Gallas £15mil for those who cant do maths….

Yesterday I published an article highlighting our weakness’s and why William Gallas isn’t worth £15 million to be a left back…but in the end my point was that he obviously is as a centre half because he is a class act…a world class defender and exactly what we needed…INCLUDING HIS VERSATILITY…You can read yesterdays article by clicking here.

The problem was that for one particular individual who had some trouble doing the maths and proceeded to call me an “idiot” and later a “donce” in the comments section…was how I came to the figure of £15 million for Gallas…I thought I might aswell post what he wrote so I can straighten out the maths for anyone else who might not be able to add 5+15…

Livingstone_get_lost said…

do your maths properly idiot- if chels paid 5 mill plus gallas, and you say cole was worth 20million minimum, how is gallas worth 15 million?

Livingstone_get_lost said…

my god writer u are an IDIOT,

how did u work out that gallas is 15mill, when he got gallas and 5mill that makes 10mill u donce!

“ said…Livingstone_get_lost…you are clearly confused and still havent realised you are wrong and cant do simple adding and taking away…so it is quite clear to see that you are indeed more of a “donce” than I…but thankyou for your attempt at correcting my OH SO COMPLEX arithmetic …Lets break it down another time for your benifit, perhaps you prefer algebra:

x – y = n

x is £20mil for cashley’s value,
y is £5mil we recieved FOR ASHLEY,
n is the remaning amount leaving how much gallas is worth…now lets substitute in the numbers shall we:

20 – 5 = 15

If you come back tomorrow I could teach you your alphabet..A..B..C..D…”

Hope that helps anyone else who didn’t get the £15 million figure that I conjured up…great result last night and Rosicky let looose….fantastic 😉

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