Highbury Fairwell and Emirates Superstar Youthful Team

By M. B. Zaidi

We are just about half an hour away from the start of the last fixure of the premiership season, the last ever game at highbury and we need to gain points on Sp*rs for us to qualify for the champions league next season. We face Wigan at home where the Highbury countdown clock will finally reach zero, the end of Bergkamp and the end of an era….

BUT a start of a bright new era full of glistening youngsters that will light up the Emirates. The likes of Fabregas, Reyes, Eboue, Senderos, Van Persie, Hleb, Flamini….SONG….Ok only joking about Song, but still the rest of them….have all shown this season that they have what it takes to become the superstars of the premier league for years to come. Alongside them hopefully soon will be the likes of Walcott, Bendtner and Lupoli who have all shown promise but haven’t had a real good chance of getting first team appearances. The future is bright…the end of the horizon is coming for this era of legends that have graced the pitch of Highbury but the future is something we can certainly look more than just forward to, in 10 days time this youthful team will be 90 minutes away from becoming the champions of Europe, and if not then still the runners up in Europes top competition at their tender age, it is something that will help them grow into superstar record breakers in the near future at the Emirates.

IT will be the last game for Bergkamp at Arsenal (we think) but definitely the last at Highbury….where he has stamped his legend on the Highbury turf. Many magical moments for myself growing up with Bergkamp playing some of the best football you will ever see and leaving those memories in the minds and hearts of the Highbury faithful. Everyone has their own favourite but I wont go into mine, it spoils the “specialness” of my own personal favourite by exposing my inner most private feelings of the clubs history.

It could be Henrys last game in the premiership, I just hope it isn’t like the rest of you but if it is, we should still be grateful for the masterclass he has provided us with for the past 7 years or so he has been here. A magical player, who always gives hope to our team when we look in the most dire of situations. One moment of brilliance has been his most amazing contributions, because it isn’t exactly “one moment of brilliance” because he’s had so many “one” moments! A massive player in this clubs history already, and a legend of this generation and one of the all time greats without a shadow of a doubt. It is only once players finish their career that people rave on about them being one of the “all time greats” normally, but Henry like Zidane, he has already left his mark on the footballing world.

It is fast approaching and is sure to be emotional for everybody involved and the fans. The manager who is the only man that could have lead the way for this club to really step up this footballing hierarchy, to transform this medium sized club into now a big player in the world of football clubs. The state of the art Emirates stadium isn’t just a fantastic acquisition in terms of ticket sales revenue, it is a milestone, a pillar in the making of this club, a mark on the world to say “WE ARE THE ONLY CLUB WHO COULD HAVE PULLED THIS OFF WITHOUT HARDLY ANY PROBLEMS”….It is taking us up to another level that we have never reached before. Be PROUD to be a gooner, and be proud that it is the last day of the Highbury legacy….and look forward to a new beginning where the football world is at OUR feet. Romans millions and billions cant compare to a club that has unity and spirit matched by no other, a club that is the best run club in the world, with board members that match the ambition of the manager and players. Thierry cant you see? There is nothing like home, and this is your new home, you live happily in Hampstead with your wife and you are settled down, the fans love you and you are the king of the team. Nothing can beat the feeling of Arsenal…and with or without him, this club WILL BE a massive club that play fantastic football and l just cant wait to be a part of it.

It is a special day, enjoy it with your loved ones and look forward to a good tomorrow, even if we finish 5th, it COULD work in our favour so that we know the final against Barcelona is even more important. Our players stand up to big occasions and Henry will be fired up to finish the season with a BANG….what ever happens it is in our fate and I am a great believer in fate…enjoy your day and try not to cry…smile for the memories and the future that is in the horizon….COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

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