Video: Striker With Goal Every 1.6 Games, Pace, Power, Heading Ability, Cheeky Dance + Best Interview EVER

By Bilal Zaidi

Yes he has been frustrating at times but at the same time he has produced some fantastic football this season. Those that want Adebayor out of the club…here is a reminder of what he has done this season:

38 Starts, 7 Sub = 27 goals

That is a goal every 1.6 games. Only 3 less than Torres…some amazing strikes including that famous goal against Tottenham (shown in video below).

I understand why some don’t like him but 27 goals in any team, in any league is a great achievement. There have been so many negative comments about him in the last few months and at times this included me; influenced like a young delinquent by my cousin shouting out “DONKEY! DONKEY! OFFSIDE DONKEY”…to the TV when we played Liverpool in the second leg.

But looking back in hindsight, I would like to say well done Ade…you have been one of the players of the season without a doubt in my mind.

Everyone has their own opinion on him, which is fair enough, but this is mine; where would we be without his 27 goals this season? Where do you think these goals would have come from? Again it is all down to opinion…feel free to share yours in the comments section.

If you still don’t like him after seeing some of the goals he has contributed this season (vs Tottenham & Newcastle probably the pick of the bunch) in the first video, then perhaps the second video might just do it for you. If not, then perhaps the third an amazing interview that hs to go down in history. What a legend.

Watch tomorrows games live from our “live video streams page” if you haven’t already bookmarked it. Early kick off between Chelsea and Manchester United. Until then. Blessings all.

  • Van Perry

    Sheyi, at times you are frustrating. But you are the man, great season, i hope the improvemnet continues next season.

    ‘For suuure’!

  • Anonymous

    Nobody remembers to mention that in addition to the 27 goals, he’s had 4-6 perfectly good goals wrongly disallowed too.

  • Anonymous

    OMFG this is the funniest thing i’ve seen in my life!!!!

    amazing clip!! you just made my life!


  • Wan Rizal

    Nice article but im not convinced.

    Ade can continue improving all he wants…

    Honestly..we need a “sniper”…someone who gets one chance and scores..imagine the number of chances we make in the game…hmmm

    Ade can support him and run all day…

  • Kaz (brown boy)

    Zim zimma, zim zimma, OO(t) got DI keys to me bimma?


    LOL Thank you kaz (brown boy) for your reminder of Ade’s most famous quote of the season…all be it with the camera’s off him. I may need to write a quick one later to let the people know of Ade’s pre match antics.

    OOT OOT indeed friend.