Thierry Henry WANTS TO BE "HOME" – 25 Minute Full Interview With The Legend

By Bilal Zaidi

I don’t really want to comment on this. Please just watch the full interview and tell me Henry doesn’t want to be at Arsenal. He says what I say to people; “I don’t regret things”…but that is just out of default…he might not regret it but I bet he wishes he was still here, there is a difference. He talks of England being his “home” since he has lived in England longer than he even lived in France.

It just reminds me of what I have always loved about him…as the reporter asked about coming back to England…he blushed, covered his face and said “there is only one team for me”.

I wrote on here the other day about my opinions on Henry coming back but I can’t help but reminisce like an emotional lover over an ex-girlfriend. Yes that sounds rather extreme but since I have grown up, Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry have been my Arsenal legends just like many that may be reading this…to see Thierry rotting away on the left wing at Barcelona is painful.

I doubt if any other player in my lifetime will ever make me feel like that after they leave the club. I was a great fan of Vieira, Pires and Ljungberg too…but for some reason it really isn’t the same as when I see Henry playing for another team. Sorry to be taking a trip down memory lane but…Thierry Henry is and will always be the Don of Arsenal for me.

  • Abhishek

    I know what you mean mate, we cannot forget KING HENRY. I wish he’d come back, finish career with arsenal like our ol’Dennis

  • Anonymous

    there is only one true legend – dennis. all the others can be replicated – bergkamp NEVER.


    not so sure you could replicate thierry henry either…both legends in my eyes…in different ways of course.

  • Evo

    Would always welcome henry back after what he’s done for the club, bottom line. Check out on why i havent yet given up on the title this year.

  • urbanstar

    Arsenal legends:-
    1) Tony Adams
    2) Dennis Bergkamp
    3) Patrick Vieira
    4) Thierry Henry

    I believe the above four are the true Arsenal legends who had really made themselves counted during their prime days in Arsenal. All 4 till now are indispensable and unique. Tony Adams for his leadership qualities as well as his calmness dealing with defensive headers where he’ll not only head the ball clear but direct it towards a teammate. Dennis Bergkamp for all his magical touches and vision. Patrick Vieira for his bullish midfield holding role. Till now, I have yet to seen a midfielder (not only in Arsenal but any club) whose able to put a foot in when needed but at the same time able to dribble/loft the ball away from the opposition turning a defensive move into offensive instantly. Please do not forget that the real reason why Arsenal was suddenly fighting for 3-4th place for the past 2 seasons was because he left and it really affected Arsenal. For me, I think he’s the guy whom we really missed. As for our King Henry, I guess it’s needless to talk about it. He’s the King. Of course there’s also Pires. I miss the way he’ll normally cut in from the left wing to his right foot and curl one into the corner. Thats what we should be doing more often now.

  • Kaz (brown boy)

    I cant believe how y’all are forgetting how he betrayed US (lol). He only signed a contract exttension the season before he left and even gave interviews insisting he will be staying at the arse, but he failed to stick by that and left in the summer. As nice as he is, the man lacks loyalty, and only wants to come back coz he misses his daughter and cant get into the barca team.

  • Anonymous

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  • kaz (brown boy)

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  • King Henry

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  • kaz (brown boy)

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