Van Persie Stranded in Robben Show

By M. B. Zaidi

Van Persie who has been in sizzling form in the friendly’s before the world cup begun for Holland, was hardly allowed a touch in their opening game. Yes, Robben had a good game, but can nobody else see how much he hogged the ball and ran at every occasion possible?…Of course sometimes he pulled it off, taking it around 3 or 4 players and making it look all pretty…but how many times did he lose the ball when he could have played a simple ball inside? Also the rest of the team kept pumping up balls on the left hand side where he was playing, leaving Van Persie stranded on the other flank…then when they switched sides, they did the same, pumping up the ball to the right side, where Robben had moved. Van Persie did everything right when he actually got on the ball, he set up Robben for a super cool finish….but for me Robben was overly selfish and stole the show just because the stupid BBC/ITV commentators/panel couldn’t see that he was trying to do everything himself.

Even though I hate the horse faced Van Nistelrooy, there is no doubt he is a top class finisher in the box, and him being on the field was a waste because Robben never seemed to want to pass or cross. Fair enough, he scored the goal and he almost scored another couple that were wonder strikes, he dribbled for fun, but he can still do that and be a lot more effective by being a team player. Robin Van Persie was right to say at a news conference that “Robben cant win the world cup on his own”. Damn Right! Hopefully we will see more of Van Persie in the coming weeks because he was in truly amazing form before the world cup begun in the friendly’s I got to see of Holland. Still so far it has been a decent world cup, with Argentina being the only team that has REALLY caught my eye in terms of being a contender to win it, we are still to see Brazil and France who will play today…Don’t you just love the world cup….

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