Championship Manager Fans – Part 1

After reading some ridiculous comments on some other sites – I found it amusing to see what some Arsenal fans (hopefully children) were saying in the comments section. It seems like Wenger has about £25 million to play around with including wages. Sorry to disappoint you fantasy fans but – that isn’t that much.

Here are two examples of what I read on another site from the comments:

Example Number 1:

Sell :
Lehmann – Retired
Hoyte – 2
Eboue – 5
Gallas – 5
Rosicky – 7
Diaby – 5
Gilberto 3
van Persie 8
Bendtner 2.5
Gomes 5
Richard 7
Ben Arfa 10
Benzema 12

Example Number 2:

“Huntelaar would be a good signing Villa would be better but what about both?? We have all heard AW has a war chest to spend and with the sales of players like:

Lehmann Free, Eboue 2.5, Gallas 5, Gilberto 1.5, Rosicky 5.5, Bendtner 3.5, Hoyte 1.5,Total 19.5

Villa 25,
Huntelaar 15,
Richards 9,
Joaquin 8,

Total 57″

Oh my.

Sell Van Persie? Villa, Hutelaar, Richards and Joaquin? Mass clearout? These were just two examples. Some Arsenal fans are living in the world of “Championship Manager”.

Next season we will have another young man in Carlos Vela at the club, with a lot of hype around him. Let’s hope Arsenal fans can be a bit more patient with this youngster. Flamini may be on £60k a week at Juventus, Hleb may be licking ice creams in Milan and Lehmann will be mad back in Germany. It won’t be the first time that we have lost quality players for little money or on a free – but we have to see what Wenger has in store for us.


  • Anonymous

    One word…..Delusional !

  • Anonymous

    Spot on. Somebody that talks sense. People keep forgetting about the £375 million pound mortgage for the new stadium. Just hope for an extra defender and perhaps another central midfielder in the diarra mould.

  • Anonymous

    no money mongering flamster.
    no Gilberto
    no Lehman
    no Hoyte (fingers crossed)
    no ade (hope so)





  • lolcat

    the problem with the popularisation of the internet, is that even retards can figure out how to use it.

    still, good blog man.

  • Anonymous

    You’re a bell end if you believe Arsenal News Review. Myles Palmer and his buddies are so full of sh*t that it’s unbelievable.

    So they proved we have £25m to spend from the finances?

    How the f*ck do those pr*cks know how much money we already have in our bank??

    They’re full of sh*t almost as much as the fantasists are.

  • Anonymous

    Sweary bloke, ANR based that article on cold hard facts, the details of Arsenals accounts are free for all to see.

  • CJN

    I think the only player coming in is Luca Modric to replace Flamster. Nordvet and Vela will be in too.

  • Anonymous

    I would also disregard ANR as being tripe. One of their recent articles suggested selling Adebayor and bringing in Niang for christ’s sake.

    And I really hope the 3rd comment posted was meant to be ironic. On a blog post commenting about idiotic “fans” and he posts a comment slating Flamini and says we should sell Adebayor. And then slates the board! Dear oh dear…

  • Anonymous

    I agree – Luca Modric will be the only new arrival

  • Justin

    agree with this article. Have read a lot of annoying drivvle from other arsenal sites. Not only do we know it ‘won’t happen, I actually don’t think it should happen!! we’re so close, we just need 1 or 2 players and more importantly, players need to learn from this years mistakes (ruthlessness when attacking and concentration when defending) and we’ll be fine.

    Benzema is class though…

  • Anonymous

    My view on who should stay and who should go… ive amended the values to more realsitic prices instead of the ones above.

    Sell :

    Lehmann – Retired
    Flamini – quit
    Hleb – 15
    Hoyte – 3
    Eboue – 12
    Gallas – 7
    Diaby – 5
    Gilberto – 3
    Bendtner – 5
    Senderos – 5
    song – 4
    almunia – 4
    mark randall – 1
    vincent van den berg – 1
    Gibbs – 2

    Total 67 mil + 25 mil (after wages saved and incurred) = 82 mil to spend


    Fran merida – (winger)
    Nacer Barazite (winger/striker)
    Havard Nordtveit (centre back)
    carlos vela (striker)


    UNKNOWN – 10 (goaly)
    Richards – 10 (centre back )
    UNKNOWN – 10 (Defensive midfielder)
    Ben Arfa – 12 (left winger)
    Benzema – 10 (striker)


    £30 mil left over…??

    Team would then be

    GK – UNKNOWN***




  • Anonymous

    Everybody is missing out on the point that the best player to seel would be Hleb; an unproductive wide player and even Wenger a man who built teams with top quality wide players (viz: Overmars, Pires and Ljungberg – never mind Henry) must see that 2 goals and 6 assists is so poor it is time to sell him. Ashley Young is younger, faster, two footed and has scored 7 goals and 17 assists – he cost 5 million less than Hleb. Hleb met Inter in secret the night before we played AC. Sell him for 12 million. Bring in Ban Arfa a two footed wide player and a central defender. That is all no other activity except perhaps a third choice keeper in the mold of Martin Poom. This team is very very close to greatness. Don’t panic, don’t give up on principles and the results will come. Arsenal must also be careful of Adebayor – the hype is too great for a player who is a worse header of the ball than Crouch and has a very poor first touch.

    van Persie and Eduardo must become our first choice strikers

  • Adom

    What really amuses me is that people with a far from astute knowledge of football make such bold comments.

  • paul walsh

    helo we had a transfer budget of around 70 million that we did not spend last year was that what endlman said last january. who to believe our financial director or some blog plus we have 2 bilionaires and quiet a few millionaires that are substancial shareholders endlman says that there is always money for arsene should he want it

  • Anonymous

    cant understand this moaning and groaning, remember we will have vela merida randall gibbs all at the club after loan spells next season and they will be like new signings, also when you add barazite wiltshire nordvielt and lansbury being promoted from the reserves our squad will already be bigger than this season. while eduardo van persie and rosicky will surely not miss so many games again after they get back to full fitness. also youngsters like bendtner, traore etc will have benefited from another season on the fringes. oh and theres also theo walcott, wenger hinted he maystart the remaining games up front, he could be a revelation next season. i agree we need a few new players, what about kirkland in goal, lescott as centre back and cover for left back, ashley young as left wing or forwad and a top central midfielder aswell!!!


    In reply to an earlier comment, I too do take the posts on ANR with a pinch of salt since Myles Palmer seems to make many bold statements that are not true on many occasions and often contradict each other. HOWEVER, at the same time, nobody is perfect, that is how he writes, that is his style to write bold comments and fair enough to him.

    To be fair to him, there aren’t many people that write regularly on an arsenal blog or fansite that have had a book published or even been published anywhere (apart from me of course because I’m HARD)…

    Anyway, the post from ANR was not written by Myles Palmer anyway and the accounts are available for anybody to see like most companies. Even though these accounts are made for anybody to see, so often they can be misleading.

    Anybody who has done some accounting before will know the difference between management accounting and financial accounting…their motives are often quite varied. Anyway…just because we have the most revenue coming in worldwide, does not mean we have the greatest operating profit and cash in the bank. Most companies do not have £72 million sitting in a bank account, especially a club that has so much debt to pay off continuously.
    I haven’t had a chance to look at the set of accounts so I can’t comment on much, but am taking that post from ANR as a respectable estimate since the guy seems like he knows more than I do about analyzing accounts.

    Either way, I am not claiming to know for certain how much money we have to spend on players but to me it seems quite a reasonable estimate. I guess we will see in a few months time.

  • geez

    But as someone else pointed out, we were told we had £70M available for AW transfers, so what has happened to that. I am not suggesting anything devious here, just wondering where it went. Maybe we paid a bit of the debt off with it ???


    Indeed so “geez”…I am not sure to be honest…I guess we will see how things go in the summer! But one thing is for sure, well in my opinion…Wenger would never spend anywhere near that much money.

  • Shalin

    Some of the Posts on here are ridiculous. And the Values are so unrealistic in todays transfer market.
    Lehmann – Free
    Hotye – 2.5m
    Gallas – 8m
    Flamini – Free
    Gilberto – 3m
    Eboue – 7m
    Bendtner – 5m
    Total Income: 24.5m + Savings on Wages

    3rd Choice GK – Unknown
    Raul Albiol – 8m
    Christian Zapata – 9m
    Ben Arfa – 10m
    Huntelaar – 14m
    Total Out: 41m + Spending on Wages

    Net expenditure is 17m And we will be saving more on wages with Gallas, Gilberto and Numerous others players leaving then we will be spending on the new players in my opinion.
    There might be a couple of surprises in store (Hleb out) or (Robinho in) but we will wait and see.

  • Anonymous

    spot on in what u write. its like when people say “we should have bought Torres” or this one and that one. people may as well start saying “we should have signed George Best from man utd, stopped him drinking and won the European cup”! its pointless, fantastical, brainless people who dont understand football. football is a TEAM SPORT. successful teams are built on solid foundations. you keep a team together and you will get results.
    to the lunatic who decided to post a comment about revised prices and selling 15 players (!!) – u r an idiot. go and support Tottenham or Chelsea or some team who deserves ur brainless ideas.
    the facts are we were the best team in the country for 3/4 of season. we have had some misfortune with injuries (not an excuse, but if u understand football u will know that fine lines often decide winners and losers). we need to learn from mistakes, keep team together and inury free and bring in a few new faces with some steel about them.
    we dont have much money to spend, so everytime u see a web site exclusive on ‘news now’ saying “Arsenal chase 20 million star” u can ignore it straight away.
    and i would like to add Bendtner is gonna be a great player. the KID is 19, has nearly a one in two record in internationals for Denmark, and is a proper centre forward. if “supporters” are saying sell him they are morons. and if they are saying “sign benzema or ben arfa (sounds like a character out of Eastenders)” , i bet they havent even seen these people play and just base it on reading the sun every day.
    Understand as Arsenal fans that the media are not our friends, and are more than happy to plot our downfall. it is up to us as Arsenal supporters and followers of football and reasonably intelligent people to see through the mist and the nonsense that is written lazily, and aquire an understanding.
    Dont believe the hype. Relax. Take a deep breath.
    You cant change ur football team, so learn to love it.

  • Anonymous

    Shalin – u dont seem to understand the point of the article. we should not be questioning the prices, but questioning why we should sell these players. and the money we have to spend is also for wages, so it is not as easy as adding the players sold and subtracting the prices of the players bought. why sell hoyte? a decent squad player who loves Arsenal, the type of player u need in a squad. why sell Gallas, the only experienced defender in our back four. Flamini we will have to wait and see. Bendtner is a ludicrous idea to sell. ur players in: Raul Albiol (whoever he is – the Sun got bored one day) has a £40 million buy out i hear – so no chance. Huntelaar would cost nearer £20mil – so no chance. the others are prob not even available to buy. u may as well add Ronaldo to that list!!!!
    the idea is keep squad together, bring in a few faces. dont disrupt wage structure cos then everyone will want to leave!
    u people are mad. relax and stop pretending ur playing a computer game! Real world people. just support ur team , whoever is in it !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure about all of these calculations, but I am sure that even if we manage to keep our current squad together, we need to add a top class keeper, an experienced centre back, a defensive midfielder and a striker. Failure to do so will, I believe will leave our squad lacking in strenght and depth, much like this season. We must remember that the other teams around us will all add to their teams.

  • Aeoric

    Lehman (out of contract: free)
    Gilberto (out of contract: free)
    Flamini (out of contract: free)
    Hleb (12-16m, Inter, Barca)
    Eboue (5-8m, Barca)
    AdeBarnDoor (16-20m, Milan (lol))
    Senderos (3-5m)
    Djourou (2-3m)
    Hoyte (2-3m)

    Assuming worst case: 40m

    We have between 25m and 75m to spend depending on which source you read from.

    plump for middle and it’s 90m

    Jussi Jaaskelainen (Free)
    Karim Benzema (30m)
    Lassana Diarra (8m if no buy-back clause)
    Gareth Barry (12m)
    Ashley Young (18m)
    Micah Richards (20m)
    88m total

    Richards and Diarra can play RB in an emergency, Barry can play LB or Centre Def in an emergency. Benzema is the hottest striker since El Thierry and perfect for the Arsenal system.

    play 4-3-3
    Sagna, Richards, Toure, Clichy
    Diarra, Fabregas, Barry
    van Persie, Benzema, Young

    I think there’s more money to play with than they are telling people (we are clearly in need of many players, and this is a European Championship showcase summer, they are trying to keep prices low rather than ridiculously inflated after the competition).

    So I’d also look at
    Zapata (Def. Udinese),
    Yoan Gouffran (Str. Caen),
    Yoann Gourcuff (Mid. Milan),
    Ben Arfa (Wing. Lyon)

    If the money ISN’T there – one of the money grabbing toffs on the board can stump up for a change.

  • Anonymous

    this topic is a load of bollocks

  • Chase

    well put…some bad luck towards the end of the season cost us the CL and Prem but theres no need to change the entire squad…go buy championship manager and play around..leave the real football to the one who knows…Wenger…Almunia has done well all season…I challenge someone to pick a moment where he blundered…no need for a fist chice keeper…give fabianski a chance in the number 2 spot n get in a 35+ keeper as number 3..Vela will be a good addition…a true CB is needed though…wenger shoud splash out on one…

  • Anonymous

    Guys, listen to Wenger when he says he will only sign 2 class players, make that 4 if flamini and hleb leave (which I think they will).

    Next year we will line up something like: Almunia, Sagna, Toure, Albiol/Zapata, Clichy, Fabregas, Barry(or similar), Quaresma (or similar), Van Persie, Adebayor.

    Don’t forget Wenger is ruthless with players age 30+, he will let Gallas go but he is unwaveringly loyal, he will stick with Adebayor. Also, I think he mgiht let Bendtner leave simply to keep team harmony.

    Tahts my 2 cents,


  • Anonymous

    Seriously, I stopped reading this after 20 seconds. Why even write a post about selling half our team and buying a new one? Sell Rosicky and Gallas etc? You really think Wenger will become a new manager overnight and sell everyone? Do you even support Arsenal. What a waste of time!!!


    To the last post…I’m not sure if you are saying your comment to me or to someone who has written a comment. If it is directed towards me, then perhaps you didn’t read the article properly…

  • Anonymous

    The publically available accounts show that we have about £70 million cash available, but £25 million of that is set aside as security for the stadium debt. Those less literate among us (but sadly just about literate enough to comment on forums such as this) have read ANR and read the figures as stating we have £25 million to spend, when in actual fact it is £70 mil less £25 mil so £45 million.

    This is very adequate for our needs, which are a modric/ben arfa/diego style attacking midfielder, and a lucio style centre back. Any other signings will be as a result of players leaving, and will be part funded by the incoming transfer fee.

  • Anonymous

    Your’e all missing the point about Hleb, due to new Eufa rules, he can buy his contract out with 2 years left to go on it. So if your basing your spend on getting 12 – 16 million for him, prepare to be disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    Why does everybody seem to want rid of Ade, what other clubs fans would moan and want to sell a 27+ goal striker whos work rate this season has been amazing.

  • Anonymous

    None of you seem to be upto date regarding transfer fees: Citeh turned down a £20m bid for Richards last summer, Ben Arfa would cost closer to £15m and Benzema, well, bidding would start well above £20m. Huntelaar maybe £17-18m.

  • Anonymous

    You’re ALL talking bollocks. The current loan and repayment arrangements were done BEFORE the lastest overseas premiership deal, which means we are 10’s of millions in front of where we anticipated we would be, without a significant increase in outgoings.

    Even Derby will get about 26 million, and the league winners will get 50 million.

    So you can expect us to be in the 45 million+ range which will not be in the most recent set of accounts.

    So we have plenty of cash, the only issue is Wenger’s desire not to waste it on a Shevchenko-like holiday maker.

  • bob

    Worst case senario, if AW means what he says…. that he has only 25 mill to spend then I think this is what the 08-09 team might look like.

    Lehmann (Free)
    Flamini (Free)
    Gilberto (3)

    Goalkeeper (Free)
    Defender (8)
    Midfield (12)

    Total Spend this summer 20-3 = 17

    Our 08-09 team
    Lehmann, Fabiansky, NEW

    Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy, Hoyte, Sendros, Eboue (Back to defense after his miserable performance in midfield) and NEW

    Fabregas, Song, Diaby, Denilson, Merida, Traore (move him up to midfield), NEW

    Attacking Mids
    Theo, Hleb (hope he doesnt go), Rosisky, Vela

    RVP, Eduardo, Adebayor, Bendtner

    Depending on the need of the team. He will spend another 10/13 to get someone either in midfield or strike
    What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    Does noone follow the Wenger method? He works and works to instil his ideas into players, its easier to do this with raw talent than established players. As such he rarely brings in an established star, let alone a host at one go. However good they are, they most learn how to play to Wenger’s system. He allows them time to learn, and unless they are not going to make the grade or he thinks their best days are gone, he only reluctantly lets anyone go once they have learned his way. That said, I’d love to see a Sol Campbell type signing to shore up the middle of the defence

  • dan

    I honestly dont understand why people hate ade so much, he has scored 27 goals this season has he not? I think him and RVP or eduardo would be a wicked strike force however eduardo is out and RVP is hardly ever injury free so we need another skillful and clinical striker and thats it imo.

    If flamini goes then we need someone to replace him or maybe its songs time to come up? I have faith in song but a lot of people dont and a lot didnt have faith in flamini before this season so i think we should give song a chance, he looks good there.

    Or buy richards and have toure in defensive mid position? Not sure really but there is many possibilities that Arsene will be going over, i think he will stick with mostly the same team except the ones that are going.

  • Anonymous

    Ehm.. How can Modric replace Flamini…? It’s like saying Rosicky will replace Gilberto..
    And with Modric having a good European championship, we wouldn’t afford him, anyway..


    For anybody that didn’t get a chance to read part two of this article you can find it here:

    That should clarify what some are saying about having £70-£25…when in actual fact it is £70-25-20

  • Anonymous

    the way most of you are talking on here is insane,sum of you are practically saying sell the 1st team we have nw and replace with a new 1?lol we have great playas mayb we shud sell hleb and deffo eboue,we have reportedly gt ben arfa for 16mil(and frm wot i have seen he is gud)and i think we shud make a bid for david villa and then thats it,all we need is a clinical scorer like him and with the team we already have we can definately win silverware next year.c’mon arsenal