-philips he goin 2 chelsea n then regret it…n e ways good luck to ashley.

  • McG

    Lets get one thing straight stating that Ashley Cole likes a mobile inserted into his anus is not homophobic. If someone had said that Cheryl liked some mobile action not a comment would have been made. That would have been slagging off his wife and therefore should have been termed by the shocked bloggers as what? Wifeophobic, hetrophobic? Some of you are just waiting to be offended. (That was not a homophobic comment by the way). Stop being so pedantic you knobs. (again not meant to be pedanticophobic or knobophobic)

  • Anonymous

    Is right McG. If Ashley enjoyed a big ice cream no-one would say anything but include the fact that he likes it up his pipe and all of a sudden you are a homophobe.

  • Anonymous

    Why does everyone get upset about dissing faggots. I dont understand y u have to like something u disagree with.

    AW should only sell cole for the right price. Remember his emarks the other day about “the price of english players” £25m-30m as hes twice the player carrick is

  • JIM



    GO NOW………


  • mcG

    Eh Jim and Fairy Henry….you are the same person aren’t you?

    Fuck off back to the Manure pages you queer

  • ArsenalReview.com

    LOL I have to admit I found this comment rather amusing indeed:

    “Lets get one thing straight stating that Ashley Cole likes a mobile inserted into his anus is not homophobic. If someone had said that Cheryl liked some mobile action not a comment would have been made.”


  • Anonymous

    don’t be so stupid……….as if Ashley Cole CAN read!!!!

  • Anonymous

    To McG and East of the Grove

    For the first few years of my life I couldn’t go to games because of the blatant racism that was rife in the game, therefore I feel strongly if another minority group is treated in the same way.

    Obviously, us that are waiting to be offended (what a numbnutz comment THAT was) should ignore this as history has proved if you ignore something, it goes away.

    The ARSENAL have a great record in encouraging ALL minorities to watch football, and therefore I feel that I have the right to comment when hillbillies like some, who are probably neither from a ethnic or sexual minority, try and say ignore it.

    Nevertheless, I realise that most here have no interest in the bigotry which stops people of a certain demographic from visiting or watching the game, and neither do they have the brains to realise that homophobia and racism are intrinsically linked, so I’ll say no more and just wait for the bile which will surely follow.

  • Anonymous

    I hadn’t realised that inserting mobile phones up one’s anus would indicate someone was gay.
    Surely this fetish makes one a phoneosexual?

    Anyway, Cashley is an utter cunt. What more is there to be said?

  • bambi

    Cashley Cow is an idiot and I dont believe anyone can defend him. and as for dein, vieira never had a problem with him. he had a problem with hill-wood.
    But let’s face it cashley just got greedy.
    I guess footballers dont care about the fans anymore

  • Anonymous

    we were talking about cole. keep the discrimination argument on the appropriate pages. arsenal review is not it.

  • Anonymous

    Cole is trying to outrank Sulky Anelka in terms of worse treatment against Arsenal.
    Somehow meeting by chance in a hotel with Jose as well as your agent and super agent guy at the same time and day is unbelievable to the extreme limit. even then if you had said “er! Hi, Jose. I have to go. Hope you enjoy this place’s food. I did. Bye!” and left immediately no problem for everybody. But no! somehow Jose or his companions’ cologne/perfume etc held you in such a trance you were unable to leave and ended up yakking and discussing contracts etc etc though initially you tried to deny such a meeting.
    Look here, man! Your case is totally different from Sven’s case as his personal life vs work life but yours covered the employment section- because place of residence when a employee is definitely work-related!!
    Of course, you still cant see logic(is Jose/companion accompanyings’ perfume/cologne that mesmerising ) and understand that report had to be made and your getting fined etc had to occur. So you whack a book with such weirdness and sultryness with insults.
    Vieira’s case is lot different from yours, dude. btw look at Chelski, and see how quickly Gallas lost his number 13-though he will be there at best to complete his contract of 1 year left. Also, see the patience and how ‘family-like’ that boss said he is- though he does not respect other’s family with his stupid attitude and arrogance. You, in my opinion, were one of the few England players in WC2006(Germany) who did above average at least. Respect-wise due to your book and other things – there is a minimum, if any left from me.

  • wengerafc

    lets get shot if him – give the £25m to Arsene and let him do his magic ! it will come back to haunt Cashley Cunt and Jose Moanrinho.

  • Anonymous

    i saw the pic of ashley on arsenal.com playing for the reserves against in the new shirt(a sight i hoped never to see) and it broke my heart. I aint the biggest reyes fan in the world, (he’s clearly an idiot) but the kid just wants to go home, ashley can talk about being “fed to the sharks” but he knows as well as everyone else that its about money, hes got two prem medals that he earned, theres no glory in winning the title over at rubles fc. The critcism of david dein is unfair, he might not be everyones cup of tea but hes arsenal through and through, as for the homophobic stuff, just look past it, you aint going to change peoples mindsets on a forum. I think 99% of us agree, fuck ashley cole, sell him to the highest bidder and then bring the title to the Emirates