Baptista Coming To Arsenal For Reyes?

By Bilal Zaidi

Reports are that Baptista…”The Beast”…who we tried signing a year ago but failed when he joined Real Madrid instead…is on his way to the Emirates with Reyes going the opposite direction. If this is true it HAS to be Baptista + Cash otherwise it isn’t acceptable at all. Baptista seemed a fantastic player before joining Madrid but hasn’t impressed at all to be perfectly honest in the season he has been there.

Put this down to being played out of position, or not getting regular chances to play etc etc…it is fair to say he hasn’t been anywhere near to his best or full potential. Other reports are that we are holding out for just a cash deal but the valuation that has been thrown around baffles me to the greatest extent…We signed him as our most expensive signing and he was 20 I believe…a few seasons down the line he is a better player than before he came (that isn’t to say he plays better, just in terms of ability plus experience). I say that because his ability hasn’t deteriorated…but his experience in the premiership, champions league and international level has made him a better player. I just think the Spanish league is different to the Premiership and some players look absolutely fantastic in that league…AHEM…Forlan…

Reyes hasn’t looked a bad player here but to be perfectly honest he hasn’t really met those expectations of a potential £17.5 million deal that he arrived on if he is judged to this present day. But to sell him for a loss would be ludacris…we don’t need to sell him or want to sell him particularly…why sell him for less than we got him for to a club like Madrid who always pay over the top prices for players. Reyes isn’t Ashley Cole…if he stays he WILL play for us without making a big fuss and writing a book to tell the whole world how terrible Arsenal are…He just hasn’t settled and isn’t happy…but a month down the road he may be fine…its totally unpredictable…

From his wonder goals in his first full games against Chelsea…we all witnessed a golden child in the making…BUT my own opinion is that he hasn’t been 100% happy all season and this could and would effect his game. He still had a very good season in my opinion after getting the most assists in the premiership (after Drogba apparently!) and he ripped apart Real Madrid at the Bernabeu…if he stayed at Arsenal he would become even better if he made an effort to adapt to life in London.

If he felt at home…learned the language like his mate Cesc has in rapid time…then playing in the champions league in a 60, 000 seater stadium is something that I believe he will inevitably crave for and can make him the best left winger in Europe….ONE DAY…he has the potential to do so…its not that hard to see, he has the most amazing direct dribbling style in the premiership…pace, an eye for a pass and if he had more chances up front then I’m sure we would see a lot more goals than we did last season. I still think he can reach those levels he set himself in the beginning of a couple of seasons ago when he was the top goal scorer in the premiership after the first 5 or 6 games. I watched every match out of those and he did everything right…made the right runs…bursts of pace…dropped back when there was no need to run past the last defender and he finished like an old pro….but after that he never really got back into that rhythm. I wish for Reyes to stay and I hope he can be that player for us once again…if not then good luck to you sir. Let us know what you think of Reyes potentially leaving by pressing the “comments” button…Good day all

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