Theo Walcott's First Goal In England Shirt – The Video

Theo Walcott’s First England Under 21 Goal…3 mintues into his debut…considering his height and size I didnt really expect him to be brilliant in the air, but from this goal it is clear to see his technique is top class…already beats Henry’s aerial abilities! Hope we get to see a bit more of this…let me know what you think of his performance the other night.

  • aua

    i didnt really see him perform because they only showed his goal on the news and not much else of him. but his goal was well taken with a good leap and at least shows he’s not just a pacey player and that there is more to his game than that. maybe if he was given a chance this summer, he could have done the same, but was taken and hyped up for no reason, but at least it gave him some experience of how major competitions work. hopefully we’ll see more of that this season.when he is wearing the red of arsenal.

  • Anonymous

    if walcott is good in the air adebayor and van persie all used 2 score headers before join arsenal that make 3 fowards who can score headers y doesnt the wide player cross the ball more reyes 4 example excellent crosser of the ball i think when teams like bolton or blackburn whe should try 2 play the same y they do.