“In Two Days We Will Have Gallas, Mascherano, Tevez, Cole & Reyes…”

Two days to go before the dreaded transfer window closes and so far we have only signed Rosicky all summer  Then to add to the frustration, there are nonsensical blog posts flying around falsely reporting that we are about to sign every player under the sun. I saw a headline a few days back saying:

“In two days we will have Gallas, Mascherano, Tevez, Cole & Reyes”

The internet is a crazy place.

So I’m not going lie.

The truth of the matter is that we all hope Wenger has something up his sleeve. That he whips out a world class player ready for us all to love. Someone proven but also someone who has fantastic potential to flourish into an even better player – but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to accept that anything is going to happen at all. Another youngster was here for a two day trial from Scotland and that is perhaps the only deal that could go through for about £500,000. Some may not want a signing but my own personal opinion is that our squad is thin at the moment and we need experience, especially ta the back and in defensive areas like Gilberto’s role.

Cole has been told to concentrate on Arsenal and if in two days time he is still here, then I will write a special piece just for him because we love him so much and I just can’t wait for him to be here all season *blank face*

The truth is that out of those players mentioned – the one that would really be a good signing would be Mascheran. Just for the simple fact that our defensive midfield options are literally limited to Gilberto, Flamini and Diaby. Let’s break that down.

Gilberto is a sound player who does a great job for the team…but on his own he isn’t enough. With Vieira he brought the best out of him and vice-versa. Flamini did wonderfully last season at left back, but could that be because we didn’t expect him to? Our expectations were low so when he performed to a decent standard we all got extraordinarily excited. I haven’t seen Flamini show that same level of performance as a defensive midfielder…yet.

The only thing I could see when you watch him over 90 minutes is that he seems to never get tired – which is fantastic. But not enough on its own. Throw in one of those long distance runners from the Olympics into an Arsenal midfield and that wouldn’t be enough either. However, I have great hope that slowly he can develop into a decent squad player, but I don’t think he will ever reach the heights of a Fabregas or to a certain extent to a level I believe Diaby could potentially reach.

Diaby is unfortunate to have injured himself so many times. He will be out for most of the season but you can see from his stature, his build and athleticism that he could add some steal into midfield. Alex Song is another but he has yet to impress in midfield. I think I speak for most Arsenal supporters on that note, but the apparent fee of £2.5 million for him seems to show us that Wenger has great faith in him. Lets hope what he sees in training is more accurate than what we have seen on the pitch.

So Mascharano would be an amazing acquisition. Is it likely? Perhaps not. But his agent has been in London for the past few days and that might suggest a move to England is eminent.

Let’s see what Wenger has in his pipeline.

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