Eduardo Has Surgery/ Why Wenger Retracted His Comments?/Gallas’s tears…

By Bilal Zaidi

It has been reported that last night Eduardo had surgery and is now “recovering” in hospital.

Yesterday was a lot to take.

Eduardo’s season being ended and potentially more…a last minute penalty to draw 2-2 against 10 men and our potential 8 point lead minimized to 3 when Manchester United crushed Newcastle 5-1. But after all that emotion and drama, one thought still remains. Even though it sounds like something my mum would say to me, yesterday proved to everyone that football in life’s context is indeed ‘just a game’.

At times, football takes over for some, the emotion I felt a few years back when Arsenal lost dramatically to Barcelona in the final of the champions league proved to me how sickening certain scenarios can be.

But yesterday…that was another feeling altogether. In my life I have witnessed personally some disgusting, violent and ghastly scenes…but for some reason as I observed for 8 minutes on the TV at a person I have never met or spoken to, laying on the floor helpless just showed me how some things are taken for granted. As I wrote on here yesterday, I literally felt sick and after seeing on Match Of The Day last night the slow motion close up video, I am even more astounded as to how intricate and delicate our bodies are. Eduardo’s foot seemed like it was hanging loose from his leg.

After the game our captain Willy Gallas sat and cried and Wenger spoke aggressively of Taylor’s future in football saying: “Why is this player playing on a pitch”. He later retracted his comments and the reasons why are interesting.

Wenger is a calm character usually but yesterday was a one off, he wasn’t shouting or screaming like other managers might have done…but he said “why is this player playing on a pitch”. That is a strong comment to make for someone of Wenger’s character. He knew that it was going to be overhyped in the media that his words were “strong”…but where were the comments in the media questioning Mcleash’s comments of saying “there wasn’t much contact”? Surely that is even more absurd than Wenger’s comments?

On Gallas…I am not one to think people should be crying all over the place, especially when you are the captain of a young side on worldwide television, telling your rivals “I’m feeling weak”…but on Match Of The Day the pundits were typically insensitive. One said that Gallas was showing bad leadership qualities while it just showed to me personally how much this actually meant to Gallas. The emotion of Eduardo’s tragic day obviously was the main cause of the puppy tears that Gallas shed.

People react in different ways and even though I thought he should be keeping those times to himself or at least in the comfort of the dressing room, I thought the pundits on TV were outrageously critical and sheep like in their views. Mark Lawrenson seems to wear that same shirt every week (look out for it next time) and just nods along with whatever Alan Hansen has to say. What a biased media age we live in.

Wenger didn’t want to cause extra commotion over his comments and fair play to him, his comments were at the heat of the moment and emotional but that is football and that is real life…what he said about “Arsenal being kicked off the field” were nothing out of line…when McLeish himself said “we need to add steel against Arsenal” before the game…that is just another way of saying lets kick them off the field…and in this case…into the hospital and possibly out of a career in Eduardo’s case.

Wenger did the right thing to retract his comments even if many might agree with him, he did the right thing because he did what was right for the team and the club at this particular moment. Extra hostility and unnecessary media coverage will only work against us.
Lets just hope we can bounce back from this and Eduardo recovers to lead a normal life and becomes the footballer he has promised to be…good day all.

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