Letter of Farewell To Ashley Cole

Dear Mr. A. Cole,

How are you doing mate? All good with Cheryl I hope. Just thought I’d send you a farewell letter as an Arsenal fan since you seem to be going to our old chums down the road at Chelsea shortly.

Seen the world of Chelsea recently? The William Gallas saga? Still think Arsenal treats their players so badly? Yes our club wont pay you stupid amounts of money – but we treat our players with the respect they deserve. However, not when you go behind our back and commit adultery with one of our biggest rivals. Our club has history and honour – not just a couple years of success from buying the most expensive players in the world.

I’m especially upset because you’re one of our own and have grown up as an Arsenal boy. Your football is truly as fluid and brilliant as our team plays and that is why you fit into this team…a team that plays attacking football with verve and incisive passes. That is why you are now going to be hated by Arsenal fans when you could have easily been the next captain and a true Arsenal legend.

Ashley, good luck for the future and beyond. Thanks for the memories of the “invincibles” season and everything else. But there are some actions that carry consequences and this time the consequences are not so pretty.

Yours Sincerely

Bilal Zaidi

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