Wenger In For Arshavin To Reassure The Fans?

By Richard Popple

Bacary Sagna’s recent interview hits at every Arsenal fan’s worst fears…the club currently don’t look like challenging for the premiership next season. Sagna also hinted that losing Hleb would not be such a blow as the possible departure of Adebayor. The Togo striker has said some very intriguing things this summer, but as always with the British press, it is hard to gauge how much is the truth. So with Hleb’s transfer to Barcelona imminent (well it wouldn’t be the summer if at least one Arsenal player didn’t move to the Catalan giants), it looks as if AW will be using the funds to generate a deal for reportedly Andrei Arshavin.

Arshavin has been built up hugely by the media after his performances in Euro 2008. His current club, Zenit also seem to have gotten a little carried away by it all, having slapped a 24m price tag on his head! Surely AW will not spend anywhere near that much money on a 27 year old who has yet to play in one of Europe’s biggest leagues? Well maybe, just maybe, the gaffer is realising that his current Arsenal squad is simply not strong enough to challenge the wealth of Chelsea or Manchester United. Wenger knows that some fans are starting to get frustrated not only by the lack of trophies, but by his stubbornness to buy potential rather than established talents. I myself am very sceptical that a deal for Arshavin will take place. It would simply be a complete policy change from Wenger and nothing over the last 12 years of his management suggests that he is ready to throw in his morals and opt to take on the big boys by investing as heavily.

It remains very interesting however that AW is waiting until after Hleb’s proposed move has been completed, before he himself announces any transfers or indeed completes any. Sagna also mentioned in his interview that Samir Nasri is still expected to complete his move to the club, which I expect would be announced early next week after Hleb’s departure. I should also mention Gilberto Silva, who looks like he is on his way out of the club. Flamini has already left and now his first choice back-up looks set to leave. I personally don’t think Wenger will bring in a defensive midfielder, but in Gilberto he will also loose another defensive option as the Brazilian as often played centre half for the Gunners. This worries me greatly and has always been my own personal barb with Wenger. He consistently seems to neglect improving our defence. It is fairly evident that we need further options at the back, if anything to keep those in the team on their toes. I think our lack of defensive options could ultimately be our downfall next year if we don’t improve them over the next two months.

So will Andrei Arshavin be an Arsenal player next season? I for one doubt it, but then I am still waiting for the signings that will reassure the fans (something Wenger mentioned in May before Euro 2008). Signing Arshavin would certainly reassure me that the club are intent on challenging next season. Letting Flamini, Hleb, Lehmann, Gilberto and possibly Adebayor go, makes me worry that our glory years under Wenger are a thing of the past and that we have become, as Le Professor said, ‘a selling club’.

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    The way to judge who Wenger is going to buy is to look at the youth/reserves and see who is likely to be in the 1st team in a few years time.

    There are very promising youngsters coming through and Wenger clearly doesn’t want to impede their progress by (unnecessarily) buying a big name for big money.

    Everyone knows that if he sees someone who can strengthen the squad, he buys them, although they tend to be players that few people have heard of (Sagna, Eduardo).

    There are many who are calling for Wenger to leave but these are rosy days and I fear that people won’t appreciate what he is doing for the club until it is too late. It would all have been different if Arsenal had won the Premiership last season – they were very close to it.

    As George Graham said: “You can never guarantee that you are going to win titles but you need to be in a position to be challenging for them”.
    Which is fair enough.

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    Cant see it – as you say £24m + wages for a 27 year old, with no “sell on” value in 3/4 years – Wenger wouldnt even think about it.
    Lots of paper talk at the moment – no one really knows whats going on apart from Arsene. Adebayor will be a loss – not so much for his goals ( if RVP and Eduardo are fit and Vela and Walcott can chip in as well, the goals wont be a problem ) – more for his physical attributes – he gives us an outlet in a 4-5-1 (albeit one whose first touch sometimes goes further that I can kick it !!) but £30M is a huge sum for an average player.

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    we don’t need Arshavin. he is too old for the price asked for him. and he is not too good for that price as well.

    we need a DM and Adebayor to stay.


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    Arshavin for Hleb is a huge improvement. Arshevin wont go for 24mil, more like 18mil and if we get 15mil for Hleb its only a 3mil jump for a much better player who can actually shoot plus both are same age. Togo Bozo must go “we dont want his type at Arsenal” Think of who we could buy for the money offered for a one season wonder, with a lousy first touch who loves to nut his team mates.
    Its definately not gloom and doom but an opportunity to change Arsenal into an even more exciting team. With newcomers Vela, Ramsay, Samri and the young guns coming through I think Arsene really knows.

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    everyobody’s talkin bollocks, i might as well attempt to comment on the the fifth dimension as these transfer stories. so Gilberto looks like he’s leaving and hleb is close to signing for barca and adebayor’s going to italy ??? load of effing nonsense if you ask me

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    What ever happened to Hleb for Yaya Toure swap + cash ? he’d be the DM we need…

  • DC

    If we spend that much on a flash in the pan like Arshavin I would be very shocked. Can’t we just buy someone half decent and proven – like Santa Cruz or even Hunteleaar?

  • leon

    i can never see wenger buying this player,first of all he would cost at least 18 million plus a huge wage demand at 27 cant see it, aspecaily when arsenal have somemany playmakers rvp,edwardo,riissky,wilcat, fab,fran merida.

    i would agree with previous communt ade is very good in 4-5-1 formation not just for scoring but is physical presence, i dont think ade is going has 3 years left, and chairman has no intensions of letting him go.

    i hope hleb stays he is very good player but his lack of ability to score goals was exposed this season when edwardo got injured, we had very little attcking options in terms of goals as a winger you have expected to score but it never happened.

    i am not sure if gilberto will go but although i like him ,at most he is going to two more seasons.

    i dont think its all doom and gloom arsenal have very strong squad we where very unlucky with injuries,nasri and ramsi plussong will do very well and so will dijouro, i cant wenger bringing mush more players maybe another central mid or dm but thats it.