The Future For Le Boss? Who We Could Let Go & Who We Need To Keep Hold Of…

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By Richard Popple

Without doubt we played some magnificent football yesterday and indeed throughout the season. There have been so many memorable performances this year, which make it doubly hard to digest that we are currently on a run of 2 wins in 13 games.

I have to be honest and say that it is difficult to see where the next win is coming from. The players are out on their feet and if Wenger can galvanise them to win the last four games it will be a great achievement. Well, at least it would restore some pride and confidence.

That said, the essential part of the year is that Wenger has to get right is the summer sales. I’m not going to speculate about who we will bring in (an educated guess is that he will be an 18 year old poached from somewhere Europe). But I look at our squad compared to our rivals and we are nowhere near as strong.

I feel very sorry for Gilberto. He actually played very well against United yesterday and showed a greater passion, when trying to raise spirits, unlike a certain Captain Gallas. Gallas for me, along with Kolo Toure have been appalling in recent weeks. Earlier in the season they looked absolutely fantastic, strong, quick, confident, and even skilful and then bang, a lack on concentration and we concede. People are quick to blame Poor Philippe, but these two have committed howlers at an alarming rate over the last two months. It has to be a lack of concentration as they are both exceptionally talented defenders.

Gilberto however, will go in the summer. As will Lehmann and in my mind Eboue should follow, or be demoted to Sagna’s back-up. Everybody knows Eboue is not a midfielder and we could get a good price for him. These possibilities have been widely speculated. Now for some harsher truths. In my opinion, despite his talent, Rosicky should be forgotten. He has not retained fitness for anything longer than an 8-10 game spurt. It’s harsh and I feel sorry for him, but the guy is just another Harry Kewell. Van Persie, another with an awful injury record, is one of the best players at the club and has proved when fit, that he is a quality player, unlike Rosicky who has only shown flashes of his international form.

Hleb and Flamini must to be retained along with Fabregas, who desperately needs Wenger to bring in someone who can create as much as he can. Fabregas has been overworked this season, but it is imperative that he stays. Barcelona and Real Madrid will try harder than ever to convince him to return to Spain in the summer. Wenger will have his work cut out to keep these three players at the club. They have all spoken out in some frustration about our demise this season.

Then we come to the strikers. Yes, Ade has had a good season and boy has he improved, buy imagine if we had signed someone like Fernando Torres – a man who has scored 30 goals in his first season in English football. Hleb and Fabregas create so many chances and Ade continues to waste so many. He is not the finished article and he is trying to fill some mighty big shoes, but he has to improve his finishing and distribution. Eduardo, we hope will come back and be an excellent player for us, but what of Walcott and Bendtner? Well, I think Wenger should at least give them the last four games this season in place of Eboue and Adebayor/Van Persie. They both need games and goals and will maybe find one or two in the closing stages of the season.

Wenger spoke after the united defeat about the importance of keeping this squad together. I agree with him, they are a really good group of players (with a couple of rotten tomatoes). If the squad stays together and a couple of really quality players are brought in, we will be better equipped to challenge for trophies next year. But no more kids Arsene, I don’t think many Arsenal fans can stand waiting whilst we have the resources and talent to win major honours.

  • Anonymous

    Spot on!

  • Anonymous

    We have swapped the “Invincibles ” for a bunch of prospects & a new stadium….i know which i would rather have had.


    To the previous comment (NOW DELETED)

    This is a widely read website with people from around the globe, of all colours and nationality’s. Even though I understand what you were trying to say, please refrain from using words that some may find offensive. By calling adebayor a “monkey” as you did, may piss many people off.

    I’m not really someone who loves being politically correct, but at the same time please just avoid words that may carry connotations that are unnecessary.

    Please feel free to comment if you wish but take on board what I said. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    yes ok, but we as SUPPORTERS MUST STAND UP NOW.




  • Anonymous

    Very well written and spot on about the squad this year, eboue has to go, i have been constantly saying this season that walcott should make that right position his own.

    If only wenger would stop playin a defender in a winger role, he is a disgrace of a player and gives the ball away in the final 3rd far too often.

    Ade has been fantastic this year, but needs to get his shooting boots back by next season, i think defensivly we have suffered greatly since sagna’s injury, he’s made an amazing contribution this season and was greatly missed in recent weeks.

    I think Bendter has too go as well, he’s championship quality at best, we need a worldclass striker, move theo up front for next year and bring in a quality winger or 2, Robiniho would be a good addition to the squad.

    Please wenger spend some money, and trouble the keeper of the trophy cabinet for the first time in years

  • Anonymous

    My opinion, a massive clear-out is needed.

    Get rid of the two quarelling /fighting keepers. How does this actually help team spirit? I’m surprised wenger didn’t talk to them. Almunia is not good enough for a cljub with a BIG ambition, not world class; couldn’t get into Spain’s squad.

    Eboue is regretfully a waste of time. Might as well, allow Walcott to play and develop. Spurs’ Aaron is young but is doing well for them.

    Gallas is bad, despite what wenger may think about him as captain.

    Toure is not as good anymore; making silly mistakes and fouls.

    Ade? Please let him go and find someone really top. Torres (30 goals plus) should have been purchased; was even recommended by Cesc – he surely knows the type of forward that can link well with him and score, unlike this silly henry-wannabe named adebayor. He was put through by Hleb with a great chance but chose to do a “henry” curve which hit the manure keeper. If wenger prefer to wait for ade to get better,… let’s wait for a few more seasons then before ade really get things right. He couldn’t even keep himself from being caught offside, again and again and again and again and again,… which is ridiculous for a “top striker” at a club like Arsenal.

    Arsenal’s “youth will develop into top class team” policy is robbing Arsenal of trophies.

  • Anonymous

    come on now…
    you all know what a player bendtner is! He’s just 19 years old! Give him some time and i’m sure he is going to shine.He and Walcott are the future!
    They’re both too young and inexperienced just remember Fab 3 years ago…

  • Anonymous

    can we afford to play Ade upfront for another season to realised that he is actually e finished product?
    C’mon… this chap waste so many in a top game (vs manu) where chances are gold..
    think dudu could hv a hat-trick in his place..

    another better striker pls..

  • Anonymous

    All Adebayor needs to do now is to get his hair back. And all we need to buy now is another creative source ala Reyes, Ribery, Diego, Van der Vaart etc mode. It will be curtains.

  • Anonymous

    cant believe so many of you are having a go at adebayor. yes, he wastes chances, but the only players who have scored more than him in the league are ronaldo and torres who you are also contantly mentioning. where was drogba when he was 24? playing for second rate french clubs. adebayor scored in both legs of the champions league quater final and at old trafford 2 seasons in a row. plus he always scores against spurs. his work rate and spirit are amazing, and remember hes really had to step up as van persie who is our most talented striker has been out all season. leave adebayor alone.