Player Ratings – Arsenal v Kiev – Sent From Mobile Phone

Atishay Agarwal usually sends over his player ratings after every game but his lack of internet connection in India has meant he soldiered on and sent it via his mobile phone instead. Good effort Atishay. So for authenticity (not laziness)…I have left any spelling mistakes/format etc as it was sent.

Manuel Almunia – 6 – As has been the case so far this season, he
wasn’t really tested with many shots on target, especially with
Bangoura’s crazy shooting. I hear some of those balls are still
orbiting Earth as we speak. Our new No.1 gave away the direction of
his dive too early on the penalty, though.

Bacary Sagna – 5.5 – I agree completely with the lad that it wasn’t a
penalty, but he should know better than to stand behind his man in the
penalty area with his hands around him. Otherwise too, he had a mediocre game.

Kolo Toure – 6 – He did well for most part of the game, barring a
slightly shaky phase in the second half. Helped restrict their
forwards to shots from distance.

William Gallas – 5 – Okay, i know i might get a pasting for this,
considering he scored the equalizer (which would have gone in without
his touch), but it was his schoolboy-ish error that led to their
attack before the penalty. Even after the goal, his defending was very
poor for the next fifteen minutes. Everyone is now going ga-ga over
his leadership qualities because he scored in the dying minutes, but
being the captain, he needs to cut down on the costly errors he makes
every now and then.

Gael Clichy – 5.5 – He had a poor outing, and was caught out of
position many times. Should have done better to prevent the cross
which led to the penalty as well. In short, both our fullbacks are yet
to rediscover their form of last season.

Theo Walcott – 7.5 – We’ve often been criticized for not putting up a
fight when facing ‘roughing-up’ tactics, but Theo did more than just
fight, he stood up and and set up the equalizer in the dying minutes. Was clearly targeted by
their left back just like Reyes was by Neville a few years back, the
difference being that Theo’s got the stomach for a fight.

Denilson – 6 – The young Brazilian is somewhat of a mixed bag at the moment, with one iffy performance following every good one. he was a shadow of the player he was at Ewood Park, and could soon lose his place in order for Song to get a decent run.

Cesc Fabregas – 5.5 – Well, he doesn’t look himself at the moment. Either he’s carrying an injury, or he’s too tired. In all, he looks jaded, and not even half as involved in general play, or even goal celebrations, as he used to be. Half an hour into the game, my friend asked, “Where’s Cesc?” That says it all.

Alex Song – 7 – I wanted to see him play a full match, and I was impressed. I think he has the qualities that are required for a CDM, and he gave a very good account of himself in Kiev. Got stuck into challenges, and kept it simple with his passing and movement. One could immediately see that we were more susceptible defensively once he came off. Want to see him start an EPL game now.

Robin Van Persie – 7 – To be fair to the lad, he was placed on the left wing, not the position he usually plays in for us, so it was never going to be a classic Van Persie performance anyway. What impressed me was his commitment to the cause, and that he kept trying right till the end. He needs to get the right shooting boots on though.

Emmanuel Adebayor – 6.5 – Again, like Van Persie, tried all he could throughout the game, and could have got on the scoresheet, if Gallas hadn’t literally snatched his goal! Anyway, he still misses chances like he did last season. But he gets so many that he’s bound to score many. Good effort.


Emmanuel Eboue – 6.5 – Was on for just twelve minutes, but gave us a little more pace in attack.

Nicklas Bendtner – 5 – He didn’t do much to be honest, and needs some more playing time to get his confidence back.

Carlos Vela – NA – Cant rate him for just two touches, can I?

  • Anonymous

    Hi mate

    Great blog. Me and my mate have recnetly started a blog and I was wondering you’d be kind enough to include it in your links section? The website is and as you’d probs guess, is called Gobby Gooners.

    THanks very much

  • Anonymous

    On Sagna i don’t think you got that right. On Fab i argued in another board that he was not anonymous may be because he did not bury his chance like he ought to like RVP, Ade before him. Kudos to Theo Walcott. I did not give him a chance that he can play the Arsenal way in spite of the hype. But hey, he has proved me wrong in the last couple of weeks. and he keeps improving I guess am a fan now.

  • Andy

    If you could not the the worst player in that game, then you really have not wathced the game. Van Persie was so utterly bad that everyone in the sports bar shouted “Sub him” He was so bad that everyone was happy he was subbed. FAT 3.5 maximum.

  • tom

    RVP was bad? Come on guys! He was one of our better performers the other night. Agree with all of your ratings, though I feel Song wasnt that good…

  • Sam

    I have to reluctantly agree with you on Cesc. I don’t think he was anonymous but he didn’t play in the way we have come to expect so we really notice his absence and perhaps judge him more harshly when he doesn’t bring his A game. I think he’s just lacking a pre-season and he hasn’t played many 90 minute games, let alone 2 only 4 days apart since April… but I’m sure he’ll be back to his best once he is fully match fit and sharp

  • Robbie

    Great effort mate! True Gooners are spread all across the globe it seems!

  • Robbie

    Great effort mate! True Gooners are spread all across the globe it seems!

  • Anonymous

    Great that the club does not have to rely on Cesc at his best to be successful. As for Adebayor, are there still people who cannot see his massive contributions whether he scores or not? As for his accuracy, it is fine, far better than any of the trick ponies at ManU, so how about everyone lightening up on him?