Van Persie Stranded in Robben Show

By M. B. Zaidi Van Persie who has been in sizzling form in the friendly’s before the world cup begun for Holland, was hardly allowed a touch in their opening game. Yes, Robben had a good game, but can nobody else see how much he hogged the

Wenger Goes May Mad In The Transfer Market

By Mohammed Bilal Zaidi Ok perhaps it really isn’t that big a deal that we have been linked with a couple of players so early in the summer, but compared to our usual standards of transfer speculation in the summer term, it seems Wenger really wants to

“Er Bobby…What’s The French For IM STAYING”

Arsenal are SO CLOSE to signing the most important signing of the summer, no we aren’t signing Ronaldinho….who needs him when we are perhaps hours away from Henry signing a new four year deal to commit his future to our club! That cheered me up! He has

Heartbreak, Defeat, But Still Proud To Be A Gooner

By M. B. Zaidi To be honest I woke up this morning and really didn’t want to put on the TV, listen to the radio or come onto the internet…pretty much do nothing! YES last night was depressing for us all, defeat to Barcelona the club that

Magical Night in Paris Will Be One of A Kind

Good morning to you all, as today is the day we have all been waiting for. The 17th of May 2006, the Champions League Final that we may never ever see again in our lifetime. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying we won’t get into

Video of Theo Walcott in Action, His Career Highlights so Far

Theo Walcott video of some of his best bits of his career so far for those of you who havent seen him yet properly. Check the video at this site, and ponder on whether Sven made the right choice or not: Click here for the video Great….Till

Can We Compete With Chelsea With The Help of the Emirates Stadium?

On Arsenal Wtf, the writer says about not being able to compete with Chelsea, and about questions what the Emirates stadium is exactly for? My reply to this is below: Dont think the Emirates stadium is about competing with Chelsea at all, nobody can compete with Chelsea