The Reasons Why Ramsey Joined Arsenal over Manchester Utd or Everton

Ramsey joined the Gunners even with interest from our close rivals and European and English champions Manchester United. As well as a very consistent side in Everton. Big surprise? Perhaps for some but Wenger is an architect of success for young players in the modern era of football. Let us break down the honest reasons why young Ramsey would join each club.
Manchester United

After winning the Champions League and the English Premier League, their selling points are quite obvious. For a young player, the lure of the calibre of potential team mates in Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and co, is a huge pulling point. He will also take into account the probability of winning things is greater at a club like United. However, he may think about the playing time he gets at the club. Also, the fact that Alex Ferguson apparently sent Gary Neville to convince Ramsey to come to the club rather than himself.

In direct contrast, Arsenal flew him and his agent out to Switzerland in a private jet to speak with Arsene Wenger. That small investment may be worthwhile in the long run.


At Everton he may get more playing time which would be the main selling point from their point of view. It depends on what his priorities are. How willing is he to play for a ‘smaller’ club where he may become an integral part of the first team a lot quicker than at Manchester United or Arsenal? How motivated is he by money? Perhaps the money being offered by each club is identical, we just don’t know, but these are the variables to take into account.


Now this may seem biased, but in my opinion what Arsenal can offer Ramsey is quite unique in that it strikes the golden mean in Aristotelian style between the playing time advantage at Everton and the prestige of a huge club like Manchester United. Arsenal perhaps offer both, with a manager that has a proven track record in nurturing the very best young talent from around the globe. Arsene Wenger is a genius in his own right; his philosophy and methods of running the club are different to any other manager in the world today.

I have written countless pieces on this website describing in detail how Wenger has revolutionised the world of football. His calm, youthful kaizen approach of development makes him unique and for that reason he will attract certain types of people and consequently, certain types of players to the club. If Ramsey is that sort of person, then he will feel the chemistry with Wenger and play his heart out for the manager.

Also we should take into account the location of Arsenal Football Club. Again, no disrespect to either Manchester or Liverpool since they are both beautiful cities, with their own special atmosphere. However, London is one of the most famous cities in the world for a reason and Arsenal have built a masterpiece of a stadium for Wenger’s troupers to run around in. Ramsey can make some friends his own age and play in a team with them against the ‘adults’ of the other teams in the league. They can finish a Saturday afternoon game of football in front of 60,000 and then go home to Theo Walcott’s house to play Pro Evolution Soccer in HD on the Playstation 3.

It seems as if Ramsey has made a good choice taking into account all of these variables mentioned. Wenger had a personal talk with him where as Ferguson didn’t. Arsenal sent him on a private jet to Switzerland and United didn’t. Wenger can give the youthful exuberance of Ramsey more of a chance to play than United and feel confident that he will be in safe hands. And let’s not forget that Pro Evolution in HD at Walcott’s house after the match is a great lure for young Ramsey. I am still waiting for my invite.

  • Anonymous

    Nicely analyzed. I am very happy that he has chosen to come to us because I was sure that he would be going to United. Wenger pulled another one out of the bag!

  • Anonymous

    Nicely analyzed. I am very happy that he has chosen to come to us because I was sure that he would be going to United. Wenger pulled another one out of the bag!

  • Arsewipe Whinger

    Give him 18 months, he’ll be sick of warming the bench in League cup games and want to leave because he just can’t fit in to the robotic free-thinkingless style of the manager.

  • Dan

    I’m an Everton fan and wasn’t sure whether I wanted him as I’ve not seen anything the kid, but I trusted Moyes’ judgement.

    Bit sad he’s chosen to go to Arsenal but good luck to him. I’ve got nothing but respect for Wenger and the way his team plays and I hope he starts with Walcott and co on a regular basis so we can watch the only consistently attractive team blossom.

    Oh, and if he doesn’t get a game lend him to us!

  • Anonymous


    Didn’t realise that Fergusmoan sent a man with all the charisma of a household brick to try to convince young Ramsey.
    Maybe he arrogantly assumed that Ramsey would want to join the Mancs.

    And “robotic free-thinkingless style”? lol.
    Evidently playing the most attractive and free-flowing club-football in the world doesn’t count then

  • Anonymous

    Who cares, who is he? bright lights of London etc. It is a dump!
    I am an Everton fan and if he had any sense he would join MU. But that is agents for you, nice big wage packed.

  • Karim Ben Arfa

    Lack of ambition by the boy, snubbing the best team in Europe(currently) for a club forever in transition. Makes no sense at all considering Arsenal’s failure to nurture young domestic talent (except Ashley Cole and er… only Ashley Cole). Good luck to the kid anyway.

  • Anonymous

    What do u mean nice big wage packed for the agent as though MU would not of gave the agent more money…idiot. The thought of him not being a confident player is a load of c**p also, the only thing Ramsey could be confident about is the lack of minutes he would og got at MU.

  • Anonymous

    How many British kids has Arsene brought through? Just out of curiosity?

    I know he bought players like Pennant, Walcott, Jeffers etc.

    Also had promising youngsters like Hoyte, Bentley, Sidwell.

  • Von StrangeDuck

    Take that you Fergusmoan-rednose-manure. Perhaps the lad wants to win the Champions League by playing real football one day and not fluke it. I like your style, its less robotic. 10 men behind the ball for the entire campaign… And Manchester? It’s a paradise man. In fact I’m selling everything I have just to come and live there. I’m getting a place near the theater of hype. C Ya!

  • LiverpoolFan

    Good on you Arsenal on taking him away from the bitter Mancs – Ferguson is so arrogant (an example: the reporting of the Ronaldo saga to FIFA – a case of the BIGGEST pot calling the kettle black) and that probably came across to even a 17 year old. Sending Gary Neville to convince the lad – what a joke.

    May a sinkhole open up under Old Toilet this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    A united fan, and a little bit peculiar he has chosen Arsenal to go to, hopefully he doesn;t go off teh rails like Gazza did, (those bright lights of london etc) Think Fergie fluffed it by sending Neville to do his talking instead of seeing him himself(big no no).
    I can;t see how Arsenal or teh articale can talk about Arsene bringing on young talent, just look at what he spent on walcott and how many games in how many years and still not starting the many games.

    Feel sorry for the lad as i don;t think we will see much of him over the next two years except league cup matches….

  • Anonymous

    It is good to see that Ramsey has choosen a good club for a young player. Arsenal are the greatest club for a young player of his caliber and an exellent springboard if he really is destined for greater things.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a United fan (just to get that out of the way!)

    All other things being equal, ceteris paribus, joining arsenal is a better move. United, of recent times, haven’t done too well getting youth through the ranks…pique, rossi, evans…

    …ramsey would have to consider himself exceptionally talented if he was thinking about breaking into the united first team (confidence may be an issue). Sir Alex recognised this and the United offer including loaning Ramsey back to Cardiff for the next season.

    This should have been the deal breaker. Arsenal weren’t offering this. At this stage in his career Cardiff is the best place for him to be (getting regular games)- getting thrust into the big time so quickly may be detrimental to his career – as will warming the bench.

    Ramsey blew a good thing…me thinks…Sir Alex really should have added a personal touch.

    He is young. Being flown to a a foreign country in a private jet and being offered PS3 game time with Walcott and living in london was just too tempting a lifestyle to throw away. That’s the kind of things that made his young eyes boggle!!

    I believe he would have have received a more grounded approach to football at Manchester.

    Remember back in the day (pre-beckham) how protective Sir Alex was over Giggs – refused to allow the press to interview him, keeping an eye on the kind of crowd he hung out with, regular meetings with his family – now, maybe ramsey thinks he doesn’t need this….but he does.

    good luck to him though.

  • Anonymous

    He’s obviously decided to play for a smaller club if you compare Arsenal and United

  • Anonymous

    Clearly the lad lacks ambition….he’ll regret it when Utd are picking up more silverware and Wenger is moaning that he didn’t see it…

  • Anonymous

    The comment about giggs above is true. But remember Sir Alex personally went to see Giggs to get him to sign for United when he was 13.

    Maybe he doesn’t rate ramsey highly enough to be worthy of face time. I honestly believe if United really thought this kid was soemthing special then Fergie would have paid him a house call.

    Wenger is just preparing for 2011, should the 6-5 rule be taken up by the FA. His team is desperately short of english talent.

    And unfortunately the prospect of a 6-5 ruling is going to make more and more clubs pay crazy money for average english talent.

  • Anonymous

    why would a british young lad want to join arse.its full of french frogs. i dont understand he aint going to be happy there.not that im bothered like.its just arsenal are for french not english

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking a game of FIFA 08, but it was definatly the PS3 that done it.

  • Anonymous

    Common sense dictates that he made the move for footballing reasons. Either that or cash.

    If he decided to join Arsenal just because he got a trip in a jet and met uncle Arsene, then he really is an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Listen, I shall say zis only once… Arsenal’s youth and reserve teams are loaded with young British talent. As one of the youngsters Ramsey will be contemporary with Wilshire, Simpson, Randall, Lansbury, Frimpong, Gilbert, Hoyte, Walcott, Murphy (all British) to name but a few.

    To succeed at Arsenal you need to be one of the best in the world in your position. So getting Cole through the ranks is no small feat in itself. Bentley could have done the same thing but he was impatient. Sidwell was a near miss as was Anthony Stokes now at Sunderland and Jermaine Thomas at Charlton. Arsenal’s academy as produced a string of bright professionals but getting to the very top is another level and it takes a bit of luck as well as time. Be patient, the talent is there in abundance, and it’s home grown.

    I just watched a snippet of Ramsey in action for Cardiff against us in the FA Youth Cup – scores a nice goal – very Steven Gerrard. I’m happy we have signed him.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous at 2.17 – you really are a pillock. Walcott is one of the most highly rated Englishmen in Europe. Or do you think Fabio Capello picked him for a joke? Walcott’s development is a model for all teams with young talent to nurture. Or do you think perhaps he should be emulating Michael Owen’s career path. Mate if you had half a brain you’d be dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    huuush puppy to the man-u-re fans, yeah your a decent team yes, and i was 100% behind you guys in the CL final. Im really not sure what is best for Ramsey, hes a decent player yes but if he was french or spanish no hype would surround him, the ONLY reason this seems a big deal is because he is British. Oh and walcott is being brought on perfectly, he is NOT rooney, he is a slower developer, and even roons has been plagued with injury until this year due to the speed in which he was fast tracked. No denying hes a great player now but walcott is being brought on in a different way. Cesc is more comparable as he progressed faster physically.

    Oh and just a little dig at the guy who said arsenal were a ‘smaller’ team. Yeah we are, were not saying otherwise but at least we are playing on a fair field with the rest of the premiership unlike utd, chelski and pool who cant even afford to pay the interest on 1.5Bllion squids of never to be paid debts. Oh and Villa and Torres just combined to score a great opener against RUS, looks like he’ll be at pool next season.

  • Anonymous

    Wenger a great manager but not great with british and irish talent
    will ramsey be the next jeffers upson pennant bentley etc all talented youngsters who have been shown the door at arsenal

  • Anonymous

    Full of French frogs! You ignorant cvnt. On a positive note,perhaps the boy wants to learn another language, and develop his football skills.

  • Ryan

    Hopefuly private jet was not key thing in this decision. As if it is, then you should not be surprised when he goes for bigger private jet in a couple of years.
    Kid is still 17 years old and far away from Premier league quality. He can be the next big thing, but at the same time we could see lot of next Maradonas, Zidanes, Henrys…so, lets wait to see him perform. 5M is not a small amount of money for 17 years old without any big game in his career at any level.

  • Anonymous

    If he’s coming to Arsenal and playing Pro Evo, it will be on the wii, cause our club prefers substance and groundbreaking football controls than flash graphics and framerate issues.

  • lee

    i would like to ask anyone how arsene has a track recored of developing? sure he buys them young but they havent one anything have they. since viera has gone they have won nothing. he isnt all that great as he is made out to be with young players, the only ones i can think of he has done something with is fabregas, clichy and van persie, name me another young player who has turned into a world class player? ferguson imo has a much better record, he turned ronaldo into surely world player of the year, rooney into someone who when he isnt playing greatly reduces the chances of manchester united winning, scholes giggs, beckham, butt, nevilles, fergusons record is far superior, next on his line are nani and anderson, they will be awesome players in the future, bad choice if you ask me from ramsey, also look at the playing time walcott has got, what makes ramsey thinks he is going to play when walcott looks twice the player ramsey is and he cant get a game, makes no sense to me he should have gone to manchester united and got loaned to the championship to play regular football, he isnt good enough for the premier league yet, no where near what wayne rooney was, even when rooney was 16

  • Anonymous

    every talented young player wants to come to arsenal. manu done the double and still cant attract young talent infact they do the opposite ie cronaldo. they spend over 25 mill every season where afc uses young talent and focuses on team play. manu is a monster like chelsea even red nose is too big time to see normal folk himself like sir wenger.
    they would take ramsey and spit him out. how did (manu) flop with richards a left footed quick player now walcott, agbolher, young are ahead of him now for england. it shows that he does not care about england; well he is scottish. manu is the wrong place for young british attacking talent. big red nose has to see you perform at premier level where wenger sees the attributes and gives the youngers a chance and gives them belief. when ronaldo goes to a real big club manu will not be the same they will be brought down a peg or 2. young ramsey has seen what walcott done in the champions league and its his dream. playing freely improving his flare. we play with the most flare.
    i used to think rooney was the man but all he does is defend and run backwards. arsenal have more class then manu, london is better.
    manu players play like rabid dogs and i still think ronaldos on steroids look at the akney on his face, hes not a sweaty teenager is he.
    arsenal are attractive players and we play with a swagger. why else would manu after all there joy this season still be bitter. i mean knocking a 17 year rookie for not joining how happy are those fans.

  • Anonymous

    Your apology for an English club is exactly what a Welshman deserves.

    You represent the epitomy of the decay that will engulf English Football. Money, Money, Money!!! It’s a rich man’s world. Aha.

    Mr. Wenger and your myopic, self interested, money makers are the Alan Partridge of Football.

    To think that little giant Alan Ball graced your once mighty British club.

    The sooner you all sod off to a G14 super euro league the better.

    Arse indeed!

  • Anonymous

    Other young players nurtured by Wenger: Henry, Anelka, Viera, Cashley, Toure, Song…

  • Anonymous

    “Again no disrespect to either Manchester or Liverpool since they are both beautiful cities with their own special atmosphere etc.”.

    This is where you lost me. They are open sewers and the only reason one of them was called the City of Culture is because of the organisms reproducing there!

  • Anonymous

    Erm Lee…..what about…Anelka(joined at 17), Henry (joined at 22), Vieira (joined at 20)….just a few small names you forgot to mention. not english but tell someone who gives a sh1t. You can hardly say that Anderson and Nani are the product of Ferguson! So ssshhhhh.

  • youthfoot

    RAMSEY you better think again before you sign to play only the last five minutes of every game, as is happening to WALLCOT.
    Only foreign youths play with Wenger.

  • Anonymous

    No doubt Wenger tempted him with a bag of Haribo.

    Enjoy the noncing, Ramsey. You unambitious cunt.

    I AM THE INTERNETS!!!1111111111

  • Anonymous

    to end this debate on a probably another shit player joining the arse, i would say that, well fuck off, united is the best. if you think otherwise, then i guess you might have just recovered from a coma and you missed last season.

    ramsey has gone to hell.

  • Anonymous

    Superb article mate. Even as a Liverpool fan I have to say that if you are a young player Arsenal has to be the best place to go with a manager like Wenger who has teh bottle to play the kids.

  • Anonymous

    Ramsey didn’t make his decision on the basis of a plane journey. He’d already made up his mind beforehand.

  • Anonymous

    Not the first time a taff has decided to join a north london club instead of The Mighty (Bale to Spurs) yet The Mighty keep winning trophies. One thing that wenger has to be commended for is the fact that he has weened you muppets off silverware – 3 years and counting unless, of course you count your ladies teams!! and by the way arse didn’t invent free flowing football, teams like United, Spurs and West Ham have been playing it throughout their history. But then again I guess for a team who invented negative, route one football, free flowing football must seem like a brand new world!
    Premiership champions = 10; arse + 3
    European champions 3; arse 0
    However you look at it, the size of the trophy cabinet doesn’t like.
    Wenger’s grooming another lad, kudosto him!!!

  • thecat

    Wenger is just preparing for 2011, should the 6-5 rule be taken up by the FA. His team is desperately short of english talent.
    If you hadn’t heard, Ramsey is Welsh.

  • Sue

    I realised that there were some sad and bitter plastic mancs out there but never did I envisage on many.
    Get a grip, the kid chose Arsenal.
    For the record we arent desperately short of English or Welsh players. I just wish some people would check their facts before spouting of their mouths eh the cat!

  • Anonymous

    Who was the last player that Man Utd brought through?

    Thanks, end of discussion.

  • Anonymous

    Lets not get into this debate because you will lose. Cannot wait for Whinger to pay over the odds for an unproven and sit him on the bench, wheeling him out for the Carling Cup.

  • Anonymous

    anelka, henry, viera, all world class all turned into stars by WENGER.

    cole, bentley, harper, sidwell, thomas, stokes, ohara, maumba (now at spuds) all playing for PL teams a few more i wont bother with in the lower leagues. two of them have gone on to play for England cole and bentley recently. they all came thru our academy but were not good enough to play for Arsenal fc but are having successful careers at other PL clubs. HOW MANY ENGLISH PLAYERS HAVE MANSCUM PRODUCED THAT ARE PLAYING FOR TOHER PL TEAMS?

    note justin hoyte produced through our academy got more playing time at Arsenal then any English player at manscum that had come through their academy recently.

    The respected Trevor Brooking OBE recently stated in a article that the current crop of English players at the Arsenal academy at U16 and U18 leavel are some of the most outstanding talent that he ahs seen at yooth level in 2 decades.
    Arsenal have more English players at U16, U17, U18 level playing for England then any other PL team.
    the nextt crop of English players coming through at Arsenal has been described as the potential backbone of the 2019 England team in particular a player called JACK WILSHIRE already drafted into the 1st team squad for next season, he has been singled out by Trevor Brooking as best young player he ahs seen since a young gazza exploded on the scene.
    already drafted into the 1st team squad for next year are the following ENGLISH players that ahve come through our academy some being with us since teh age of 9.

    JACK WILSHIRE, HENRI LANSBURY, KIREN GIBBS, MARK RANDAELL, JAY SIMPSON cuurently earmarked for inclusion in next season 1st team squad.
    below is a complete list of the YOUNG ENGLISH talent that is in all our acdemy teams most have already palyed at some level of ENGLAND U21 and all levels down to U16.

    Gavin Hoyte
    Paul Rodgers
    Abu Ogogo
    Kerrea Gilbert
    Anton Blackwood
    Rene Steer
    Kyle Bartley
    Luke Ayling
    Thomas Cruise
    Sam Byles
    Mark Randall

    Kieran Gibbs
    James Dunne
    Henri Lansbury
    Jack Wilshere
    Craig Eastmond
    Jay Emmanuel-Thomas

    Conor Henderson
    Emmanuel Frimpong
    Chuks Aneke
    Rorie Deacon

    now kindly go away and come back with similar comparisons as to how many ENGLISH players are prevailent in the academies of mascum utd. how many ENGLSIH players were produced over the last few yaers that went on to have successfull careers for other PL teams.
    Arsenal have produced lots of English players that play for teams all through the PL and lower league teams.

    conclusion for the deluded manshytes is that ARSENAL FC produce lots of ENGLISH players if they have not made it into our 1st team then they go on to have success elsewhere and in the case of bently becoming an full international after leaving Arsenal. note richardson was laready a full international when he left manscum.

    get real with the facts you dippy deluded mashytes about how good you are at producing yoof it stopped after the beck and giggs bunch. since then you buy very expensive yoof aka ronaldo, rooney, anderson, nani all bought for hefty transfer fees.
    we paid next to nothing for CESC, CLICHY 150k, BENDTNER 500k, SONG 500k all signed for less then £1 million initially.

    I have not included players such as WALCOT and DENILSON as they were fees that were above £1 million.

    now run along and make up some more shit about how manshytes are better at producing yooth the Arsenal.
    you are better at buying yooth as you ahve more money then us but your days are numbered.
    your £660 million debt and the rising cost of servicing that debt is going to hamper your ability to buy big in the market.
    the glazers have a complicated
    financing arrangement which icludes loans from hedge funds with rising rates one protion already commanding 18%. JP morgan hold the deeds to old targic so a once debt free club now has debts of 660 million pounds and the cost of servicing those debts are running at over 60 million per anum currently and will rise further as interest rates rise over the next few yaers.
    The glazers own businesses in the USA are going through some heard times and their recent attempt at renegoitiating their manshyte finance into a long term debt bond such as the one Arsenal have failed as no one wanted to take it on. Arsenal have built a new stadium and when money was aplenty negoatiated a long term bond deal which means we can contimnure paying for 21 years at a rate of £7 million pounds. once highbury is built of which 96% of all flats built has already been sold, we will have 100million coming back to us so our total debts then will be in the region of 220 miion servicable over 21 years at a fixed interest rate. now thats clever financial management from a class club with a rich hitory.

    this debt does not include the transfer debt of which instalments of the original fees are still being paid on rio, rooney, nani, anderson, hargreaves these are not add ons these are players that have been bought on HOCK. tevez deal is seperate he costs £5million a year to jooabchain plus tevez`s wages plus percentage increase for success which you have had. his total buyout after the lease agreement expires next year will be 29million. manshyte fans should look at their own teram before accusing chelshit of buying the ttitle the next time that topic comes up.

    so how will a club in severe debt with hardley any ENGLISH talent of note coming through their yooth academies will fare in the future.
    i think the 6+5 rule in 2011 will impact other PL teams more then us as by then our crop of outstanding English talent will be aplenty in our squad.
    add ARON RAMSEY and we are looking good for the future.

  • Anonymous

    Ok,if you want to cheat and include players you brought and made “stars” then where better to start then the current best player in the world, Mr Ronaldo. Others of note would include Anderson, rated the 4th hottest young prospect in world football magazine. Note Theo “the bench warmer” walcott was a mind blowing 47th. We then move onto the future England number 1 Ben Foster. Then you move onto up and coming talent which is proven, however will probably find their trade away from the mecca, the likes of Tom Heaton, Chris Eagles and Danny Simpson.

    Hot talent like Danny Wellbeck who will surprise a few next year. Check out all this English talent.

    You only have to look at the clubs in the premier league and championship to notice the impact home grown United talent mostly English i will add that are pling their trade.
    Fraser Campbell and Jonny Evans currently on loan. Others that have lit up the prem league that we have brought through.
    Kieron Richardson – Sunderland
    Jonathan Spector – West Ham
    Phil Mulyrne
    Keith Gillespie
    Paul Mcshane – Sunderland
    Jonathan Greening – West Brom
    Gerard Pique – recently sold to Barca

    Other home grown talent will of course include the back bone of the England team late 90’s, which the list reads.
    Beckham, Butt, Scholes, Neville, P Neville. Latterly Wesley Brown.
    The legend that is Ryan Giggs the best player in his position the prem league has seen. Everyone also forgets Robbie Savage was part of this same succeeful team. David Healy & Keith Gillispie both full internationals and have played in the Prem league.
    John O’shea. Darren Fletcher.

    I will stop their otherwise we will start moving back to legends like, Best, Charlton, Law, Hughes, god my fingers hurt.

    Players signed for a bargain. Ole 1.5m – Eric Cantona 1m – Peter Schm 600k – Dennis Irwin 600k. Steve Bruce £1m. All of whom won some stuff by the way. Your bargains have won what?
    I think you want to worry about your own club’s capacity with the 6/5 rule instead of ours.

    I would not argue you have had some great players who have been brought through and ARSE has an eye for a young boy..Sorry meant to say an eye for a bargain however you talking about people that have not either proven themselves or have had 1 good season. When they have done it week in week out season after season then you and i should talk.

    Like you we have a youth team and academy, but i won’t reel them off you can go and look at the website. Names of young Arse-holes i have never heard of are not going to win credibilty with anyone. We can all rattle off names. I would say your ladies team look good though.
    We have and will continue to have a rich yield of young English talent. Money is not an issue, the debt is being well managed and with us being the richist club in the land this year and clearly next and beyond the futures bright the futures United.
    Game set and match. i thank you.

  • Anonymous

    man utd players are drug test dodging, shop girl roasting, drunken louts whose idea of a good time is shacking up with a granny slag and drinking 11-teen lager

  • Anonymous

    Tevez? Not owned by Man Utd. Can anyone explain how he is allowed to play for Man Utd? I thought not – your title and your lucky day in Moscow mean nothing. You bent the rules too far this time. One day you will be forced to return the silverware, just like Juventus and AC Milan. You can only get away with it for so long before your cheating ways catch up with you. Thank fuck Arsenal are a team that would RATHER LOSE than scam their way to a title like a bunch of conmen and thieves.

  • Anonymous

    Point 1 Player behaviour. Being lectured by an Arse fan on player behaviour he he. Tony Adams enough said.

    Point 2 Tevez/SCAM. Two words George Graham.

  • Anonymous

    You forgot Paul Merson!

  • Anonymous

    To LiverpoolFan

    How come liverpool fans insist in calling everyone bitter (Bitter Blues, Bitter Mancs) Is it not the LFC supporters are bitter (as well as Delusional) as you were once the best team in the country and now your struggling to hold on to 4th with Spurs, Villa and Everton on your tails. Maybe the bitter reds can’t take the fact that they aint top anymore???