Reyes says: “I never want to play for Arsenal again!”…

By Bilal Zaidi

The latest twist of words in the ongoing debacle of Jose Reyes transfer saga is this apparent quote from him in “Marca”…

“What I want is to come to Spain. I won’t play again in England,”
“I want to return. If it’s to play for Atletico I say yes, if it’s to play for Real Madrid I say yes, if it’s to play for Sevilla I say yes.”

Can we swiftly expect yet another rejection of his words on the official Arsenal website similarly to what happened last time these sorts of words came out in the Spanish press? If it isn’t true that he said these words then surely after the amount of times it has been reported “wrongly” as quotes from the player himself…he or his representatives or Arsenal are in a strong position to take legal action against media who make up quotes of players. It is for this reason why I’m slightly apprehensive about these words actually being true because I don’t think huge press like “Marca” can get away with “making up quotes” on several occasions.

I guess we will know the result of this transfer speculation shortly as the window shuts on Thursday. All I can say is that we wouldn’t want players in our team that aren’t happy to play for the club…it is fair enough if he is completely homesick and wants to leave but not if a club makes stupid offers of £8 million that Wenger called an “insult” and rightly so.

However, after losing SO MANY experienced players in the past few seasons it is quite clear to see our squad is quite thin as it is, if we let Ashley and Reyes go then fair enough…but without bringing in replacements it is treading on thin ice. If a couple of our key players got injured we could be in a bit of a state….hopefully that wont happen and we can bring in Mascherano and Gallas to really strengthen our squad…am I living in a dream world…lets hope not.

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