HD Video of Eduardo Apparant “Dive” & Penalty vs Celtic – Was It a Dive?

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A lot of talk regarding this penalty last night. Was it a dive? Was he clipped at the end? In my opinion, Eduardo was looking for it at least. Which is something most footballers do in that situation. I’m not at all saying it’s ok to dive, there’s a huge difference between looking for a penalty (and getting clipped) and actually faking a fall.

What do you think? Here’s the video, decide yourself and leave (respectful) comments below. No abuse to each other, it makes me cry:

Edit: I just watched the video about 15 times. I have to say, it was a dive in my opinion. Definitely. He did show great technique though didn’t he?

  • Charlie

    Funny I felt sorry for the guy last year. Now I’d like nothing more than to see him break his leg again. Nothing worse than these sort of players in the English game and as video evidence is clearly visible he should be charged for simulation and suspended.

  • nevyn

    Eduardo dived – plain and simple- what ever happened to the “fair play” that UEFA spouted about trying to eliminate this sort of thing from the game – where is the recrimination. I have to say that Arsenal were by far the better team but this blatant dive killed this as a contest. Arsene Wenger has said it wasn’t a penalty but refuses to condemn Eduardo? Personally I like Arsenal but I just wihed that sportsmanship would win out – how wrong could I be – huh?

  • bazza

    yes he dived, i hate that he did but he did it. He is not the first to do it, go to youtube and type in “ronaldo dive” “gerrard dive” the liverpool captain has done it often enough, i dont think Eduardo should be punished because of it

  • David

    For how many years have you seen Gerrard, Ronaldo and co dive time after time. But it is only when arsenal finally dive is when everyone stands up and takes notice, what a bloody hypocritical world. I know it was a dive and im not encouraging it but you cant single eduardo out as a hate figure because he did what so many others before him have done. two match bans and suspension is bull* because Ronaldo dive continously and i never heard people talking about bands. Gerrerd won the penalty against Athletico madrid the won the game for liverpool last season. so instead of crying about it maybe you should look at your beloved hearoes. Its not like Eduardo two pieced a barman for refusing to play a song of his request. ahem ahem (gerrard. Widen your perspective!!

  • Alastair

    He felt contact and went down……….I thought it was a dive originally but there was minimal contact with Boruc’s knee. He was looking for it but I cannot believe the shitstorm about it…….Celtic were beaten comprehensivley by a better team.

    I cannot remember us asking for Rooney to be banned when he dived over Sol’s leg at Old Trafford in Oct 2004

  • Arnie

    As a arsenal fan i thought the penalty was dubious,but i don’t want to lose sight on this.The celtic players had set out from kick-off,with the sole intension of kicking the arsenal players all over the pitch.This was aided by a ref who failed to protect our players.In turn turning the game into a contested football match that at times, saw tackles and challenges more suited on a rugby pitch.When all the celtic supporters complain about the penalty ,then they should be honest within themselfs the tactics they choose to adopt to win this match

  • jimbo

    Nevyn – i think you’ll find sportsmanship did winm in the end as the team that didn’t go out there with the sole intention of injuring the other teams players won the tie. yes it was a dive which is wrong, but the disgraceful “challenges” from the celtic players far outweighed that incident

  • Ash

    Lets just say it was a dive, and Eduardo was a cheat, if he didn’t dive, he would have been taken down by the keeper anyway.

    And people who say the game was over at this point, Get a fucking grip, honestly. 1 goal destroys a team?

    If a team is so bad that they give up after going a goal down, I’d call that a big cheat, to the fans, and to football.

  • Jeremy

    It was hard to see even from the camera.There could be a slight touch.But the angle wasn’t clear to make judgement.

    It is basically down to what the referee thinks.

    It’s a shame to just blame the player.Players like Gerrard dived every now and then. Nothing happens to him cos he is from England team.

    Get a life,Celtic players.With or without the penalty,we will still beat you.It’s not a 1-0 thing,you know.

  • Dave Winchester

    Nothing worse than fans like Charlie in the English game. Perhaps he could expand on who ‘these sort of players’ are? Would they include Gerrard, Rooney and co or would that expose his casual xenophobia? Does the gravity of ‘looking for a penalty’ compare in any way to the sort of tackle that saw Eduardo out of the game for so long? Of course not. Show some dignity and deal with the fact that you were beaten comfortably by a much better team.

  • Nic

    Ok from the main camera angle it looks like a clear pentalty and that was my intial thought. If you watch the replay above the angla from seconds 41-42 you can clearly see there was contact. Now im not saying that it was enough to be deemed a penalty, but there was contact on his standing foot. He probably went down too easily, but lets not be silly, he’s not the first and wont be the last, we have had som dubious penalties given against us over the years you dont hear us calling for bans etc… talk about sour grapes Celtic lost 5-1 its not like the tie was on a knife edge, Celtic didnt threaten over the two legs, i can only think of one basic save Almunia had to make over the two ties in the first leg. Celtic dont be bad losers you were second best in both games and in a way were lucky it was only 3-1 on the night.

  • Bob

    For all the people who say he should be punished, can you honestly say you have never had an advantage or goal through simulation? It is wrong, without question but to punish one, you will have to make sure it happens everytime and I dont think the authorities have the resources to do that, for a start you may need to go to video replays and we know UEFA do not want to go down that road. I’m an Arsenal fan and at the time we were coasting and I texted my cousin who is a Celt and said I hope Boruc saves it or he misses. I remember Rooney diving to stop our unbeaten run and I dont remember anyone other that Arsenal and Utd fans arguing about it. These things have a habit of levelling out over the season anyway so I dont worry too much. As for Charlie at the top, you want someone to break the leg because he took a fall, and you say ‘these’ type of players? I bet you were at Upton Park the other day you moron. Rooney is English, so is Gerard, and they do it regularly.

  • Stick

    Sour grapes? We sung and sung and stayed to the end to cheer our hero’s. If it was the other way around, you lot would have wrecked your own stadium like the hooligans you English are. The penalty, its like the one of the commentators said, he went down and looked to find contact whilst doing so.

    Can understand the thinking that if he didn’t dive Artur would have got him anyway, this happens a lot when players jump over a challenge anywhere else on the park, but the holy goalie was actually pulling away from the cheat when he dived.

    Anyway, you were the better team over two legs, but a crappy deflection, an own goal and a cheated penalty is not the way I feared this tie would go.

  • Stick

    “We have to fight it and there is only one way to punish people diving obviously: suspension. Once it is in the game it is difficult to get it out. Once a guy knows he might be punished he will not dive.”

    Arsene Wenger – 2006

  • Gary

    Pires,Pires,Pires,Pires.anyone can play with flair when they are 2 up from lucky goals & then 3 up from a dirty cheatin muppet,delusional arse….holes the lot of ye

  • Bob

    Not sure why Celtic fans are on here being abusive? You dont win 5 – 1 on agg in Europe being lucky, however the goals go in. You were beaten by the better team, now go back to your conference style league and be thankful you get the chance to play against world class players once in a while. Up the Gers!….

  • Malcolm

    Dirty, cheating, diving b*st*rds and not just Eduardo! Every one of the Arsenal players know how to “find contact” and drop like a sack of potatoes. Wenger must coach this.
    I fear for the future of the beautiful game when we have such cheats. Why can’t these players show their undoubted skills to the paying public instead of bringing the game into disrepute? They sicken me!

  • Matthew Wade

    It was a dive. Celtic have a right to feel faintly aggrieved, but for any Celtic fan to imply that somehow it changed the tie is a massive delusion. Now the Bhoys have always been my team in scotland, and the two clubs have always had a good relationship, but the financial problems in scotland have killed celtic as a meaningful champions league team. They could play last nights game a thousand times, and celtic would lose 999 of them. And equally any glasweigan self-rightousness should take into account that caldwell was lucky to stay on the pitch for repeated fouling in the first leg, and cesc was targeted for physical intimidation and late tackles a plenty. Its sad in a way, as celtic have generally played better football than rangers and mowbray is a purist at heart, but this is the worst celtic team i’ve seen in 2 decades in terms of ability and imagination. And Caldwell being celtic skipper offends me because he is a) dirty and b) not good enough…..

    Oh and lastly it pisses me off that the media seems to think that if Ronaldo or giggs or gerrard does it its fine. Sure Eduardo dived and deserved a bollocking, but only if its shared out amongst the guilty. Half the papers used it as an excuse to go off on one about pires against portsmouth 5 years ago. SO what Arsenal players dive for penalties every five years and we’re scum, and yet Ronaldo does it 5 times a year, but that’s fine cos he’s a cheeky step-over merchant. Its the same hyppocracy that if a pretty blonde girl goes missing its in the sun for months, but if its a fat asian kid,no one gives a rats arse…..

  • Davis1888

    I don’t think any Celtic fan would disagree with comments on here that we were indeed beaten by the far better and superior team. I full accepted the fact that we would probably get beat at the Emirates before the game but I wanted to see a good game of football.

    As Tony Mowbray said before the game, the 3rd goal in any game of football is important. Arsenal score and the game is over as a contest, if Celtic score it’s 2-1 and it’s game on.

    My only greivance is that the game was killed off by a third goal that was earned through blatant cheating. It always leaves a nasty taste in the mouth

    Diving isn’t acceptable full stop no matter who does it, it needs to be stamped out of the game and the only way of doing that is retrospective punishment if the referee gets it wrong. It looks like UEFA will investigate it, whether they will ban him is another question. The SFA and FIFA have done it in the past but UEFA haven’t. If he got a 2 match ban that’ll maybe make him think twice before doing it again.

    Wish Arsenal all the best for the Champions League, it was great to see Celtic “attempting” to pit their wits against one of the best premiership teams. I just wish we had the chance to play against that kind of quality week in week out!

  • I did say it was a dive but the truth of the matter is that by the letter of the law a dive aka simulation, is a yellow card offence. I don’t like to see diving either, but this whole Eduardo situation has been blown way out of proportion. I’m not defending diving at all, but by saying he should be banned for 2 games, we are simply making up our own rules when it suits us.

  • Alex

    All you so called pundits. How can you tell it was a dive if it was contact before he started to fall.How you know it was not enough contact to fall down.You can even see how his foot twisted little bit.It was clear penalty.Do not try to look more clever than you are.If you want to see dive watch Rooney.