World Cup 2006 – Quote: “Ronaldinho isn’t as good for Brazil as he is for Barcelona”…

By M. B. Zaidi

Does that sound familiar?…That one of the best players in the world is criticised after a not so brilliant display with his national side?…Well…yes you are correct, that is what the media and every Thierry Henry hater is spitting out of their mouths right now…he is told that he doesn’t play as well for his country as he does for his club…BUT YET he is second in the all time international goal scorer list for France behind the great Platini who scored 41 goals…and Thierry is already on 35?

Henry played much better in the last game and scored a good goal as well as being lively throughout the match in my opinion…and if Ribery had actually taken a couple of his chances then it would have been a different story for those who dare to criticise Thierry so much. Fair enough he hasn’t scored as many goals for France as he has for Arsenal but the players he plays with week in week out are those who play around him, the team at Arsenal is built around him…when it comes to France it is built around Zidane mainly and to an extent a combination of Zidane and Henry…this is where the problem is, but obviously you cant drop either player of their calibre… but I ask you…WHY IS IT that when Henry is slightly quiet but yet scores a goal and sets up another that should have been a goal, that people are still on his back…BUT YET WHEN RONALDINHO hasn’t done ANYTHING in 4 games for Brazil, nothing is said?

That quote at the top isn’t from Andy Gray, Gary Lineker, Maradona or even Pele…but from ME…I don’t actually agree with it consistently, but after today’s display it is only fair to say…after all nobody hesitates to say it to Thierry…if they can do it Thierry then we can do it to the rest…YES it is absurd to be so harsh on a player that is pretty much the best player in the world, but yet nobody has even suggested it or got on his back have they?

Message to the media: LEAVE HENRY ALONE and stop with your foolish comments and stop jumping on the band wagon every time the likes of Ronaldinho, Lampard, Terry do something good…DON’T GET ME WRONG…I’m not comparing those three players because Ronaldinho is the best player in the world whereas Lampard and Terry are simply “Chelsea over-hyped”, decent players…BUT at this present time in football they are three players that are never really criticised.

Example: Terry made an absolute HOWLER against Ecuador which could have resulted in us being 1-0 down to a team that shouldn’t be troubling us…I hardly heard one word of criticism for his mistake…WHICH by the way, he actually makes a lot of if you watch him for England, just that it never gets pointed out. Against Sweden it was him who missed the header in the first place from a simple long throw and then Sol hacked a leg at it…then he looked like an idiot because nobody admitted that Terry made a stupid school boy error…sorry to say any John Terry fans, but he really isn’t the best defender in the world or close to it, just a very decent, strong Englishmen who has bags of pride and passion…who is a decent player, and a great player when playing behind Claude Makelele for 38 games in a season…Just ask yourself this though, and take into account I’m a diehard Arsenal fan…say for example John Terry played for Tottenham, do you think he would be England’s number one centre half right now? For anyone who answered yes, then you certainly are naïve to think that…Michael Carrick is a terrific player who cant get into the first team of England because Frank Lampard is occupying a second attacking midfield role, whereas Carrick should be playing as the only defensive midfielder in the squad…I BET YOU if Carrick does sign for United, he will soon be challenging for Lampard’s place, its all politics in the world of football. Keeping everyone happy and all that…Sven hasn’t got the balls to drop any of his “superstars” and took a 17 year old who he has no faith in to play, thank God he is leaving after the world cup, gives me time to save up for 4 years time to see England actually have a chance.

Ronaldinho does little wrong, but where was he today against Ghana? AND so far in this world cup he hasn’t done much at all but I’m quite sure within the next few matches he will, but yet the fact remains he has disappointed so far.

I know I am being harsh, and to be fair I don’t particularly mean that “quote” at the top of your page…but it is just something for you to ponder on what the media does in these circumstances and how inconsistent they are with their harsh and unfair criticisms of great players like our captain, Thierry Henry…and then how quick they are to JUMP onto a bit of skill or a 2 second event in a match where a player does something “pretty”…The purpose of this article isn’t to criticise Ronaldinho because the world knows his greatness and he will show his true colours in the next few games, but the real essence of this time it is taking up for me to write this…is to show why it isn’t fair to be harsh on players like Henry as they are right now…and then not being consistent in their comments…

I know he doesn’t need defending because he is a big boy now…so I hope tonight against Spain he really turns it on just to shut everyone up as he so often has…so I will leave you with one more thing to think about…Remember that era of “Henry cant play well in the champions league/Europe”…??? Anybody remember? Well I think 41 goals in 77 matches proved that wrong…OH and not to mention this seasons heroics against sides that we were serious underdogs to…I seriously hope he scores tonight and I for one just cant wait for the match to start…can you?

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