Samir Nasri Signing Today For £12 Million? – The Video

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By Bilal Zaidi

So we have apparently signed Samir Nasri from Marseille for £12 million or about to today according to L’Equipe. I will be honest in saying I don’t know much about him but here are a couple of videos of him in action for any fans that want a taste of what might be coming our way soon.

I assume this deal would confirm that Hleb is on his way out, apparently to Barcelona or Real Madrid. If anyone who’s much about this guy then please feel free to comment and enlighten the rest of us. Good day all.

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe people dont know much about nasri. Do ye live in a premierleague bubble or what. Not since overmars has such a top quality signing been on the way to arsenal. This guy from the age of 17 has been in the marseille team. His best season was last year where he regularly played alongside ribery and outclassed him. He made ribery look even better than he was. Nasri is the first truely top class signing we have signed in years and hes only 20. Hes very strong on the ball for such a small player. Hes only around 5-9 or 5-10. Hes very pacey. Hes got a fierce amount of tricks up his sleeve and he doesnt have all the faults a certain cristiano does. He doesnt dive, he doesnt annoy players with over played stepovers etc.

    Not since mark overmars have i been this excited about a player joining us. The guy is a class act. Total class. Hes better than hleb will ever have been for us because hes more direct. He wont run across the front of the six yard box and pass it back outside to someone else.

    Im thrilled. This season he has been poor. Ill admit that but thats mainly due to the fact that hes been lost without ribery. He has no quality players around him. I also think hes been totally unsettled by paper talk.

    If the french struggle in the first game dont be surprised to see him start the second in the euros. hes almost a starter for them. He secured 3 pts on his debut because france were struggling to get a result…(had they not gotten them they wouldnt have qualified)

    top top top talent. top

  • Billy

    ik…how can you not know about nasri…he is one on the best french youngsters and probably even one of the best in the world…it will be just ace if we sign him…him and fabregas will rip any team apart

  • hamoudinho

    well he is definetly better than Hleb, he can dribble like hleb with two feet, but with an aim, his ball distribution is like cesc’s, he doesnt score many goals but he is not afraid to shoot. Most importantly he can play behind the striker or either wings…. I am excited about next season already, this even gives me a reason to watch euro 2008

  • Neal

    I cannot wait, he is a top talent and I cannot believe you haven’t heard of him. We’ve been linked before. If he slots in like Sagna did, we’ll be more than ready for the title. Walcott RW, Nasri LW, cannot wait!

  • Arun

    I’m so excited.. i guess its ironic as its the champs league final and we have a REASON TO BE EXCITED AS WELL.. This guy is brilliant.. far better than hleb.. Alot of clubs were after him.. he is regular for france national team.. dubbed to be next zidane

    Go on Arsene.. one more midfielder and a defender.. we’re ready

  • Le Bob

    I followed Nasri|s progress for the past two years or so. A vee bit on the short side, but he has got good balance and technique, and at least he shoots (wink wink). He would be a very good signing. Waiting for it to be made official, though.

  • Le Bob

    Should’ve been “I have followed…”, but there you go.


    I said I dont know MUCH about Nasri. I know who he is, I know he is a rated player, what position he plays etc etc BUT I don´t like to pretend I know MUCH about him just from a few youtube clips since I don´t really watch full 90 minute games of Marseille to be commenting properly.

    If others do then feel free to make comments that are not biased or just from “hear say”.

  • Anonymous

    yeah im looking forward to seeing him play for us. what a goal he scored with his weaker foot after about 3mins of first video

  • RomfordPele

    Most people on this message board dont know anyhting about him either, however much of a smart-arse they like to sound. Best signing since overmars? er Remember Thierry Henry pal? and if Nasri is a better buy than Robert Pires ill be extremely happy, but we’re a long way off that yet. He’s a very promising player, we know that much. But he hasnt, yet, scored lots of goals.

  • Phil McCupup

    How much does he weigh? He looks about 4 stone in those videos.

    I give him a month before he’s a permanent fixture in Gary Lewins Physio Dungeon.

  • Akbar

    So if we really have signed him, that completes Wenger’s creative player’s quota. He now needs a defender and possibly another signing which he did not specify. However if Hleb is suppose to leave (I hope to god this crap player does) we can use the funds to get Ben Arfa and honestly if this happens, I will put my house on bet for Arsenal to win title.

    Please wenger do it. Our midfield with our little genius Fabregas and these two on the wings would be a killer combination!

  • Omar

    Folks I have been watching this kid for the past three years. He has truly come into his own. I will agree he was wonderful when he played with Ribery and since Ribery left the team he has not been that great. I always thought he was a quality player and will offer Arsenal the quality we need to be come champions of Europe. It will be exciting to have both Narsi and Vela on this team. Theo will really have to step up his game.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, im a Marseille fan.Nasri’s season was bad compare as last year but he had a sickness ( quite strong and several injuries) His last months were really good.He’ll be perfect with Fabregas but don’t put too much pressure on him.In Marseille he’s already a myth …”The new Zidane”…His first month will be shiet , that’s sure because he has to get into arsenal and premierleague. But you will never regret to lose thos 12 million pounds . In 5 years you will sell him 30 million pounds ^^
    Nasri is going to be the next great great player in the world. But if media put pressure on him he could fail his carreer^^

  • Anonymous

    Yeah…this is the man that will help Arsenal win more trophies next season onwards. Good buy but Arsenal might need a world class and top quality striker such as David Villa to score after gets the assist from Nasri and Fabregas. Hope Wenger will buy David Villa!

  • Anonymous

    He missed a load of games last season through injury and illness. I hope he’s not another Rosicky or RvP

  • Anonymous

    This is a very good signing for Arsenal! I support Marseille in the French league and Nasiri is a top (international!) French player. For OM he is one of their main play-makers on the pitch. Mix this up with ‘Wengerball'(Wengers type of football) and you have a very formidable player, in a strong youthful team.If Arsenal want to dominate the Premiership for the coming seasons, Nasiri can provide what fans are looking for! I predict good fortunes to befall Arsenal FC in the coming years! Yes that is more than one year!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what his agent is up to? He just threw in the infamous “we have other offers on the table” trying-to-squeeze-more-out-of-the-club line.
    I’m really excited to hear we are in for a chance to sign a great talent but aren’t we all getting a little too hyped up before the deals are done?

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I will reserve any judgement until it officially announced we have signed him. Don’t believe the hype!

  • Anonymous

    sorry to upset u all but he aint coming , we have v little money and wenger wont blow it all one 1 player , we need 4 players

  • Toni

    The fact we know about it makes me think its not going to happen.

  • Toni

    The fact we know about it makes me think its not going to happen.

  • Anonymous

    please stop posting stupid rumors around.they only lift our spirits for no apparent time please get your facts right before u post some sh*t.

  • duck

    Arsenal has not signed Nasri, his agent wants more money at personal terms.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, 121 appearances and only 11 goals. Not exactly going to be prolific in a much tougher league is he. Even the videos on this website show a lot of promise and very little end product.
    He’ll get kicked about all over the pitch in England, and for marseille at least he appears to be selfish in front of goal always going for glory when squaring it would be a better option.
    Plus there’s the fact that he hasn’t actually signed for us and thanks to it going public some twat will offer more and his fuckwit agent will persuade him to fail elsewhere in the premiership no doubt.
    I would prefer a move for Ben Arfa myself, or maybe even both of them. But then we’ve spent what is widely regarded as our entire transfer budget and we’re still light by a goalkeepered and a Central Defender.

  • Anonymous