Reyes – Up And Down Like A Merry Go Round…HEADACHE

By M. B. Zaidi

It has been reported on several occasions that Reyes has said in Spain he wants to leave and go to Real Madrid…but then every time this happens, the very next day there is a denial of his comments from the player himself!? Perhaps Reyes has an evil twin brother who is causing all sorts of mayhem in Spain so the REAL Reyes can go back to Spain and live with his twin brother and parents….

OR the more likely scenario is that he is trying to get away with trying to hint to Real Madrid he is more than interested without completely ruining his reputation with the Arsenal fans. said this on his reply:

“I did not say these words,” said Reyes in response. “I’ll tell you once again, I am happy at Arsenal and I am looking forward to the coming campaign. We have a new stadium this season and we are pushing for honours in all competitions. I do not want to leave Arsenal.”

That’s great to hear but I have to admit….I haven’t heard Reyes say that many English words in one sentence before…but as it is from the official website (even though I’m sure you will all agree it cant beat this website 😉 ) I’m quite sure it is more trustworthy than the reports in Spain. I guess we will have to wait and see but it is a bit of a weird situation.

Reyes played last night and got an assist for the first goal, I do wish for him to stay…not just because he has great ability but because our squad will get awfully weak compared to last season and we cant afford to lose one of the quality players we do have.

Lupoli stood out in the other game we played and he is one of the youngsters I hope gets more of a chance this season because he definitely seems to be more than a decent player. Bendtner has also gone off on a loan to Birmingham…I was looking forward to him getting a chance this year too because he is another who cant stop scoring in the reserves and is something we don’t really have at the club….in terms of his style of play. He is gone until January and hopefully that means Wenger isn’t looking to sell him off without giving him a go in the first team. More later…enjoy the cricket all 😉

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