Arsenal Not Signing Patrick Vieira: Confirmed!

So there we go. With only a short amount of time before the transfer window closes, ex-captain and Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira confirms he will not be joining Arsenal. He said:

“I will stay at Inter,” Vieira told L’Equipe.

“I have been training without any worries. The summer friendlies have gone well and I played more than what I had been expecting.

“Now I will fight to play as much as I can. I have not received any guarantees in this sense.

“Staying here is the hardest decision, but also the most reasonable. I do not see myself playing anywhere else.”

To be honest it is hardly a surprise but I still have my doubts about the depth of our squad in a 38 game Premiership season. Our first two games have been brilliant but things change so quickly in football. Let’s see what Wenger has in store for us in the next week or so.

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  • SirWenger

    This isn’t what it seems. came up with their own retarded conclusion after reading a poorly translated L’Equipe. What Vieira actually said was in connection to rumours of him going to Notts County and Lyon – he basically said he’s staying. As for an Arsenal move, he wasn’t asked, nor did he say anything.

    Don’t rule anything out just yet.

    • Encouraging news!

  • VanDaManPersie

    I’m sure he’ll jump at the oppurtunity if he was to recieve a phone call from Wenger. Anything is possible in football and there is still 10 days or so before the window closes

  • Goonerboy

    Oh and he said that he hasn’t ruled out the possibility yet. (Wenger I mean.)