Nasri Breaks His Leg & A Discussion on Footballing IQ

With Nasri Breaking His Leg, Do We Need To Bring In Another Attacking Midfield Player?

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Samir Nasri has broken his leg in training. Just as Rosicky has come back from his injury troubles; another player in a similar position has been ruled out for about three months. Do you think we need to bring in another attacking player now to compensate for his loss? Vote above.

My short answer is…No.

With Rosicky coming back, Walcott, Arshavin, Van Persie, Vela and Diaby still around – our options are plenty. That is of course if we accept that the likes of Bendtner, Diaby and Eboue are good enough for the team. Hopefully we can start to see a bit more of Jack Wilshere this season so I am happy with the number of players we have to occupy the attacking areas.

However, in defensive midfield we still only have Song and Denilson. At the end of last season we started to see Wenger play Nasri in a deep lying holding role so perhaps his plans for Nasri were the reason we haven’t seen a signing in that area yet. With the money we have made on Adebayor, it is crucial that we get in a good quality central midfielder who is strong, athletic and crucially; one that commands presence on the pitch. Melo looked like a decent player since he had 17 yellow cards and 3 reds last season. That was enough for me to say – please come to Arsenal Mr. Melo. Unfortunately, he has signed for Juventus since then.

As much as Song improved at the end of the season and as much as Denilson had a relatively “decent” season “for his age”, these options are simply not enough any more. I actually think we are very close to a championship winning side if we literally bought in a couple of players. Vermaelen has been bought in and if he is anywhere as decent as his price tag was, we should be relatively sound at the back. However, a team’s defensive ability is not just down to the back five. The first line of defence starts from the front. Rooney personifies this notion at United. We need a player who at least does that hard work in the centre of the pitch.

We lost Diarra, Gilberto and Flamini and not one player was brought into cover their absence. Most would agree that last season our biggest weakness was our lack of presence in midfield. It was just too lightweight. Wenger started to lose trust in Denilson to hold a four man midfield so he played five across the park, often with Van Persie being wasted on the flanks.

The basic maths of it means that we have got weaker as a squad year on year for about three seasons. But surprisingly, I’m very happy with most of our team; I’m looking forward to seeing Arshavin, Fabregas and Eduardo playing week in week out on the same pitch.

Three of the smartest players around with real footballing intelligence should be fascinating to watch. Collectively, I don’t think there is another team who possesses players with the same footballing IQ as these three do. Some teams are lucky to have one genius who reads the game a step ahead of those around him; Liverpool have two. United lost one in the summer and Chelsea are a different story altogether. Man City are trying their best to get into a position where they can attract those genius footballing IQ players.

Right now they are just splashing out on talented strikers but none of them are on the same level as our E-A-F (Eduardo, Arshavin and Fabregas) from a footballing intelligence perspective. So, don’t be so glum Arsenal chums. We have some amazing players at the club but they are being held back by a manager who has allowed the balance of the side to shift too much. A few seasons ago I wrote an article on Wenger’s 10 Year Anniversary at the club.  I am his biggest fan, he has done things at this club that no other manager has done in the history of football. But he is fallible and stubborn like most humans are. However, it takes a great leader to realise and tell his troops what they already know deep down. It takes a courageous and superior human being to tell his players who look up to him as their second father that some of them may not make it at the club and to allow the ones that aren’t needed to leave the club.

He has got rid of one time waster in Adebayor at least. Adebayor is simply a superstar-playboy-wannabe and he will become best friends with Robinho at Manchester City so good luck to him; we didn’t need him on a footballing level and definitely not on a collective harmony level. Eduardo is three times the striker Adebayor is and is loved by the fans five times the amount Adebayor was.

The bottom line is – we need to update ourselves. Get rid of what is not needed and bring in at least one player who is a top class defensive midfielder. Our attacking options are as good as anyone’s. E-A-F are the three most intelligent players in the league and sometimes intelligence brings out the raw talent of the youth around them.

If we can bring in one super player, I think the rest of the league may be in for a huge surprise. I can’t wait for the new season, can you?

  • steve

    van der vaart. get him at a discount rate, he can play just about every role in the midfield and he comes with experience.

  • Brian

    a holdin midfielder like de rossi!!!!

  • paul

    If wenger doesn’t buy those 2 players we need he won’t be at Arsenal at the end of the season.Fans are already getting sick of his policies and this line that comes out every season about having faith in the youngsters… sorry Arsene thats not gonna wash this year no way!When we drop out of the top 4 this season its gonna take a lot to get back in and if we’re broke now what are we going to be like without the champions league cash and presumably a few star players who will inevitably jump ship !

  • I know what you mean Paul.

  • wary gunner

    Why not console yourself about having the three cleverest players and forget non of them physical presence, the loss of Adebuymore has taken out all the physical presence in the front end of the pitch, unless Bendtnar can come good this season and Le boss buys a beast of a DM (I don’t see him buying another defender).Adebayor was useless last season and he obviously didn’t care, I’m not backing the guy but over 20 matches as a long striker because the midfield was incapable of matching other teams will demoralise anyone, you would understand if you played football. Remember Drogba plays as a lone stricker but theres always two wing forwards working with him lets not forget the ubber physical and solid 3 midfielders behind them .this is surely another trophy-less season. bottom line is Arsenal have become the morden day Ajax, only without the trophies and maybe if the fans were not riding Adebuymore’s back so much, the board would not have a reason to cash in on him, like they do every year. We have become a selling club and are content to be in the top 4, its a business no doubt but when all the board is not ambitious the team will die because the fans will leave.Its not wenger who does not want to buy players,the board say one thing and do the opposite.

  • paul…..clear off and support spurs. arsenal dont need fans like you!!!!!! if wenger was to go who would u replace him with? ur an idiot. wengers magic cnsidering the resources hes had from the boad. blame the board. not wenger!!!!!!

  • paul

    Rosso…. I don’t think there’s any need for personal insults.Everyone is entitled to an opinion and mine just happens to reflect what a growing number of gooners are feeling right now.Leaving comments like that on blogs is not constructive its just downright childish.

  • spanner

    you forgot Rosicky, a very clever player and always has been! Fab,Ed,Arsh and Rosy = F-E-A-R and that is exactly what they will create

  • pink floyd.

    “paul”, rosso is right… It is the board that isn’t supporting wenger, and its not entirely their fault either. Our stadium is costing us a huge amount atm with repayments. Give wenger all the encouragement and especially the players! Lets get in that stadium and support them every step of the way!!!!