Hectic Week But Same Old Story/Flamini or Cole for Barcelona dream final?

First of all sorry for the lack of articles published in the last week or so! Have had a hectic week, hardly getting any sleep with various things so I haven’t had much time to get anything up, so sorry for those who emailed asking for updates!

Anyway, since the last post a lot has happened. We DREW with Spurs which means that they are now almost inevatilbly going to grap fourth place as they won 1-0 luckily against Bolton, lead by possibly the next England manager? Will comment on the England manager situation a bit later….

THEN….perhaps the most disappointing 89mins against Villarreal was SWIFTLY turned into a whirlpool of excitement when mad Jens made that crucial penalty save against the most talked about player of the leg, Riquelme. I JUST KNEW HE WAS GONNA SAVE IT!!…he hasn’t had that many clean sheets in the champions league and the best season he has had at Arsenal for nothing….a truly amazing keeper this season, behind a very inexperienced back four. FANTASTIC SAVE and brilliant to see it all happen because the diving Marie was looking for that penalty all night!

Clichy came on for our militant versatile Flamini as he got a slight injury in the opening minutes. Clichy hasn’t played as long as Ashley Cole, and all of a sudden from having NO LEFT BACK when Ashley and Gael got injured, we now have a Flamini who has come against the likes of Beckham, Cameronesi etc…Gael Clichy who looked one of our best players on the day in a poor team performance, and Ashley Cole…arguably the best left back in the world when fully fit….THREE left backs might be fully fit for the Barcelona showdown in Le Paris…

If I was Wenger…no WAY IN HELL would I pick anybody else over Flamini for that final if he is fit. Im not saying Ashley Cole isn’t a better player, even Clichy perhaps might be a better left back, but why would Wenger drop his braveheart French…son-like…player who has done so well all through the competition. He has exceeded all expectations and DESERVES it over anything else to be playing in that final, and I hope that he does play and performs like he has done since he has come into that position….Now don’t get me wrong, im a HUGE fan of Ashley Cole, but e isn’t exactly the most deserved player right now, after his stupid antics with Chelsea and apparent irresponsible comments about wanting to leave, he has now come out and said “he will be staying and I don’t know why anyone thinks he will leave!”…

Well he only went and met Chelsea “people” in a secret hotel meeting which was illegal, but then made stupid comments about the whole situation, blaming the senior people at Arsenal for treating him badly….WELL…now that’s all over…I prefer to just hope that he is over that, and everyone at Arsenal Football Club can move on and be happy and forget that whole stupidity. I hope Ashley has a brilliant world cup, like the European cup when he was arguably Englands best player at the competition along with Sol Campbell. Him staying can only be good for Arsenal, the club he has supported his whole life and the club that has brought him up to this stage in his career…with the manager who put trust in him to get rid of Silvinho when Ashley Cole had only had one proper season that he had made a mark on the team with….to give him the confidence to say: “there you are Ashley, your young, English, brought up through the ranks, here is your left back spot in the team of French superstars, prove me right that I was right to get rid of Silvinho, the Brazilian full back who had never disappointed me…”

Silvinho is at Barcelona, just like Gio Van Bronkhurst, and both had played at left back for Arsenal before. But nobody can say Ashley Cole hasn’t stood up in these years he has been given the left back position, hasn’t been key in our success and hasn’t now become one of the best, if not THE BEST, left full back on the planet. I hope the overlapping runs and energetic bursts he has made in our triumphant seasons will be there in the Emirates stadium come the beginning of next season and beyond…Good luck to you Ashley…your one of our only English players and I…as an Arsenal supporter…forgive you for your stupidity and wish you the best of luck for the future, stay at Arsenal…play in the Emirates and stay here until your 39 years old….be an Arsenal legend and this whole season would be forgot.

WELL…today we have bottom placed Sunderland and I swear to GOD if we don’t get three points…I may be forced to stick a needle in my eye…they have the record lowest points EVER to be relegated, and are from a premiership team, more of a premier-shit team. The only player they have that might one day be able to continue to play in the top league, is Justin Hoyte who is an Arsenal lad, who is from my area and went to my younger brothers school! So good luck to you aswel! Another young English full back with great potential, but perhaps not an Arsenal future? Lets wait and see for young Justin…Eboue’s uprising couldn’t have done much for Hoytes future at Arsenal, and the return of Lauren for next season as well as Kerrea Gilbert who was impressive in the games he played before injury is also a player in front of Hoyte, not to mention Djourou who seems to be able to play at right back as well as centre back.

Anyway its Monday afternoon and I have a lot of work to do, but enjoy the afternoon and watch the game…would’ve been a perfect game to have young Theo Walcott get a run out and bang in a few goals against the weakest team in premiership history. Will publish my article on the England manager situation very soon, but who do you think is the favourite for the job? Looks like Big Phil isn’t in it no more, instead maybe Big Sam? Or Mclaren…Curbishley who has said this will be his last Charlton season could also be in the running? I know his son aswel, would tell you what he said, but I might get sued! Anyways…let me know what you think….have a good day!

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