No Henry, No Reyes, No Result, No Europe?

By M. B. Zaidi

Dissapointing display and result but is that the end of our chances for 4th spot? With Spurs winning on Saturday and increasing their lead on their 4th place, it was a game for us that we really would have loved to win, or even draw, but after seeing Arsenes team selection it was clear to see that he perhaps was ready to accept defeat in sacrifice for his team being able to get maximum points in the remaining games. If Henry and Reyes had started it is still quite fair to say that the result may not have been that different as Man Utd seemed to deserve their victory. Was it worth playing an exhausted Henry and Reyes just for a point which may affect them getting the rest of the points available against lesser opposition? Was it worth it if the team was so exhausted by the time Arsenal play Spurs for the 6 pointer for 4th place. The truth is that we don’t actually know what would have happened if Henry did play, or Reyes, so we cant criticise Wenger for his selection, but if we still don’t claim 4th place then perhaps that is a different story.

Cesc who has been magnificent all season and especially in the last month was tired and not the same player in the last 15mins of the first half and the remainder of the match. Fabregas is a phenomenal player….but he is still only 18! We can’t expect him to be a superstar in every game yet, he has set his standards so high that we come to expect him to run midfields week in week out. He outshone three world cup winners in the centre of midfield against Juventus over two legs. Emerson, Vieira and Gilberto looked like little kids compared with the mammoth match presense Fabregas had in that fixture. However after the opening spell that Arsenal always seem to dominate, where Fabregas made some direct passes for Van Persie and Adebayor, he never really got into the game after that. He looked drained and out of legs like a lot of the players. It has to be said that it was just a matter of time before the intense few weeks we have had, took its toll on the players. It just wasn’t Arsenal’s day, but never the less it really ISNT the end of the world. We can still get 4th place with wins in the last of our games and crucially the North London derby against bitter rivals Tottenham. As a local lad, I can only say that I really can’t wait for that match, which essentially will be the decider if both teams continue to win the other matches.

With the exception of Gilberto who had his best performance of the season, there was nobody that really seemed to get a grip on the game for the gunners. Van Persie made great effort and had a few chances that could have gone in on another day if he was fully match fit with 5 of 6 games under his belt. But it wasn’t to be, United controlled the second half and should have had a penalty against a wonder save from the man in the Arsenal goal…no not Lehmann….he was on the floor! It was none other than brother Toure that made a fantastic save of the match, both handed…FANTASTIC KOLO! If we ever get two keepers sent off/injured in the match, we know which player to call on to put on the gloves! Rooney screamed and shouted and made a disgruntled face or two, but the ref was perhaps giving us a “ref mistake” in our favour from the last time Rooney “fell over” for that infamous penalty that ended in a Manchester United goal, and an end to the invincibles 49 game run. But there was more to come, the second half saw Silvestre whip in an absolutely fantastic ball that had pace, dip, swerve and absolute precision. It dipped perfectly just as it went over Senderos, and fell to none other than Roonaldo who controlled it with a sublime touch, then sent a piledriver into the far corner. I scored a goal like that in Pro Evolution 5 on PS2, 15mins before the match! A clean hit as you will see, as good a hit as you will see…from a young Englishman that may well lead England to the closest we will come to a worldcup since 66…if he is in that sort of form, I would put England right up there for the cup. Good luck to Man Utd for the title now, I REALLY REALLY HATE CHELSEA! But I don’t see them loosing it now.

Portsmouth on Wednesday, damn waterlogged pitch…nothing but 3 points will do now against them, and if not then our main hope will have to be by beating Riquelme and Forlan in the semis…then the Brazilian beast and Eto in the final…HERES A NICE ONE…LETS LEAVE IT ON A HAPPY NOTE AY!…

Spurs come 4th…Arsenal win champions league…Spurs into the Uefa Cup…HAHA…Then it could be Waynes World in Germany 06…WOULDN’T THAT BE GREAT…..never know in football now do you!


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