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As we get confirmation that Higuain has joined Napoli – it looks like all our eggs are in one £50mil Uruguayan basket. There is quite a lot of debate with some fans welcoming a marquee signing with open arms and others feeling that Suarez is a character that could do more harm than good at our club. There is no doubting his incredible ability but this brings up an interesting debate around individual players being a smaller part of a larger team.

Interested to hear your thoughts so please vote above and feel free to leave a comment to explain your view point.

  • Oddbod

    Worry about the aggry if and when it happens. Meantime lets enjoy his silky skills and goals – assuming we get him of course

  • doc wally

    He is too tempremental and is banned from playing for the first 7 weeks. Why then do we want to buy him for so much? Surely the ban should have lowered his price or rather have looked elsewhere. Arsenal already has a loaded squad and cannot seem to give the trash away ,let alone sell it ie. Diaby,Djourou,Bentnail,etc..Wenger has bought players like Campbel,Vela who are never given a decent chance to show thier worth,yet they retain the abovementioned trash. It makes no sense!