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So far this season the only signing for Arsenal has been that of defender Thomas Vermaelen from Ajax. But a lot of the talk amongst Gunners’ fans has been tthe question of if he tall enough for a centre back? His real height is believed to be 5’11”, but some have commented that he may be only 5’8” and with Gallas and Toure also of moderate height, we may be selling ourselves short – excuse the pun! After all we do need that commanding presence.

But does size really matter? He seems like he is up to the physical challenge of the Premiership and his words upon arrival were very encouraging.

Vermaelen has been a key member of Ajax defensive line since 2004. He also captained the side last season and has represented his native Belgium on 21 occasions. When Arsenal came calling for his services he relished the opportunity, once again indicating that Ajax and indeed Dutch football are not the force they once were.

Arsene Wenger has always produced shrewd signings season after season especially on an attacking front. His defensive purchases, on the other hand, have not always been up to scratch – Cygan and Stepanovas to name but two.

Gunners great Tony Adams has also publicly spoken about Vermaelen suggesting he was a good player but may not be ready for the Arsenal, commenting that we did not need another ‘small one’.

So we will just have to wait and see what the ‘big’ or ‘small’ man can do. Let’s hope he fits in well and becomes an integral part of the Arsenal back four.

Here is a video of his first interview with Arsenal:

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  • i8goons

    Think we all know the answer to this one, just refer you back to Hull City last season, clearly exposed

  • td

    He’s 6ft so this is irrelevant

  • matt

    He’s 6 ft tall – how could that be an issue?

    Check your facts first…


  • Stinkeh McFlaps

    Fabio Cannavaro

  • bazza

    Brilliant article, well worth reading.

  • Ping

    Well his with us now so who cares…

  • On arsenal.com it says 6ft but elsewhere it was 5ft10.

  • G.S.


  • max

    look under 6ft but can head a ball.Aw might use him in midfid and go with Gallas/Kolo or even big Phil!
    He is very smug they went on that long unbeaten run with this defence.

  • max

    he means Cannavaro is 5ft 6in.

  • max

    oops i mean 5ft 9in

  • Bongo

    I don’t see why his height would be an issue, yeah defenders need to be able to win the ball in air, but jump timing, jump height, strength, positioning and aggression are the most important factors in winning the ball in the air.

    Tim Cahill!!! ’nuff said.

    • Indeed nice point. I guess we will have to wait and see if he has those other qualities you mentioned.

  • ben

    Dont think size is an issue if youve got a decent set of centre backs ,if hes paired up with Toure or somebody new (Hangelaand) maybe ,pair him with gallas and its a nightmare waiting to happen

  • maxx

    agree Gallas defended like a girl at times last season.TV seems to be a more natural header of e ball.

    • Migz of Ajax

      So what do you think of Vermaelen now? After 3 goals, 2headers and an awesome shot 🙂

      • Haha, he is AMAZING!