Grand Slam Sunday Is Over Hyped Like John Terry / The Spark We Need…

By Bilal Zaidi

Its 02:11am and I’m positively drained and worn out so please do excuse any spelling mistakes along with…well…any “stupid-ness” that may occur from my ramblings…No I can still do simple adding and taking away unlike some…Hmm…

Last night I geared up for the “Grand Slam Sunday” by getting involved with some football myself…at 9 o clock at night…floodlights on, 7-a-side, pristine pitch…but then I realized its not so much a good idea when you’re as healthy as a sumo wrestler…but its one of those things that happen when big sporting events occur. You know the feeling don’t you? Cricket is on…go and grab you’re bat…Wimbledon is on…go and play tennis! But then you realize you aren’t Roger Federer so you go back home after returning from the hospital after spraining parts of your body that you didn’t even know existed. Its that sort of excitement that builds up to this simple fixture, Man Utd vs Arsenal at Old Trafford…how delightful…how important crucial…But is it really?

It’s the age of media over-hype and lucrative advertising contracts so Sky “over-hype” these games as much as they over hype Frank Lampard and John Terry. They make you think that these three points for either team is going to win them the title when it really isn’t. Its September…the sun is just about still out!? That means we still have…Autumn, Ramadan, Eid, Winter, Christmas, Hanukah (I think?), New Year, Spring, Daisy’s and Hayfever STILL TO COME before anything is decided. Sure 3 points make a difference and all of that “psychological” stuff but at the end of the day, if you get 9 points against Middlesbrough, Villa and the blue side of Manchester, then if you drop 2 or 3 points against Utd it isn’t such a big deal as it is now! We have our worst start under Wenger underway with a promising side of youngsters and flair players…but soon enough somebody is going to have to take the team by the scruff of the neck and drag the rest of the boys with him.

WHO CAN PROVIDE THAT SPARK? Well Rosicky is a candidate I’m willing to throw out there…just because we know he is capable of special things like he showed against Hamburg. Fabregas perhaps? We all know he is a tremendous talent but after 2-3 seasons of strutting his stuff I think it is coming to the time where he needs to stand up in a game against Utd and dominate the midfield like he did against Madrid and Juve. I have full faith in you boy!…Of course I would suggest Mr. Va Va Voom himself but he has a “10-15% chance of playing” according to Wenger. Van Persie is the same so our formation and lineup COULD change but I expect it to stay as a 4-4-1-1 with Baptista given his first start in the hole or go with a 4-5-1 with Ljungberg back in the side. Still favouring the 4-4-1-1…Wenger likes to do those sorts of things, whip out a player like Beasty and tell him to bully them like they bullied Reyes a few seasons ago…or even better to my memory…how Keown tormented Van N after his penalty miss, classic indeed…

Ok this fixture isn’t really over hyped, its always a fantastic spectacle even when the football isn’t great…But my point remains that I think one point would be good enough, but to get all three would be absolutely Fabregas and put us back on the map after our disappointing start…it isn’t such a big deal as it is made out to be is what I mean, we have shown that we can make chances and if we put even 2 out of 10 away we would win majority of the matches we play.

Three players that are potential match winners for us: Rosicky, Cescy, Beasty…If we are to get a result we will NEED Gallas to shut out Ronaldo and his dancing feet, Brother Toure to be as solid as a rock against an in form Saha, Gilberto to usher Scholes like an obsessed stalker AND dig at Rooney who has a good record in this fixture…and for Adebayor to work like a tireless soldier that he has shown to be…If we stay disciplined, take the sting out of their attack by keeping the ball…frustrate them…and hit them on the break with our pace then we sure do have a chance to win this game without a doubt. I think Walcott could be a potential lethal weapon against Utd just because they haven’t faced him before and I don’t think they could handle his pace. I doubt Wenger would use him because he seems obsessed about “keeping him safe”, it’s a football match not a pitch full of paedophiles…Let the kid have a run out…Grab the winner in the 89th minute so we are all entertained to finish off a superb and delightful grand slam Sunday of thrilling football…

Is it really over hyped? Perhaps it is in terms of result, but ITS NOT in terms of atmosphere of a modern rivalry between two fine managers who play attacking football, either way I’m still excited!

P.S. Once again apologies in advance for any mistakes because it is now 02:55am and I really am not going to read over this until the morning because I think I’m about to collapse on my floor and make a huge thud. If you don’t hear from me again in the next week please alert the authorities…Thank you for reading and your comments are always appreciated..enjoy your Super Sunday, whether it is down the pub, at the game itself, in your homes with your family & friends, it is sure to be a huge occasion. Lets hope this time the game stands up to its name. Good day ol chums.

  • Anonymous

    Nice preview. Cheers.

  • goon4ever

    its 4am and i can’t wait to watch the game, i’m wondering if its worth sleeping? i didn’t notice any mistakes in your article, sounds exactly like a true arsenal football fan’s words (something rare nowadays) and i couldn’t agree more about the hype around JT, something that goes hand in hand with Chelski fc/signings/management team. i guess my point is lets all get behind our team win, lose or draw for the remainder of the season. i think far too many supporters forget how young our players are amd also how new the team is as a unit. criticism of any member of the team can only work against us, and besides which, if there are any problems at a performance level, only one person is in a position to deal with them…so lets wish the boys well and sit back and watch as one of the greatest footballing team’s develops under the greatest manager to walk on to a football ground.

  • Anonymous

    Arsenal have a poor record against the rd in recent seasons and I hope we finally beat them.Beating them wiil give me unimaginable pleasure better than throwing pizza at a certain som whose time is surely up even if he
    were to win the title.
    However to win Arsenal have to play with their heads instead of attacking 99.9 % of the time.I well remember the
    game at Highbury in March 2003 when Arsenal had taken the lead thru Bergamp’s goal. What happened next was criminal
    negelect and lack of concentration.
    ;Dont concede a late goal like the one agaginst Hamburg.Everyone must concentrate 110% and not indulge in watching
    Ronaldo’s dancing feet cut out the ball watching.
    Then I will like to see a som’s face when he is at the receiving end.

  • doy

    great article d00d, you’re funny.
    i didnt notice any mistakes either.
    cheers moite, GO THE GUNNERS!!! =D