HQ Video: Adebayor Attempting To Stamp On Van Persie’s Head

So 4-2 was the final result. I am not discussing the game itself in this post because it will probably still be filled with obscene, lewd and abusive language.

You guys can discuss the result in the comments if you wish but firstly take a look at Adebayor attempting to stamp on Van Persie’ head:

  • Sam

    I have lost all the respect I had for this player. Emmanuel went off his head, his reasons are his, but he has brought the game into disrepute. If he escapes unpunished then many people will start to find the game distasteful, incidents like this will be more likely to become commonplace, and children WILL start to imitate such actions

  • Daz

    3 match ban absolute minimum!!!! plus extra for inciting a riot!! There is no way this is accidental…….. who puts extra force into there landing foot like that! You can clearly see this intentional. If Adebayor does not get banned the FA are utter F**KING IDIOTS!

  • Name

    To say that he attempted to stamp on an ex team mate is grossly unfair. It was a definite accident but slow motion replays make footballing incidents a lot worse than what they really are.

    His reaction to the goal was rather distasteful but considering the treatment he suffered at the hands of arsenal fans, can you really blame him in the heat of the moment. During a bbc interview he retrospectively looked at the situation and apologies for his action.

    End of story. Arsenal fans need to let it go, you didn’t want him there anyways.

  • TR

    He deserves the all the abuse he gets as he played Arsenal to get himself a new contract then sat on it. Whilst at Arsenal he did not respect the fans like with the Gooners in Africa where Ade corrected them on his high wages after being questioned on why he suddenly was off-form after his £70k per week contract – Ade’s reply was actually I’m on £85k minus the bonuses. He knew what he was doing then & Ade knew what he was doing on RVP & against the fans.

  • shooy

    Don’t be a tit Name. Speed it up and it still looks deliberate! He even looks at where he’s stamping his foot. That’s stamping, not placing or just grounding his foot, but stamping down with force. Now fuck off!

  • gunners88

    And here i am thinking that i couldn’t hate anyone more than that cow Aashley cole!!!

    At least Ashley knows what he did to us. But ade refuses to admit his mistake$ and move on. He kept saying how it’s not his fault that other real clubs like AC and Barca so called want him(they nvr did want him), when he did say in in front on SKY how he would like to move to AC, the linking of Beyonce to AC milan comments. The pay me like Henry if you want me to play like him. The strolling around the pitch last season giving Fuck all concerns to our games and blaming the fans for not singing his name! Muppet!

    Kolo was the perfect example yesterday, not a single provoking words said about arsenal or us fans and carried on with his jobs 110% professionally.