Can We Compete With Chelsea With The Help of the Emirates Stadium?

On Arsenal Wtf, the writer says about not being able to compete with Chelsea, and about questions what the Emirates stadium is exactly for? My reply to this is below:

Dont think the Emirates stadium is about competing with Chelsea at all, nobody can compete with Chelsea in terms of the transfer mark on solely a numerical value. If we are talking about competing for the title, clearly from this seasons performance we can see we aren’t up to scratch in terms of consistency, but the performances where we have been good have been better than anybody in the league. If we are in the Champions League final with a group of players like this, of course we can be challenging soon enough. However I will be the first to say that it wont be so instant over one season, but then again who knows what these group of superstar youngsters can do? If we learn anything from this season, keep Henry and bring in a couple more, we are more than equipped with this side to become a formidable force in the Premiership once again. Yes Chelsea have been fantastic in terms of consistency this season and nobody has come close to them, but I believe WE ARE THE ONLY TEAM THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO get close to them…if we can maintain how we played in those big Champions League games and reach those sorts of levels next year, with a more experienced young side, that hopefully will be the European Champions, then yes we can compete with them even with Ballack and Shevchenko.

In terms of what it means to be able to compete with them in transfers and drawing in players for large transfer fees and lucrative contracts, then of course we cant compete with them on just a money basis. If we offer £50mil for the worst player in the world, Chelsea will still be able to offer £55mil, because they DONT HAVE A BUDGET on most things, however our club is run a lot better and we obviously arent just stupid Russian Billionaires that create the largest financial loss in profit in the premierships history, like Chelsea have done for the last two seasons. IT is about getting our financial situation on a higher stage than it was before, we can still be a better team by better management and by keeping the players that are at the club already.

In the long run, the financial implications of having the Emirates stadium outweight the 5 or 10 years, if that, Roman Abramavich is at Chelsea for. He is just a billionaire having a bit of fun, nobody in the business of football can compete with that, but we can lure players that arent interested solely in money. Our manager, the state of the art stadium, good atmosphere in a club that has a great future can lure some players that are interested in more than money. Could be that with Henry, he obviously isnt JUST CONCERENED with money, if he was he would be off to Chelsea, because they can pay him more than anybody else.

Im not denying that most footballers dont think like that, most DO care about money, but perhaps Wenger and Arsenal dont need players driven by just money, players like Walcott could have gone to Chelsea aswel, but he chose our team? Something to be proud of, and we can see from his attitude that he is the sort of player that we need in terms of attitude towards becoming a better player. Wright Phillips went for the money option, didnt play for half the year, and now isnt goin to the World Cup…

HARD DONE BY if you ask me, but oh well, our man is going and I can only say that sometimes these things happen and work out for the better of the team. Nobody in the world really knows about Walcott, not even Sven, so he will be a new ingrediant to a team that is still strong in terms of its first team line up. Just the concern up front is the main issue, I wouldve chucked Defoe, Bent or Johnson in there really, probably Defoe…

But lets see how it goes….Will write what I think on the England squad shortly, still having another hectic week but finding time to write this! Hope you appreciate it! Lol only joking….till next time……

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