Tevez & Mascherano In Shock West Ham Move

By Bilal Zaidi

Oh my GOSH….who on Gods green Earth would have guessed that all the reports of Tevez and Mascherano’s agent being in London was so that they could go on a season long loan to…wait for it….WEST HAM. It is apparently on their clubs official site and was reported on Sky Sports News moments ago so I assume this is 95% true.

I am now officially going to poke myself in the eye with a pen…Yes I didn’t expect either to sign for us as my last article says, BUT no way did I think these two would be on there way to West Ham…no disrespect to West Ham or its fans…just that they are two of the most promising players coming out of South America and for West Ham to get them is fantastic business for them…and you would have expected some of the “bigger” teams like Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal etc to be interested in them at least. It just means two out of those players listed aren’t coming to Arsenal…

I will now leave so I can pass my time and hopefully by the end of the day we would have purchased someone…£500,000 for the Scottish striker is my best bet…I really can’t contain my excitement…Well done West Ham and come on Arsene I have hope in you :|….Good day all.

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