Farytale Finish For Bergkamp To Highbury Showdown

By M. B. Zaidi

It’s the 72nd minute…Bergkamp comes on to a warm welcome from the Highbury fans as they are winning 1-0 at home to West Brom…a team fighting for survival in the Premiership. Henry’s already off, Van Persie is off, and Arsenal’s goalscored on the day, Hleb, has just been replaced by Pires. ALL OF A SUDDEN a long punted ball upfield is half cleared by the Arsenal backline, who only get it as far as Nigel Quashie. He takes one stride and releases a left foot shot into the bottom right hand corner of the goal. Lehmann has no chance!

Panic…Panic…Panic….The fans were just thinking “SAME OLD STORY!”….one remark I heard straight away was: “we don’t deserve to be in the champions league at this rate, 2 points in 3 games!”…Im not going to lie, I was just like the rest, after all who did we think could score another goal to get us all three points!? Well Reyes hasn’t looked confident in front of goal all season, Adebayour had those howlers in the last game….and lets not rely on a set piece because we know that Arsenal never score from those now!

Best bet would be Pires, as he has this knack for scoring crucial goals…he hasn’t had the best of seasons but still he manages to score 10 goals this season where he hasn’t been a regular!? Ljungberg hasn’t scored one all season!….AND now we come to Bergkamp…we know that he is a masterclass and one of the best players to ever put on an Arsenal jersey, but at his age you don’t want to rely on him because you have to be fair to the man! In the week that his testimonial was announced to be the first fixture at our newly built state of the art “Emirates Stadium”, and it being a special day for him…could it be Bergkamp that comes up with the goods to grab the three points!?….

As soon as he came on West Brom equalised, but 3mins later a fantastic direct ball from Flamini in his left back position released Adebayour as he fought to get behind the last man and get to the ball. He held up the ball and squared it to the oncoming Bobby Pires. His shot was deflected by the keeper and none other than my favourite player of all time stepped in to pick up the ball and set Pires up again for an Arsenal second goal! Fantastic! Cant get better than this for Bergkamp, coming on for a couple of mins and setting up the crucial goal to win the match!…….


On 89, Bergkamp collected a pass just outside the area and sent an absolute CORKER of a curled finish into the corner to make it 3-1 on his special day! Don’t you just love it when stuff like that happens! A gracious finish for a class player of absolute top quality. Trying to get tickets to the testimonial just to pay respect to this Arsenal legend….

Enjoy your day Dennis, you deserve it!

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