Henry Cheated But So Did Sheva And Gerrard

By M. B. Zaidi

Thankyou all for your comments on the Henry play acting incident, and as most have said lets no go to into it…however just to clarify for all you Chelski and Sp*rs fans that seem to have nothing better to do than ATTEMPT to terrorise arsenal websites…let me say this on Henry:

Henry DID hold his face…and he DID cheat in that sense…just to clarify that up. BUT Puyol was clearly running in his path and not even looking at the ball, that is as bad as holding your face after getting a foul, or at least is bad as it is…if Puyol hadn’t done the act in the first place, Henrys repercussions wouldn’t have occurred.

It was quite BRILLIANT to see in the studio afterwards seeing the studio guests saying “He is a great player but that was unnecessary and was cheating that needs to be clamped down on..”

BUT YET…the same British media (Even if it is ITV or BBC doesn’t matter to me)…seem to say it was FINE when Gerrard did it in the warm up game before the world cup…IF ANYTHING in a friendly game should it be worth so much to a player like Gerrard to have to BLATENTLY DIVE in the penalty area? Yes Henry held his face stupidly…and it should be said that it shouldn’t happen…BUT why is that when Gerrard DIVED…all THREE of the studio guests (cant remember all of them but definitely one was Ian Wright, think the others were Alan Hansen and Alan Shearer) said “others will do it to us why shouldn’t we do it to”…and Ian Wright was jumping up and down PROTESTING that Steven Gerrard did the right thing….

WHAT HYPOCRICY…because when I put on MOTD on at 11pm it was the same guy who is Theirry’s mate…saying that “I don’t know what he is doing there”…GET IT WRIGHT…ok please excuse my lame excuse for a pun…but you get the point I hope…

Henry held his face like he was doing an impression of Rivaldo in the last world cup…Sheva hurdled over..won a penalty that wasn’t and then sent Ukraine into the next round…AND GERRARD…please don’t get me started again it hurts my chest…

Still want to enjoy the World cup but I have promised myself I will put my TV on mute next time I watch a football match on the BBC/ITV…Have a nice day…

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