Rosicky Sets The World Cup On Fire With 3 Moments Of Brilliance

By M. B. Zaidi

Tomas Rosicky our new signing scored twice in a 3-0 win for the Czech Republic who looked a solid team in an exciting world cup….I don’t usually expect much from the group stages but yesterday was absolutely brilliant…3 great matches as Australia scored 3 goals in the last few minutes to snatch a victory away from Japan…the Czech’s beat the USA with ease with our new boy Rosicky scoring two cracking goals and the evening game between Italy and Ghana was truly a great contest, only if Ghana had a decent striker it could have been a lot closer.

Is it just me…or are the reporters and commentators really pissing you off? They cant make up their minds and contradict them selves every two minutes…In the Italian game they were saying that a 4-3-3 was too adventurous but yet two years ago in the European championships they were saying Italy weren’t adventurous enough? For me, Totti was playing brilliantly before he was taken off and Luca Toni looks like a tremendous forward….He’s got this MASSIVE build, strength, height, pace and is agile for somebody his size. Also a more than decent dribbler but what stood out was his overall involvement in the game and that thunderous drive that rattled the bar….He could be one to watch this world cup, with Totti playing behind him and hopefully for them Zambrotta and Gattuso coming back later, they seem a decent team.

Anyway back to the ARSENAL players….Rosicky played in the centre of midfield for the Czechs and even though I thought they should have played a lot more through him, he still had a great game and scored two world class goals and could have had the first hatrick of the tournament if his vicious drive from outside the box hadn’t hit the bar. For £7mil he is an absolute bargain and as I said previously when we signed him, his price tag would have gone up if he had a good world cup, which he seems to have already begun in extraordinary fashion. His first goal was an example of the sheer class we have invested in, a 25 year old who has played in a strong German league and an experienced regular and key member of his country’s side. Cant wait to see him play for us in the Emirates stadium….but after that showing it is clear that to see him on the left hand side may not be what is ideal. Sure he could do a good job there, but to be at his best we need him in the middle of the park, perhaps behind a striker…not clear to see where he will fit in but it is exciting just thinking about it.

His second goal showed us that he has a great deal of pace which I was under the illusion of that he may not have too much of, but his run into the box to skip away from the defender demonstrated that my pre-conceptions were incorrect…then the Bergkamp-esque finish had class oozing out of it…inbetween those two goals was another cracking drive from way outside the box that thundered onto the crossbar…what a hatrick that would have been…a truly technically gifted player that will fit in just perfectly at Arsenal…not often that I would say well done to Arsene Wenger BEFORE his new signings have even put on the Arsenal shirt, but this one is like day light robbery…Nice one Arsene.

France and Brazil play today in separate games, with our boys Senderos and Djourou being the centre backs playing against their club captain Theirry Henry for France, and Adebayor playing for Togo earlier today. The samba boys of Brazil will show us why they are the world cup holders and faviroutes to lift it again…with what I think will be an easy victory for them tonight. Good day all, enjoy the football…

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