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Derby County vs Arsenal – PLAYER RATINGS

Tweet By Atishay Agarwal Well, i was expecting four, and we went two better, but also let in two goals. But i guess you can’t fault them too much for not taking this game too seriously, considering our title challenge is over and the fact that we were playing the worst team to have ever

Things Fall Apart – Are Arsenal Set To Unravel?

Tweet It’s that time of year again. The off-season has not begun officially, but Gooners worldwide have already been playing fantasy manager with the Arsenal squad. But putting dream signings aside for the time being, Arsene Wenger has argued that the most important ingredient in the recipe for success is retaining the current squad. After

Thierry Henry WANTS TO BE "HOME" – 25 Minute Full Interview With The Legend

Tweet By Bilal Zaidi I don’t really want to comment on this. Please just watch the full interview and tell me Henry doesn’t want to be at Arsenal. He says what I say to people; “I don’t regret things”…but that is just out of default…he might not regret it but I bet he wishes he

Video: Striker With Goal Every 1.6 Games, Pace, Power, Heading Ability, Cheeky Dance + Best Interview EVER

Tweet By Bilal Zaidi Yes he has been frustrating at times but at the same time he has produced some fantastic football this season. Those that want Adebayor out of the club…here is a reminder of what he has done this season: 38 Starts, 7 Sub = 27 goals That is a goal every 1.6 Poll: Who Should Be Arsenal Captain Next Season – Vote and Reasons Why

Tweet Good day all. Just a quick one, we have a new poll on the side bar to the right which asks; Who should be Arsenal Captain Next Season? Please just take a quick minute to have your say because it will be interesting to see what people think. Feel free to vote right now,

Championship Manager Fans – Part 2

Tweet Since the last post on our finances – there have been many comments saying that I’m both right and wrong in my judgements. The available £70 million cash balances figure that has been passed around needs to be clarified as it may not mean we have £70 million to spend on transfer fees.  Firstly, Arsene Wenger

Championship Manager Fans – Part 1

Tweet After reading some ridiculous comments on some other sites – I found it amusing to see what some Arsenal fans (hopefully children) were saying in the comments section. It seems like Wenger has about £25 million to play around with including wages. Sorry to disappoint you fantasy fans but – that isn’t that much.