Wenger Talks Of Potential Winter Signings, A Defender On His Way?

With the January transfer window fast approaching there is always transfer talk flying about.

Wenger said: “In midfield we have plenty of players.

“The only area we might be a bit short is at the back because we have Kolo Touré and Emmanuel Eboue going to the African Nations Cup.

“We might have Johann Djourou back though.

“We have the option to recall him.”

With Toure leaving and the only centre backs left being Gallas and Senderos….it is quite likely Djourou will be recalled…even if it is just for cover. Other people have called for a winger but I think we have too many midfield players already…regardless of them not being traditional “wingers”.

Adebayor will not be going to the African Cup of Nations because Togo didn’t qualify for the tournament this year…Good news for us.

Tonight: Manchester United vs Fulham
Wednesday: Newscastle vs Arsenal


Any comments on our potential signings in January can be left in the “comments” section. Good day all and enjoy todays football.

  • Anonymous

    Micah Richards anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Do we need a central defender? Well, i have always thought Senderos will come good and have never criticised him. But after Tuesday’s performance I do not know what to think. He looks nervous, puuzzled and lacking confidence. He does do a great job for switzerland, however. I think he just buckles under pressure because he feels he needs to prove himself at Arsenal. Whatever the reason, though, he cannot be given chances upon chances, so I think his days could be numbered. I do fear though, that he will move on and become a great defender for another great team.

    Djourou I think is a good player too, with much more confidence. Gilberto, whose days as a midfielder are now numbered (behind flamini and now Diarra), could fit in aswell.

    Buying someone in January will not solve the problem for this year. That new player would have to accomodate. Forming a good central partnership takes time: Gallas and Toure are only now starting to gel. I did not think they were great as a partnership last year.

    Bring back Djourou, he would be my best option, unless senderos can sort himself out. Gilberto is good cover too.

  • airydisc

    I watched Djourou play for Birmingham against Tottenham on Sky. I’m not impressed. He made too many basic errors. I don’t think he’s ready to play for Arsenal yet. We need to buy a no-nonsense experienced quality centreback as cover. I don’t trust Djourou yet and Senderos is a donkey without any consistent skills.