Lehmann Could Leave In Summer

By Bilal Zaidi

Jens Lehmann has told press that he is “very relaxed” about his contract situation and could even leave it until May to decide whether or not he is going to be at the Emirates next season. Clubs in both his native homeland Germany and also in Spain are interested if Lehmann decides a one year deal is not what he wants. However he has stated that Arsenal are his “priority” but Arsenal have a policy that only allows new offers of contracts for senior players above the age of thirty to be limited to one year contract extensions. This could be a deciding factor for Jens to decide whether he wants to stay or not. Can we afford to lose Lehmann who has proven how valuable he is to our young team? I don’t expect that to happen…it is quite likely that he will remain here and I hope he does, a great keeper and a fantastic character…We love you Jens…

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