The Beast To Play In The Hole OR Attacking Midfield AND Holding Midfield!?…

By Bilal Zaidi

It has been well talked about where our new Brazilian recruit would play…how would he fit into this team? Who would be left out for him to play instead? I wrote a couple of days ago that Van Persie has to be up front because he is on some blistering form…will Wenger leave him out for today’s match? I hope not, but this is what Le Boss had to say about Baptista’s position in the team:

“Where will he play? That is a good question,” Wenger admitted before revealing his intentions. “He will play either behind the striker or in midfield. I think he can be a great defensive midfielder.

“He has the sense of getting into the box, the timing. All the big teams have players who can come from deep into the box.

“Here we had Pires, now Ljungberg, at Manchester United there is Scholes, and there is Lampard at Chelsea. You need in every team a player who can come from nowhere at the right moment, and Baptista has that.”

I don’t think he will start as a holding player today because I cant see Gilberto being dropped, he is our vice captain and Wenger won’t psychologically do that to a player of Gilberto’s class and someone who is firmly cemented on Wenger’s wall of Arsenal’s team.

Another option would be the 4-5-1 that we saw in the champions league last season which would perfectly accommodate Gilberto, Fabregas and Baptista…with Rosicky, Hleb, Ljungberg and Van Persie fighting for the wide positions. Either way we can see quite clearly that this new look Arsenal team is looking strong just with the addition of two quality solid players…the versatility of this team is quite extraordinary so even throughout a match our players can interchange positions. Man Utd used to do this with Giggs and Beckham switching wings occasionally in a match and it just gave the opposing team something to thing about and a different angle for each player to attack from.

Baptista WILL SCORE GOALS, if he plays upfront he will score the sorts of goals he scored in the video I posted before…if he breaks from midfield he will still score, headers included (YES WE HAVE ANOTHER PERSON THAT CAN HEADER NOW)…Just as Ballack seems to always score headers from midfield, I think Baptista will offer us something we don’t have already…the only question is if he plays who is left out? That is the problem in a sense, but not a problem for a manager who has 4 or 5 players who can play in a role fighting for their place…

We will know soon enough if he starts today, either way, whoever gets the nod upfront with Henry and in midfield…I hope it can be the kick-start that we need to get our season really underway at this magical new stadium.

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