71% Possession Used to Be A Frustrating Statistic, 41% of Goals Scored in Last Minutes For Arsenal is more interesting…

By Bilal Zaidi Gone are the days where Arsenal dominate a match and it ends in a frustrating draw. Yesterday Arsenal had 71% of the possession, an astonishing statistic in a league that is supposed to be “competetive”. I will be the first to admit a slight

UK due to lose £2 Billion Due To England Football Exit

By Bilal Zaidi The cost of England not making it to this summer’s European Championships could be around £2 Billion to the UK economy. According to the British Retail Consortium, the retail figures for beer, flat-screen TVs and fast food during the tournament would typically be around

Lehmann Could Leave In Summer

By Bilal Zaidi Jens Lehmann has told press that he is “very relaxed” about his contract situation and could even leave it until May to decide whether or not he is going to be at the Emirates next season. Clubs in both his native homeland Germany and

‘Viva La Revolucion’- Che Wenger’s New Genius Style – Ten Years At Arsenal

Today is a special day for Arsenal Football Club. It’s a day to remember, rejoice and look forward to the wonderful world of Wengerball. Ten years – that we have been lucky enough to be gifted the best manager in the world. A professor of the game,

Grand Slam Sunday Is Over Hyped Like John Terry / The Spark We Need…

By Bilal Zaidi Its 02:11am and I’m positively drained and worn out so please do excuse any spelling mistakes along with…well…any “stupid-ness” that may occur from my ramblings…No I can still do simple adding and taking away unlike some…Hmm… Last night I geared up for the “Grand

Gallas £15mil for those who cant do maths….

Yesterday I published an article highlighting our weakness’s and why William Gallas isn’t worth £15 million to be a left back…but in the end my point was that he obviously is as a centre half because he is a class act…a world class defender and exactly what

£15 Million For Gallas The Left Back is A Waste Of Money…

By Bilal Zaidi Ashley Cole’s monetary value was estimated to be about £20 million MINIMUM and the final sale of him for £5 million PLUS one of the worlds best defenders, William Gallas, was a deal that in my humble opinion was a better deal for us