Arsenal Absolutely Fabregas…But Will We Miss Goals This Season?

Dinamo Zagreb 0 – 3 Arsenal By M. B. Zaidi What a great start to our European campaign…two SUPER SUPER goals from my man Cescy…another neat finish from Van the Man…and don’t forget his fantastic control and lay off…which was very Bergkamp (c)esc…Fabregas…stood up to show he

Reyes – Up And Down Like A Merry Go Round…HEADACHE

By M. B. Zaidi It has been reported on several occasions that Reyes has said in Spain he wants to leave and go to Real Madrid…but then every time this happens, the very next day there is a denial of his comments from the player himself!? Perhaps

Letter of Farewell To Ashley Cole

Dear Mr. A. Cole, How are you doing mate? All good with Cheryl I hope. Just thought I’d send you a farewell letter as an Arsenal fan since you seem to be going to our old chums down the road at Chelsea shortly. Seen the world of

Why Ashley Coles Transfer Fee Is So Substantial

By M. B. Zaidi There have been a few figures thrown out in the media of the potential value of Ashley Coles transfer fee to Chelsea if that ever does materialise which it seems it will. Ashley Cole is a fine defender, he is at a perfect

Rooney Deserved To Get Sent Off…The Video…

This is the video for anyone who didn’t get to see what happened or wanted to see it again, Rooney stamped on the players groin…OH GOSH…and pushed Ronaldo…I know its all a couple days old but what did you think of it…did he deserve to get sent

Henry Cheated But So Did Sheva And Gerrard…

By M. B. Zaidi Thankyou all for your comments on the Henry play acting incident, and as most have said lets no go to into it…however just to clarify for all you Chelski and Sp*rs fans that seem to have nothing better to do than ATTEMPT to

Henry Faked Elbow attack to make up for this…

YES HENRY CHEATED…however it WAS a foul, but it wasnt an elbow in his face…it is really out of his character to do something like that because in all honesty he is usually quite fair…however…it seems as if we have found the reason he was trying to