Race For 4th Hots Up As Rooney Demolishes Spurs

By M. B. Zaidi

Thank God for £28millions worth of WAYNE ROONEY! As the Mancs have just beat Spurs 2-1, it means we are just 4 points behind Tottenham and have a game in hand. With Wednesdays game going to be the first half of a two legged affair with Villerreal, Saturdays game against Spurs is going to be one that actually counts for something other than pride for the first time in a good few years. Arsenal have been kings of London ever since the premiership begun, and our lowest finish this season now means we are going to levels never experienced before…..


Nevermind…a win against them will put us 1point adrift and they definitely do have a tougher fixture list remaining. We got away with a 3-1 victory with Bergkamp the hero, but with Henry, Van Persie and Hleb off we could have easily slipped to another draw like we have done so many times this season. That would have inevitably ended our hopes of 4th place.

THE GOOD THING IS…Henry was taken off half an hour early and he should be nice and fresh for the midweek champions league game. Hleb was very good on the weekend and Diaby looked impressive too…BUT…Fabregas has been influential in recent games especially in the four legs against Madrid and Juve. He will be a BIG MISS if he isn’t fully fit to be involved. The 4-5-1 formation ticks away nicely with him being the focal point of the play. He allows Hleb and Reyes to work the flanks while Ljungberg/Pires can support Henry through the middle. Fabregas’s has brilliant vision and an immaculate passing ability. He is able to identify the best time to pass and when to keep hold of the ball, Wengers philosophy is quite simple…PASS AND MOVE.

I know that I have summed up a physiological genius’s years of team building into this one phrase “pass and move”, but that is what makes Arsenal’s football so beautiful, the simplicity is masterfully planned and masterfully executed. The likes of Vieira, Pires, Henry and Bergkamp perfected this play while they were known as the “invincible’s”, but today’s team has a similar way of thinking.

Fagragas is the new Bergkamp and Hleb & Eboue are developing into the right sided dynamic pair that Cole & Pires were in that 49 games unbeaten team. I remember as a kid doing those “pass and move exercises” at the age of 6 or 7, do you think Wenger ever does that with Henry, Reyes and CO!? I know it sounds funny! That some of the best and talented footballers in the world might do the same exercises that I did when I was 6! But nobody else can play football like Arsenal do when they are on top form, that simplicity is key so they must be doing exercises like that! Practice makes perfect after all… Even this team of kids and Henry play stunning football at times….

Do I have to remind you of the Real Madrid first leg, 4-5-1 formation working at its best to defeat a Real team that had won 12 straight games in La Liga! 12 STRAIGHT WINS! Zidane, Beckham, Ronaldo, Carlos were outgunned by Fabregas, Henry, Reyes, Hleb. Ok….Henry is an absolute legend already, but Reyes dribbled like Giggs against Arsenal in the FA cup semi-final of 99, Fabregas simply outclassed Zidane and Gravesen , even making them lose balance a few times! And Hleb showed us exactly how to play that inside right position, three players all still young, outshone the galatico’s of Madrid! Ljungberg was having ineffective games all season, but for some reason he was brilliant in that game. Running, chasing, twisting and turning the hell out of their players!

ANYWAY before I waffle on, I will write a full preview on Villerreal tonight of tomorrow, so check back for that. Once again this is a new site and so far the response I have had has been fantastic so I hope you are enjoying what you read. If you have any comments that you would like to say, you can press the “comment” link below this article, or you can email me at:


Hope you have all had a great Easter weekend! Back to work tomorrow, but we can look forward to Barca vs Milan, and then the big one on Wednesday. Any predictions for the Barcelona Vs Milan match?

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