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I know this seems a bit cruel…to actually ask a player to leave. But I guess that is what free speech is all about and right now my opinion is that after all that has happened, from last summer’s AC Milan freak show and now this summer’s episode of Adebayor confusion; I for one am not sure Adebayor could ever play for Arsenal again. Could he come out and play in front of 60,000 paying fans after continuously changing his story, after publically stating his money motives and after his diva-ish antics all season long?

For regular readers, you will know that I have always rated Adebayor as a player from the beginning. I always loved that he added something new to the team. His aerial ability, his hard working dogged style of play and surprising pace for such a huge guy. However, last season after signing a new deal with the club that made him who he is as a footballer today; he became a male footballing version of Mariah Carey in terms of his attitude.

What made him such a threatening player was the effort and hard work he used to put into the game; his “hard working dogged style of play” was lost due to his laziness and relaxed attitude. He was playing like he had nothing to prove anymore. He had his pay cheque and that was all that mattered.

He had one good season where he scored 30 goals but he is still the most offside player in Europe.

This comes as recent news speculation said that Adebayor is not sure if he should leave or not. Apparantly, not because he loves Arsenal so much and dearly…but because fans in Africa love Arsenal much more than they love new kid on the block Manchester City. He would be seen as a traitor and that is something he would have to think about. For about 3 minutes. Then he will leave.

With the internet as it is – the power of social media which allows us to create a collective voice, has never been stronger…we have the power to let our voices known so join me in retweeting #adebayorleave to get the message through.

Leave Adebayor…good riddance.

Eduardo, Van Persie, Vela, Bendtner and Arshavin enough or do you think we need to add another striker? So far the poll says:

61% – We don’t need him
36% – Only if we get a replacement
3% – No, I will miss Ade’s dance moves + masterful interview technique

If reports are correct, should we accept £23.5mil for Adebayor to go to Man City?

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  • goontastic

    how to tweet #adebayorleave ? pls, can someone explain. I just went and got me a new twitter account so I can do this, but not having used twitter before, this is not obvious to me.

  • From this page at the top right of the article click “retweet”. Then it will take you to twitter and you will log in with your user name or password, or if you are already signed in it will write the re-tweet for you in the box that says “what are you doing”.

    Then simply press update. Hope that helps anyone who wants to sign up to twitter and start using it to share articles, comments and anything else.

    • goontastic

      Thx man, I have now re-tweeted.