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Player Ratings: Man Utd 2-1 Arsenal

A good performance yielded everything but a good result at Old Trafford, as the lads gifted two cheap goals to United to lose our first game of the season. Player ratings follow..

Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal – Match Report

Tweet The Premiership season only really starts when this fixture takes place.  Previous fixtures have given us “Tunnelgate,” “Pizzagate” a championship-deciding fixture and even an all out brawl.  The make up of both teams has changed over the years, and the departures of Keane and Vieira has removed some of the needle from this fixture

What do Drogba, Gerrard + Ronaldo all have in common? They all get away with diving – Eduardo Biased Controversy Reaction

We look at players that have dived in the past and why Eduardo's situation with diving against Celtic is different...

HD Video of Eduardo Apparant “Dive” & Penalty vs Celtic – Was It a Dive?

Did Eduardo dive or not for the penalty against Celtic last night. Here is the video...

Vote: Man of the Match: Arsenal 3-1 Celtic (Champions League 2nd Leg)

Arsenal won 3-1 on the day against Celtic at home. We ask you, the readers to vote who you think was man of the match...

Exclusive Early Picture: Red + White Scarf in Every Arsenal Seat Today

Tweet A friend working at the Emirates today sent me a nice early picture of the stadium before it’s packed out for today’s 3 o’clock kick off. It seems as if the atmosphere is being addressed, free red and white scarf’s are being put on every home seat for our fans. If you are going

Arsenal Not Signing Patrick Vieira: Confirmed!

Tweet So there we go. With only a short amount of time before the transfer window closes, ex-captain and Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira confirms he will not be joining Arsenal. He said: “I will stay at Inter,” Vieira told L’Equipe. “I have been training without any worries. The summer friendlies have gone well and I