Cesc & Campbell Out Of West Brom Tie, Walcott Against Spaniards?

Cesc Fabregas hasn’t recovered from a foot injury that has ruled him out of todays game against West Brom and could well mean he is out of the Villarreal game too. If that is correct, then that will be Cesc AND Reyes out who is suspended. Our Spanish duo wont be there to face out Spanish opposition! How ironic is that!

Also out is Campbell who looked like he had just had 12 rounds with Mohammed Ali by the end of the Portsmouth game…and young Theo Walcott may get a chance against Villarreal on Tuesday but isn’t in todays squad.

Funny ay, we all start talking about why he hasn’t had a chance to play and AW comes out and says he is “in England form”! I certainly hope so! BUT that is so far fetched that even I, one of the most optimistic people I know….will just dismiss that as a joke…sure he might be doing well in training, even SONG might be doing well in training, but lets see how he performs on the pitch. I saw a couple of clips of Theo on Sky Sports News when he signed, and what a player he looks to be. Lightning pace to rival Henry…and that finish from the inside left channel that he got over the keeper!? ABSOLUTELY SUBLIME FINISH! HOPE TO SEE MORE OF THAT IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS!

We have been linked with Torres and Nikola Zigic in the past few days. Zigic is a Crouch lookalike…as in he’s long and lanky and has a bit of a weird looking smile, but aparantly he is nothing like Crouch on the ball. I mean, don’t get me wrong, for a tall lanky man Crouch is good on the ball…but HE’S A FOOTBALLER…of course he has to be good on the ball! Zigic has been described as “superior with the ball on the ground” by the Sun, if that’s anything to go by! Well anyway, wouldn’t have minded a certain Mr. Torres against Portsmouth, he would’ve buried those Adebayor blunders and probably grabed a couple more! Not too sure about the Torres story though, but he would be a fanstastic acquisition if the story is true. Will write a piece on Torres a bit later, check back later in the day for it.

For now though…have a great Easter weekend, kick back and enjoy the football…im off to watch it now.

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